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Monday, June 26, 2017

New Henrik & Joel Lundqvist Interview


GOTHENBURG. The last two times the twins Lundqvist have played together has become gold.
Twelve years ago, they celebrated the SM gold with Frölunda at Götaplatsen.
Five weeks ago Henrik and Joel stood and celebrated the World Cup gold at Sergels Torg.

Do you want to celebrate more common successes?

- I hope so. I have four years left in New York, and Joel wants to continue for many years. I hope we get the chance back together in the national team, "says great brother Henrik.

The brothers Lundqvist are only hanging around in the summer.
Ten months a year, they live in every part of their world.
40 minutes older brother Henrik lives in Manhattan and chases every season the Stanley Cup title he struggled for twelve years to take without success.
Joel lives in Hönö in Gothenburg's northern archipelago and devotes his working time to trying to bring even more SM gold with Frölunda. The guys until Henrik moved to Rangers after the SM gold 2005 grew up, played, lived, plowed, played soccer and Hockey together has its only common quality time in the summer in and around Gothenburg.
So it would have been this year too.

Unless the World Cup has come in.
"It was lovely during the World Cup. We could spend a lot more than we usually do. Not even in the summer, we get so much time together, "says Joel, the three crown's captain." 
Henke, the super goalkeeper who came to the World Championship after Rangers once again got out of the playoffs, nodded:
"It was not just hockey as the World Cup was amazing. Even being able to be so much with the brother was incredibly fun. In addition to hockey we caught talking, just hanging out.

You meet in the summer and have contact via text, phone and Skype during the season. But what happened to your roles when you were playing hockey for the first time in twelve years?
Joel looks at Henrik and starts laughing.

- Henrik actually spoke, ha-ha. I just thought: Can he talk? It never happened before matches and so. But now he got some sense here and there, "said Joel, continuing to laugh at the brother's progress.

Interview interrupted when a boy arrives with his mother. She asks if it is good to take a picture with the brothers and the son.
"No problem, we're taking a quick ice," says Henrik, making room on the couch between himself and Joel.
But the mother is so nervous that she needs the help of the GT photographer to take a picture with her mobile. "I know I've changed over the years," says Henrik when mother and son disappeared. Partly because I have grown older, but also because I want to take greater responsibility for the team.

Joel, little brother, has always been a leader. Most often the captain.
"I think we both have become more relaxed. When I was young, I had such a boost, could burn off everything possible. You were very in yourself, I was a bit more up with my eyes, "Joel says to the brother.
- You zoomed out more, I was very focused on myself. As you get older you get more comfortable in different situations, says Henrik confirming.

When the team captain Joel talked under Three Crown Collections, did you sit for a while and log in to the brother?

"To laugh at each other and get a little bit is part of the jargon, it's high and low between us all the time, just like it's between everyone else in one team," says Henrik, and continues:
- The dynamics of a World Cup are special. It is very intense. I was there for twelve days, but many had three weeks together. Every day from morning to evening. You get together with guys you've never played with before. It's interesting to see how different players react in different situations

Two years without playing together. It must have happened extremely much at the time?

"I have two children, he has three," says Henrik, pointing to his brother. It is clear that it has affected us as humans.
"Everything around has changed, but when it comes to hockey, it's like before. We have the same drive and willingness to win, "says Joel.

Did Joel do something really?
Meanwhile, in Frölunda, Henrik built a reputation for getting angry as soon as anyone scored goals, whether it was practice or a game. Is that still?

- Maybe a bit. He still likes to be good at training. But when he was younger there was a contest on every puck. Now he works more on positions, a bit smarter, saves some energy, says Joel.
"I'm still getting annoyed, but I can choose my positions. Especially as in the World Cup when there were five matches in eight days. Then it is important to have quality, but also look for a good feeling, "says Henrik.

But how was the World Cup, did Joel do something about you on the training?
Henrik pulls the answer while Joel looks forward to his goalkeeper's brother.

- Nja. He had a field event that went in.
- But stop, contradicts Joel.
"Well, that's what. Suddenly, it's the gnapping brothers from the shampoo commercial sitting staring at each other on the couch.
Joel turns to me and explains:
"He started barking at me because I was wrong when it became a goal. He wanted 
Know the pick, I put it in the cross. Of course, it's the fault of the exercise. - It was not the shot I rubbed, that's how you went. How much time did you take ... Needless to spend three vacation weeks At the age of 35, the brothers Lundqvist and the little ones are sitting on what really happened when little brother scored a big brother. On a workout. No wonder the federation Rickard Grönborg was delighted when the brutduduon became complete during the World Cup. How long did you live in the gold bubble after the World Cup?

