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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Henrik Lundqvist Hasn't Ruled Out a Return to Frolunda When his NHL Career is Done


Henrik Lundqvist
Age: 33 years
Position: Goalkeeper
Family: Wife Therese and her daughters Charlise, 3, and Juli, six months
Current club: New York Rangers
Contract: 2020/2021
Heaviest qualifications: National Championships 2002/2003 and 2004/2005, the Olympic gold medal in 2006, the Vezina Trophy 2011/2012

Henrik Lundqvist ABOUT ...

... Summer in Gothenburg:
- Always nice to come to Sweden, see friends and family. Everything is a little quieter here. Now the good weather this year has not been great - but you should probably not whine too much.

... Longing for the Stanley Cup:
- To win it - that's what I work for every day. It would be infinitely large to get the win with the Rangers, unbelievable.
.. Love to Frolunda:
- It's like my club here at home - no question about it. I will always feel extremely strongly Frolunda - and always try to follow the progress of the team.

... His charity work:
- It feels good to be able to help when people are in tough situations. Often it is difficult, but inspiring at the same time, to meet, for example, sick children and their families.

... Build up for the next NHL season:
- I've been practicing quite a bit in Gothenburg - and with Michael Lehner (goalkeeper coach), but also with other Swedish NHL players. Now it was even three ice sessions with Frölunda.

GOTHENBURG. Wednesday Henrik Lundqvist went home to New York to reopen the hunt for the Stanley Cup.
Superstar left Gothenburg with a number of training sessions in the back - with Frolunda.
And the now 33-year-old World goalie does not rule out a future return to the club where he got his big break.
- There is much to record and reconcile in such a situation - but I am not close any doors. We'll see, 'he says in a major interview with GT.
He has led his New York Rangers in five finals in a row.
Three of the last four seasons has at least reached the final of the Eastern Conference - and immediately came to 2013/2014 when the club from Manhattan had defeated the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup finals.
Last Wednesday left the Rangers star goalie Henrik Lundqvist Göteborg after two months of vacation in Sweden to reopen the hunt for him the most coveted trophy.
May be the Rangers turn
When the NHL season kicks off in early October, it will be "Henkes" Eleventh in the world's best league - one of the world's best players.
- I really hope that it might be our turn now. We have stumbled at the finish line several times, it feels like - but have retained the carcass, which I think is important, says Henrik Lundqvist to GT.
The Swedish superstar, who among other things has both Olympic and national championships on the merit list and that he 2011/2012 were awarded the Vezina Trophy as the NHL's best goalie, went last season on a nasty injury after receiving a shot in the neck - and was forced to rest for a longer period.
Lundqvist, however, came back, made a strong endgame - and will now be fully restored.
Worked with his old trainer
During the summer in Gothenburg, he has been training hard for the upcoming season together with his old goalkeeper coach Michael Lehner and other Swedish NHL players.
Among others, Viktor Stalberg - although he had earlier in Frölunda - that relatively recently signed for Rangers.
- We know each other since long, been seen and practiced together, so it will be really fun to get him to New York. I am really looking forward to, says Lundqvist, who for the coming season gets new competition from Rangers Kassen by Finnish 26-year-old Antti Raanta, but also former Frolunda goalkeeper Magnus Hellberg, who, however, by all indication will play in Farm Team Hartford Wolf Pack.
- We go to camp just over a month - and then it is up to the evidence if it should be allowed to stand. You can not be sure of anything. It is about giving everything, so you get to see how things formed, says Lundqvist and continues:
- Raanta to be very good - but we have not met yet. It will be fun to get to know him.
Was on Frölunda trainings
Training with other NHL stars are all very well - but when Frölunda invited "Henke" to train with them so he accepted.
In total it was three ice sessions with the club where Lundqvist for over ten years ago got her really big break.
- It was actually mostly a fun thing. For me it was good in that Frölunda trainings had more pace and intensity than what it was when we drove just a couple of old men, he says.
But the now 33-year-old superstar do not think the Indians got so much benefit from his involvement.
- Well, they are so far ahead of me. Our season in the NHL begins after a few weeks later than this at home. I really did not intrude, but it was a fun thing, says Lundqvist, who has never been known to be neither cocky or boastful.
How was it to play with - and against - her brother Joel again?
- It is always special. He was charged and tried pressing where the puck first position he had.
Always wins over brother
When the twins at the few contexts set against each other, Henrik has always been the one who passed victorious from the battle between them. So far, Joel has not found the right behind his brother.
- It is important. I remember the first shot this summer, he was just a few centimeters from pulling it straight in my head, saying "Henke" and laughs.
His current contract with the New York Rangers extend over the season 2020/2021, which means that Lundqvist is 39 when the contract expires.
Many Frölunda Supporters dreaming already of seeing the profile end his career where it began in earnest - in Gothenburg and Frölunda.
- There is much to record and reconcile in such a situation - but I am not close any doors. We'll see - but it's about feeling good both physically and mentally in such a position. Should I play in Sweden, I would be able to deliver as well. It will fester little, says Lundqvist and points out that he also has a family to take into account.
Do not really know what home
His wife Therese and her daughters Charlise, 3, and Juli, more than half is an invaluable part of his life.
- It is difficult to know yet how it looks with the school, the children's friends, and so on for six years. We have not decided yet how we're doing after this contract is over or when I have finished playing, telling the Rangers goalkeeper.
- Both I and Therese has spent most of our adult lives in New York. At the same time, it is nice to come home to Sweden every summer. It's a bit quieter - and both family and many friends are here. It is difficult to say what is the home to us, he says.
"Is my club"
Despite the ongoing season hectic schedule and all Lundqvist engaged in by the side of hockey in the form of charity, klädesmärket Bread & Boxers and much more, so try to father of two constantly keep track of how it goes for Frölunda.
- It's like my club here at home - no question about it. I will always feel extremely strongly Frölunda, he says.
- It may be that I watch how it goes online, or am I talking with his brother. Then you would get some "inside information" also says Lundqvist smilingly.
How great would it be to get to the Stanley Cup in Gothenburg?
- Yes, my God - it would be fantastic. To win it - that's what I work for every day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Are These Henrik Lundqvist's New Pads for the 2015-16 Season? (Plus a Picture of His New Mask)


