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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview + Notes


Henrik Lundqvist made 25 saves, and stopped all 11 shots he faced in the third period, to earn his sixth win of the 2018-19 season and the 437th win of his NHL career. By earning a win in tonight's contest, Lundqvist tied Hall of Famer Jacques Plante for seventh place on the NHL's all-time wins list. In addition, including his 61 career playoff wins, Lundqvist has now earned 498 wins (regular season and playoffs combined) in the NHL (and as a Ranger). He has posted a .900 SV% or better in 12 of his 14 appearances in 2018-19 (including each of his last seven appearances), and he has also posted a .925 SV% or better in seven of 14 appearances. Lundqvist is also now 14 saves away from tying Grant Fuhr for 10th place on the NHL's all-time saves list (since shots on goal and saves were first tracked in 1955-56). Lundqvist made his 819th career NHL appearance in tonight's game, and he is now one appearance away from tying Sean Burke for 13th place on the league's all-time appearances list.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Henrik Lundqvist & Mats Zuccarello MSG Network Connections Episode


Friday, November 9, 2018

Henrik Lundqvist Rangers On The Record Videos


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Watch Henrik Lundqvist Surprise a Special Fan on Good Morning America


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview + Notes


Henrik Lundqvist made 31 saves, including 16 saves in the first period, to earn his fifth win of the 2018-19 season and the 436th win of his NHL career. Lundqvist is now one win away from tying Hall of Famer Jacques Plante for seventh place on the NHL's all-time wins list. Lundqvist has made 30 or more saves in nine of his 12 appearances thus far in 2018-19; he has posted a .900 SV% or better in 10 of his 12 appearances.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

You Can Meet Henrik Lundqvist This December in New Jersey


Henrik Lundqvist Meet & Greet

Venue: Event Center at iPlay America 

  • 110 Schanck Road
  • Freehold, NJ
  • Phone: 732-577-8200
Date: Saturday, December 15, 2018

Door Time: 2:30PM

Start Time: 3:30PM

Event Type Meet and Greet

VIP Package $150
Ticket includes:
– Admission for one (1) into the Q&A session
– One (1) Professional Photo taken with Henrik Lundqvist
– One (1) branded 8×10 photo signed (in-person) by Henrik Lundqvist – NO personalizations or personal items to be signed!
– $10 iPlay America Game Card

Q&A Only Ticket
Tickets includes admission into the Q&A session for one (1) person.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview + Notes


Henrik Lundqvist made 39 saves, including 15 saves in each of the first two periods, to earn his fourth win of the 2018-19 season and the 435th win of his NHL career. He was selected as the game's First Star in tonight's contest. Lundqvist is now two wins away from tying Hall of Famer Jacques Plante for seventh place on the NHL's all-time wins list. He has been selected as one of the game's Three Stars in six of his 11 appearances this season. Lundqvist has made 30 or more saves in eight of his 11 appearances thus far in 2018-19; he has posted a .900 SV% or better in nine of his 11 appearances, including a .925 SV% or better in six of those appearances. He has allowed two goals or fewer in six of 11 appearances in 2018-19.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Henrik Lundqvist is Committed to the Rangers


ANAHEIM, Calif. — You know what? You can stop asking.

You can stop asking after every defeat or every downturn whether Henrik Lundqvist is truly all-in for this Rangers rebuild or whether he might change his mind and request to be traded to a Stanley Cup contender.

You can stop asking.

And so can I.

“I’m committed,” The King said when The Post popped the question following Wednesday’s practice in San Jose that preceded the flight here for Thursday’s match against the Ducks.

“I’m committed to this. I know that this is going to be a test, how I handle the ups and downs, the growing and the mistakes. Not only me, but the players who have been here for a while and are not used to this,” Lundqvist added. “But I’m prepared for it. I’m embracing the challenge.”

Lundqvist, who will back up Alex Georgiev on Thursday, did not make a snap decision to remain a Ranger when presented by ownership with the option to stay or go when the rebuild plan was unveiled last February. As such, there will be no knee-jerk decision to ask out if this season’s ride is even bumpier than anticipated.

“A lot goes into why you connect with something,” said Lundqvist, the face of the franchise for more than a decade. “The decision to stay is not something that was made in an hour. A losing streak doesn’t change anything. Why would it?

“Being a Ranger and what that means is something that I live.”

Tuesday’s 4-3 shootout victory over the Sharks represented one of the Rangers’ most compelling efforts of the year. It seemed even more impressive following the final-minute defeat in LA on Sunday that probably was the year’s most difficult outcome for the club and the goalie to swallow. After it was over, pain was etched in both Lundqvist’s body language and words.

“While you’re playing, the emotions are exactly the same as they’ve been my whole career, no matter what kind of team we’ve had,” Lundqvist said. “Losing is as painful now as it ever has been. You want to win every game. When you go onto the ice, you expect to win every game. That doesn’t change.

“The difference with this situation for me is how I respond between games and get ready for the next one. With a young team or a new team like this, there might be mistakes that our teams didn’t make when we were at or near the top of the league. We understood how to manage and close out games. Now, it isn’t that mistakes are accepted, but you know that it’s going to be a process to correct them and avoid them.

