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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Win a Trip to Meet Henrik Lundqvist in NYC!


SO, you compete!

Share your thoughts, opinions and thoughts when you see pictures of Henke and read his quotes from previous interviews in the King and you have a unique chance to win a VIP weekend in New York in collaboration with Head & Shoulders. All you need to do is write the most orginella idea! Besides travel and hotels so we also offer a hit with hockey pro Henke Lundqvist.

In addition, we compete out ten autographed shirt given to us by Henke!

(The jury is composed of King, editors and Henke Lundqvist)

For more information:

For my Swedish readers: is Henrik endorsing Head & Shoulders shampoo in Sweden, or are they just sponsoring the contest?


  1. Never seen any link between head & shoulders and Henrik here, so I think it's just them sponsoring the trip. But who knows, maybe I've badly missed something or they will do something together in the future. Don't think so though.

  2. IMPORTANT!!!!


    Check THIS LINK (hope it works):

    Henrik is part of the head & shoulders

    love those pics....LOOKS SOO GOOD.......

  3. There are Videos there too.....Maybe the Swedes here can traslate what he's saying.

    Damn........I wish they would post the pics too.