I was recently asked on Facebook about Henrik's new pads for the upcoming season. As of now, the above picture (which was taken in July at his goalie camp) is the only one I've seen of Henrik wearing new pads. There's no confirmation that these will be his pads, but if he's been wearing them lately it seems likely that they will be. What do you think? Do you like them? Do you like his new mask? (pictured below)

Henrik Lundqvist Helped Fund an Expansion of a Ronald McDonald House in Sweden


GOTHENBURG. Today came the finbesök to Ronald McDonald House in Gothenburg.
Super star Henrik Lundqvist, 33 were in place - and will now be to sponsor an expansion.

Ronald McDonald House in Gothenburg, which is walking distance to a specialist hospital, The Queen Silvia Children's Hospital, currently has space for 29 families - but is constantly fully booked.
The idea is that one has to live in a safe and homelike environment between the harsh treatment sessions.
Now, the house expanded with an additional 13 rooms - including financial help from the hockey star Henrik Lundqvist's charity.
He and his wife Therese visited during the day Ronald McDonald House in Gothenburg.
- Needed resources and it's fun to be able to contribute. We already helping some children's hospital in New York - but it feels good to do something here in Gothenburg, says Lundqvist, who for more than one and a half hour got a tour of the building - and took the opportunity to meet some of the families living in the house.
- It touches me enormously to be here. It is amazing that families can be collected when they are going through a tough period. It is difficult to understand what these children and their parents are going through - but it's amazing that they can stay here together and support each other, he says, and continues:
- To be here and see everything - it's inspiring and tough at the same time. It feels good to be able to help, says Lundqvist.
Together, he and Therese daughters Charlise, 3, and Juli, five months.
- I've always liked this kind is important, but I might be more concerned now that we have children of our own. I am impressed by how people have experienced heavy stuff will find strength. At the same time you get perspective on life - and some things you whining maybe you should not whine about, says star goalkeeper and pointed toward the window where the rain is pouring down outside.