"We have our three weeks vacant after the season and this year they were much needed to land with the family. But at the end of the third week, I felt I wanted to get started. I really enjoyed it, I never forget it. But it is not possible to think about what has happened. I'm looking forward, it's nice to be back again, says Joel. 

Henrik still has a holiday. He also rested the injured knee, who needed a syringe to cope with the World Cup final.
"When we won in Cologne, it felt like I was in goal. Not only in the World Cup, but with the whole season. I had been on for ten months in a row. I would melt the World Cup, but I would not have even analyzed my own season in New York. That's what I spent some time over the past few weeks. What do I need to improve next season, how do I get the right goal and think correctly, physically and mentally, "says Henrik.
"The weeks after the end of the season is always a bit of a waste. For ten months, you are so used to routine days, but now it's completely free.

How much did the World Championship Gold compensate for not winning your club team?

"I had a completely different feeling when I left Cologne. It was incredibly nice to have won. At the same time, disappointment came back when I returned to New York and felt we should have played with Rangers. We had the chance but did not take it.
"Landscape and club teams are two different things," says Joel. Are you in the national team you want to win there, but you can not forget what happened here at home. After a year of struggle with Frölunda I ended up in the same seat as Henrik. We felt we had the quality of breaking out Brynäs in the semifinals, but they were the ones who found the quality instead and knocked us out.

Three freaking women go slowly past the couch in the subtle part of the restaurant in Långedrag where we sit. One woman laughs with her whole face:
"There are the good looking brothers as you can see in the newspaper ...
The brothers are used to the attention.

Henrik was in New York a couple of weeks before returning with Mrs. Therese and daughters Charlise, 5, and Juli, 2, to Sweden.
They did not take long until Henrik brought the family home to Joel, his wife Amanda, the children Vilma, 9, Viktor, 6, and Ebba, 2, at Hönö in Gothenburg's northern archipelago.
Like every summer, they celebrated Viktor's birthday, this time his sixth. And now, Joel's only son could no longer retrieve his famous uncle, sometimes known as the King of New York. Sooner, when Viktor picked up one of dad Joel's two World Championships gold medals, he asked Henrik why he did not have one.

- Ha-ha, I'd forgotten. Then he did, that's right, Henrik recalls. But now he did not say anything.
"We burned off a small children's calf with a final country hockey match with a lot of scream and a high noise level," Joel complements.

And the gold brothers Lundqvist smiled of course for a while and talked more about the gold?

- No. We try to tune down the hockey key as much as possible, but it will be so much, says Joel.

Hockeyn is what extends the twins. But when they sit down with them for a while, they mention the family almost as much.
Ten years ago, when Joel also played in NHL, one day they received a message from Sweden that a brain surgery on their father Peter had not gone as planned. A benign tumor would be removed. But it sat deeper than the doctors had seen before and complications became. When he woke up, he could not walk or talk.
Big sister Gabriella had already married and moved to California, and neither of the sons were nearby to support Mom Eva.
Peter recovered quite well, for example, was with Eva and greeted the sons four days in the World Cup.

How did the event affect your life?

"What struck me is that I live a bit away. It's just a flight across the Atlantic, but not around the corner. As soon as something happens with family or friends, you are reminded of what is important. That's why it was so fun to get the opportunity to just hang out with each other during the World Cup, Henrik replies.

During the summer of summer, Gabriella will be home and the whole family, Lundqvist, with each other and children.Sister Gabriella, is not home every summer, but she had an important part in the brothers Lundqvist becoming hockey stars. That was when she started at the gymnasium in Båstad, left the family Åre and moved to the tennis metropolis.
"We knew Båstad, had been there on holiday several times," says Henrik.
- Our parents asked us if we wanted to move there. And everyone said yes, we knew Rögle was nearby and we had a chance to play there, "said Joel.
"And then there was a green where we could play football. In Åre we only played on gravel, on a rough gravel, "continues Henrik.
"But it's gone now, there's a hotel," Joel replies.

After the current summer everything will be as usual again. No more common birthdays. No celebration of Christmas or New Year together.

Do not you ever want to bring everyone along and go to Thailand over Christmas as the usual Svensson?

"We've talked about doing it when we're done with hockey. We are scattered. California, New York and here. That's probably the only downside I see with hockey eyes. Summer is amazing, but once you get back, you have no chance of being spontaneous, "says Henrik.
It's not just the brothers' hockey that starts when the summer is nearing its end. The children go to schools and preschools and their own sports.
- Vilma athletes, have mom Amanda as a coach. She's very good, it's great fun to follow her. She also plays handball. Viktor plays soccer, hockey and indoor band. When it comes to sport, I try to be very supportive, I like to play outside and watch as much as I can, "says Joel.
- Both of my girls are doing gymnastics. In Tribeca, where we live, everything is within walking distance. Soccer, dance and tennis. But the girls want to go to gymnastics in Chinese school. It's most fun, but both think is fun, says Henrik. 