“I can see from the way we play that the guys want to improve and are working at it. There is going to be good and bad, but I believe we are going to get there. There are things for me to learn, too.”

The learning process continued with another detail-oriented practice. After a few years during which rest and recovery took precedence over work days on the ice, the Rangers’ schedule is heavy with practices.

“Whether we’re a young team or an old team, I like this format,” said Lundqvist, who suffered no carryover effect from having his left shoulder crunched by Cody McLeod in a net-mouth situation during Tuesday’s second period. “We work hard and we have quality practices. That’s so important at any level.

“We should never forget the opportunity we have here. We should all appreciate it.”

The opportunity is there for growth. The opportunity is there to be part of what has essentially become a start-up operation and reap the rewards when, sooner or later, the corner is turned and the Rangers return to prominence.

Lundqvist intends to be part of it all.

You can stop asking.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview + Notes


Henrik Lundqvist made 31 saves in regulation/overtime and stopped all three shooters he faced in the shootout to earn his third win of the 2018-19 season and the 434th win of his NHL career. Lundqvist was selected as the game's Third Star in tonight's contest. He is now three wins away from tying Jacques Plante for seventh place on the NHL's all-time wins list (437). He earned his 60th career win in a shootout in tonight's contest, and he is the NHL's all-time leader in shootout wins. Lundqvist has posted a .900 SV% or better in eight of his 10 appearances this season. Lundqvist has made at least 30 saves in seven of 10 appearances in 2018-19. He has been selected as one of the game's Three Stars in five of his 10 appearances this season.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Henrik Lundqvist Interview and Photoshoot


Meet The NHL’s Style Royal

Henrik Lundqvist is the stylish goalie for the Rangers and a creative mind off the ice

The Olympic gold medalist and goaltender for the New York Rangers walks into a SoHo studio donning Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses; a leather jacket fit for a rebellious rock star; and smooth, slicked-back hair to top it all off. This is Henrik Lundqvist’s casual “after practice” look that he nonchalantly pulls off.
The Swedish ice hockey goalie has lived in New York City since his rookie season for the Rangers in 2005, when he was just 23 years old. Now, at 36, Lundqvist says his style has luckily evolved over the years to reflect his creative spirit and a more refined taste. “I used to follow trends more, I think. Then I figured out what my style is and what I’m comfortable in,” Lundqvist says, adding that he may have experimented with some more outrageous outfits in the past. On his personal style today, he says, “Obviously I wear suits a lot for game days, but I also used to play guitar in a band, so I think there’s a little more rock and more of an edge in my style, too.”
Though suits are required for game days, Lundqvist tries to incorporate a sophisticated edge, allowing for his creative personality to show through. In addition, he says he almost always chooses to wear a sleek, thin watch to complement his suit and easily slide under his shirt. On off days, he sometimes chooses to wear a bigger watch, saying, “That’s the fun part about watches; you can mix it up with different styles depending on the day.”
An ambassador for TAG Heuer since 2016, Lundqvist recently unveiled the Henrik Lundqvist limited edition Aquaracer, a timepiece that will have just 205 pieces available, representing his official draft pick number when selected for the New York Rangers. “I’ve had a fond relationship with TAG for a few years. With this limited edition watch, we included some personal details, like my logo; the crown with my number, 30; and the Rangers’ colors,” Lundqvist says of the design. He adds that he wanted to create a watch he would enjoy wearing, as well as something that would stand out to the fans.
With 13 years under his belt as a New York Ranger, Lundqvist has built up quite a fan base, earning the nickname “King Henrik” after just his second season in the NHL. But, even as The King, he says he is always trying to improve from the year before in order to benefit the team. “As a goalie, it’s like playing an individual sport on a team sport. You need to focus on your own performance as well as how the team can achieve their goals.”
Prior to each 82-game NHL season kicking off, the veteran goalie says he always spends a few months back home in Sweden with his wife and two daughters. Though it is important to Lundqvist that his daughters experience the small village he grew up in, he says coming back to New York City and his hometown arena, Madison Square Garden, is always exciting. “Playing at the Garden is not something I take for granted. It’s so special because of the history and location. It’s a big stage for any player, whether you play for the Rangers or a visiting team.”
Ahead of the 2018 season, Lundqvist reflects on his expansive career and says that one of the biggest challenges he’s had is being able to fully appreciate moments throughout the season without getting too caught up in the pressure. “I’m very intense when it comes to hockey. How I perform affects me and my relationships a lot,” he admits. He adds that being able to see the big picture is crucial, but having intensity and passion are what will inspire you to improve. “I think finding a balance is important. Easy to say but hard to do,” he decides.
Upon reflecting, Lundqvist explains that his roots might be founded in creative fields like music and drawing, but sports have offered him some incredible values, such as teamwork, how to deal with success and failure, and a good work ethic. The common ground among all of his interests is his passion, which is something he strives to instill in his two young daughters. “For my daughters, that’s the one thing I really want them to have. I just want them to have passion for something, anything. I want them to have the drive to do something,” he says.
From Sweden to New York City, in a suit or a leather jacket, the Rangers’ goaltender has proved himself to be a passionate (and creative) king both on and off the ice.