Lotta Karlsson, who works at the Ronald McDonald House, celebrates Lundqvist initiatives:
- It means a lot that he comes here. He is a cheerful soul and is incredibly representative. We hope that this will mean that the house noticed a little extra - and of course we are grateful for his financial help, she says.
Along with a few families took Lundqvist photos, chatted for a while and distributed images.
- It's amazing that he takes the time to be here and help, like Jimmy Ragnar from Ulricehamn, who lives in the house with his partner Hanna Bengtsson and his sons Jack and Isaac.
- This place is amazing - and becomes a free zone when going through an otherwise very tough period. It is to be hoped that more people take for "Henke". What he does mean a lot, he says.

Henrik Lundqvist Mix Megapols Interview 6/24/15


Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview


Friday, August 21, 2015

New Henrik Lundqvist Gothenburg Post Interview


The ice in Frölundaborg teeming with NHL stars.
Loui Eriksson is there. So even Viktor Svedberg, Carl Hagelin, Viktor Stalberg and Robin Lehner.
And the king himself understood.
Henrik Lundqvist.
Perhaps the greatest of them all.
New York Rangers goalie, just like the rest of the gang who plays small claims this afternoon, at home, on familiar ground to gather strength for the coming season.

A necessity.

- We always look forward to coming home. Whatever the weather, it is great to be here. Spend time with friends and family. Then it's another quiet here. Less traffic, less people, less safety. It goes down the heart rate a little, says 33-year-old when he left the ice, threw off the covers and trudged into the gym.

This is where we settle down.
On the floor - right between two weight training machines.

But I like the life over there too. I like to travel, train and play matches. In the beginning, it is nice to have a break, but then sees forward to it. Now in August it starts to come crawling, and early September is one really eager to drive igång.Vinnarskallen Henrik Lundqvist.

The season that is upon us, his eleventh of the world's biggest league.
2005 varåretdå he left Gothenburg and Frölunda for a life on the other side of the Atlantic.
Since then he has not only played the role of goalkeeper, but also become the king of the city that never said to sleep.
However, there is one thing that his left picking glove has not been able to capture. Stanley Cup.
Three of the last four years, the team's trip taken out of the semifinal stage.
Last year was the Tampa Bay Lightning that became too difficult in a seventh decisive match at Madison Square Garden. The loss still stings.

- It is clear that there are moments when you think about it. Frets. But there are moments when you think of the good stuff too. It goes up and down.

It is hoped that the season 2015/2016 will belong to him and the New York Rangers.
That they will finally manage to go all the way.
Given that the team is formerat in much the same way as last year ought dreams could become reality.

- There is not much missing. We are doing many good things, but in the final stage, we have not done our best games. You just have to make a similar season, but try to be a little better in the end.

So the goal this year ...

The question time not be completed before the answer comes.

- Is to win. We have the team to succeed. It's just that we take that last leap.

Henrik Lundqvist knows that he himself is an important piece of the puzzle for the team to succeed.
That's why he drives these ispassen in Frölundaborg. Therefore he in a minute will get to grips with barbells and dumbbells.

It's about getting in good phase for the season. So you feel both physical and mental balance.

You will be even more motivated when you are so close to success every year?

- It increases the appetite you want to be there again. They want to win. Everything goes out of it. At the same time it's about the journey there. You try to enjoy it too.

That last has come over the years.
He has had time to be 33 and emphasizes that he thinks in a different way than it was ten years ago.
Then burned the youthful enthusiasm and focus was solely on the future. On the next step.
Now he pauses frequently. Reflects more of the life he lives.

One should appreciate what you have and where you are. Very few people get involved with what you have always wanted to do. There, I feel lucky. At the same time it is important to look forward to new goals throughout tiden.

How long will you play there?

- The contract is for six years. I hope I can deliver there. I will be 39 when it expires. The goal is to play until I'm 40.

After the answer, the interview is over. Henrik Lundqvist says that it is time to return to training.
The season comes closer with every minute that passes.
Before we part, there is an issue that must be given the location we are in.

How are Frolunda this year? National championships?

- I always believe in Frölunda. That I must do.

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview UPDATED with translation


UPDATED with translation: 

The queue was already long before "Henke" (as he is called in Sweden) arrived at the Swedish Brand Store Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) in Gothenburg. He is a star wherever he finds himself in the world. Hockeyhörnan (Hockeycorner) met him and it was primarily about his life outside the rink.