A difficult balance with children Peter Forsberg recently said in an interview in GT / Expressen that he wants his children not to be pampered in an environment of famous parents and a lot of money. How do you reason for that?

"You have to go to self how the growth was. It has shaped one as a person and parent. You want your children well. The important thing is that they have their own interests and own drive, "says Joel.
"It is a difficult balance. You are fine if you see that the children are happy and happy. But you will not help them if you only give them all they want, Henrik continues, whose contract with the New York Rangers gives him approximately $8 million a year. That's not how it works. You have to get them to understand that you have to earn things in life, nothing is just coming. It's a balance, to get them to understand what's normal. How much do you curl the kids?
"Sometimes I realize that I am about to do too much, then I tell the children that they are allowed to do it themselves. Just want your children so well to the limit not to do too much ... It's a tough balance, says Joel.
"But there is no goal that they will be very good at gymnastics or what they now have for their interests in the future. If they do not think gymnastics are fun, they may do something else. On the other hand, they will complete what they have begun. Mom and dad never told us it was important that we drove hard with hockey eyes. That's what we were driving, "says Henrik.

Now they run on their hockey day in every direction. But when it became World Cup gold they were together again.
Joel's daughter to Henrik: "Daddy"
How did the children react when they watched tv that you won together?

"I think they think it was exciting, especially the younger ones who sometimes find it difficult to see a difference," says Henrik.

So even the kids can be wrong with you?

"Charlie is happy to talk to Joel," says Henrik and both brothers laugh. And Ebba went wrong lately. She looked at me and said daddy. I said "no, it's not daddy". She was completely resigned.

It took twelve years until you played back together. Could it be more times?

"At club level it can be difficult, but I hope there will be more chances in the national team. World Cup was very fun. We worked so hard during our upbringing to reach our goals. To do it together again, that was awesome. A little slim like closing the circle.
Both brothers are aware that 35 years is one in the context of a high age.
"Everything can change quickly with damage, how to perform and much more," says Joel. I have a year left with Frölunda, but I do not see that it's over in a year. So I feel today. Henrik has four years left, it's a very long time in this age. There are not many who have a contract until they are 39.Joel wants to take back the SM gold as HV 71 took this spring. And Henrik will continue chasing the Stanley Cup.

If you had won the bucklan after all years, had you left?

"The hunt for the Stanley Cup is a big part of my life over there," says Henrik
But it's impossible to wonder how I would react to a victory. To me, it's about putting power and energy on getting better every day. You can not go out saying that you're just playing the matches or playing out your contract. But often when you win you get blood tooth more than you get satisfied. Have I won, I want to win again.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Read an Interview of 18-Year-Old Henrik Lundqvist


Click the image below to enlarge:

Can someone please translate this interview for us? It would be really interesting and fun to hear what a young Henrik had to say. Thank you in advance!

Henrik Lundqvist Has a Grade 1 MCL Sprain


Henrik Lundqvist is acclaimed superstar in the New York Rangers and recently become a world champion.

But his life after the World Cup gold is still quiet.

- A ligament in the knee was damaged (Grade 1 MCL sprain) I start the summer with rehab for four to six weeks, when I really cannot do anything. But that price is worth paying to win World Cup Gold with my brother.

Charlise Lundqvist is "only" four and a half years, but has inherited some of his father's insistence. When Henrik after a long NHL season and two rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs also came home and said he was going to go play hockey at World Cup in Germany, his oldest daughter was not so excited.

"She's almost five years old and I think more and more I'm gone a lot from her. That my job takes time from her, Henrik admits.

She simply thinks that you should be home more?

- Yes, she thinks. So I had to put it very smart when I told her I would suddenly go to the World Championships for ten days after the fast season really ended for me.

We laugh both happy and this is something all parents who travel a lot on business can relate to.

For children, it does not matter if the father or mother is a salesman, journalist or hockey goalie.
If you are not at home, you are missing - and that requires "negotiations".

Did Charlise get back at you when you went to the World Cup?

-Yes, haha, you can say that. We talk a lot about what we will find when we are together again. What to play for games and what to do. Especially in summer, when we have very much time together. Summer is a big plus for us hockey players, then we have very much free time as we can be with family and friends. Very few people live like that. I know that.

Henrik and his wife Therese met in 1998 before becoming an NHL player, and married 2011. They have two children: Charlise and Little sister Juli, two years.