Henrik earlier this week I saw you in Frölundaborg (Frölunda Indians practice rink in Gothenburg) when you had one of your training sessions now you are here at NK in Gothenburg, tell me what you are doing here?

I started a collaboration with Bread And Boxers a couple of years ago. I work with....yea like today when we are releasing some loungewear we also have t-shirts, underwear and basic clothing which are very simple, something you use everyday. The guys that started Bread And Boxers but also I feel that clean and simple is what works in the end and also the comfort. Of course I have been interested for quite some time in fashion but maybe a little more "dressed". But then I talked with my friend Alex at Bread And Boxers to help them introduce these things to the market. Right now it's more about watch and learn for me.

How much are you involved in this? Are you into designing the clothing? I guess that you can't keep your fingers away a little bit considering your interest into fashion?

No of course I am in on this and tell them what I think about it and especially now when we are about to introduce this to the American Market for real it's good to have connections and a "face" already out there. We have a good team when it comes to design and comfort etc. We sometimes have different opinions but we take the best options and put them altogether and it turns out well.

Does it take time from the hockey or do you feel that you can focus on what is important for you for atleast a couple of more years?

That's exactly the thing, during summer there is time for this. During winter there is no time to do this, then its all about the hockey, the things outside the rinks with the Rangers organization and my family. But it is perfect to be here during the summers and have a project like this to work on.

The summer is almost over so I am starting to focus more and training on the ice now a couple of days a week so that when I soon go back to New York I will be prepared for the upcoming season.

Do you see a future inside this bransch?....You have many years left with your new contract now but do you have any other thoughts on what to do after retiring from hockey? Is it projects like this that you feel that you want to do in your "after-life"?

I have so many doors open regarding what to do after retiring, I have gotten that question asked so many times "where will you go?" The hockey has been such a huge part of my life since I was 6-7 years old it has been a lot of focus on hockey and sports. But the last years I have gotten interested into other things as well and I have different projects in New York and Sweden. I think it's good for me as a professional athlete to get this balance in life with not to much and not to little.

You are home during the summers when the NHL season is not active but you have now been in New York for 10 years. What do you feel like today?

I dont know, I have spent much time scattered over Sweden, I grew up in Åre in the North and then moved to Gothenburg and lived here for some time. But a major part of my "grown-up-life" has been in New York and that is were I live and work. It's "fifty-fifty".

Nationalitywise do you think and act more like an american today? ... Maybe that's a question more suitable to your relatives but what do you think?

Of course you become a bit "Americanized", perhaps many things you took for granted when you lived in Sweden but now you see them different when you live in the US. But I am also proud of being a Swede with all the things our little country has managed to contribute to the world wether its products like cars, furniture or hockey players. It is fun to be able to say that you are from Sweden. Swedes have a good reputation abroad so that is fun to bring with you when you move. You never thought of it that way when you lived in Sweden.

Where will you and Therese live after retirement from Hockey? Maybe that's a tough question?

Yeah that's a hard one. There is so much that can happen. I don't know how long I will continue and then the kids, we have to see how old they are, the situation with schools etc. We will see.

Here at NK today there is people to see you. Females are looking at you and men wants to have your autograph. How do you handle it as a person? Is it hard to remain with your feet on the ground?

You have to take it for what it is, there are a load of hockey fans and ofcourse it's fun when people show appreciation for what you do but it also goes over fast when you stop playing well or do something else people move on so it just feels good to have support from people and especially the one close to me but also when you are out on the streets and people come up to me.

How is it today with Gothenburg vs. New York regarding walking on the streets, I understand it's fun that people show appreciation but there must be a limit right if you want to feel like a normal person in private?

It's not bad that people show appreciation, of course when I am out at a restaurant with my family for dinner you want to try to be there in private but then I remember how it was when I was a little kid and you saw a famous person and you wanted an autograph or shake hand or whatever even though I myself was to shy to go up and ask for it. I was more of the person who watched for a while and then walked on. So that's like it is, you have to see it as something positive that people are positive. :)

A huge thank you goes to reader, Edward K. for translating this interview for us. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Henrik Lundqvist Video Interview (In English!)


Monday, August 10, 2015

Watch a Video of Henrik Lundqvist Practicing in Sweden With Viktor Stålberg + an Interview