The Lundqvist family lives on an entire floor of a house in the star-studded Tribeca neighborhood of lower Manhattan.

Other life as daddy

The children and family life have changed father Henrik.
- You do not realize how much you are away from home until you have children. The children get sad when I'm gone too much. Even home games, I'm not home so much and I load and prepares me on my way. Before I had children, I was not thinking at all of how much I will be gone.

And as much as the children do not have dad, Henrik misses the family there at home.

- Yes, it is different to be gone now and so the summers even more important. We go back to Sweden soon and I like the contrasts in life. From the hectic life in New York City to the tranquility of Sweden.Summer is an important time to gather energy at home in Sweden and being with family and friends.

Where is home for you, it is not back to Åre where you grew up?

- No, it was a long time since I was in Åre. Home for us is Gothenburg. We have an apartment in Gothenburg and a summer residence on the west coast and that is where we will be mostly. Then there will be some sandwiches too.

How long will you remain in Sweden?

- To the end of August. I start training on ice in early August and I'm doing it in Gothenburg. But now I'll be good at my knees and just calm down.

Henrik Lundqvist has been the first goalkeeper in the New York Rangers in twelve seasons, he has three years left on a seven-year contract worth SEK 385 million and  his will to win the Stanley Cup with the Rangers is still as strong.

Henrik Lundqvist do not care if he's 35 years old and there are those who doubt both the Rangers and Henrik's ability to become champion.
He is still one of the world's best hockey goalies - and he knows it.
He also knows how much work it takes to be the best.

It showed Henrik Lundqvist in Cologne and Paris during the hockey World Cup, when he led the Tre Kronor to the World Championships, including by saving all four Canadian shootout in the final.
Or as another golden heroes - Washington Capitals Nicklas Bäckström - put it:
- We knew Henke would play. He's such a damn Win, that is. When we most needed him, he took out the black eyes and took all four penalties. It was magical,

Henrik Lundqvist himself claims that he was hesitant to play at lunch on the final day.

- At eleven o'clock on Sunday I did not think I could play, we did several treatments and I was in pain. Then we tested a syringe to see if the pain would disappear.

Nothing had probably stopped you from playing the final?

- No, haha, so it was well. And now, it was, when it was only one game. Otherwise it would have been difficult. Without syringe made it very painful.

Henke felt therefore not completely comfortable when it was sudden death and punishes.

- First half of the game went well, but then it got worse when the effect of the syringe began to disappear. But I was just happy that I could play. I knew I did not do anything that would aggravate the knee. So it was about to brave the pain. When we tested the day I felt that this will we solve.

How much did your teammates know?
- The other players on the team saw me limping around, but I did not say anything until we knew. It had required a great deal because I had not been able to play ...

Lundqvist landed in Cologne with great expectations.
Especially from himself.
That's how he works.

- I put a lot of pressure on myself to reach my level to help the team. It was very special just being there and it was fun from day one. But there was a lot to take in the first few days to adjust to and everything, mentally and technically and large rink. The first few days I felt it was important to collect my thoughts and be in the right place mentally. It was the biggest challenge in the beginning. To go from playoff intensity in New York and reload the World Cup, it took really focusing.

And you got no long takeoff directly?

- No, it was right into it just, you could not cuddle in time. It was bang on the right, with all that implies.

You had a team that was really hard to win the gold and nothing else.

- Yes, it was. And it was clear that they knew of the press. We had good players and they all knew that the goal was clear and sunny. But much will be meeting on the road, you just have to deal with that objective and to perform correctly. And we did.

Victory against Switzerland in the quarter-finals was followed by victory against Finland in the semifinals and was crowned with final victory on penalties against Canada.

- It felt good throughout the tournament. We had good focus. It was a great group to be with. Good players and good people and very good people around the team,
I tell Lundqvist me after our meeting straight after the final, when he limped off with the World Cup in the mixed zone, was struck by the thought that maybe we had just experienced his last international.
He is surprised when he hears it. So he was not thinking at all.
- I do not know. It is very difficult to predict. Much about timing, how the season with the Rangers goes. My goal is obviously to go as far as possible in the playoffs with the Rangers each year, and then I can not be in the World Cup.
- Then it's about how you feel in your body and head. If you have the energy and strength to reload. It's not just snap your fingers, you have to be able to deliver as well, there is always the big question. But I can say, I think it's pretty damn fun to come to the national team, I want to believe that there will be more international matches.

All Swedes of course hope to see you in the national team again.

- I hope I get more chances. Was the last international was a nice finish, but I want to play more in the Three Crowns.

It is the warmth in his voice as Henry describes the feeling to pull on the blue and yellow sweater and feeling to stand on the Sergel Square and hailed by thousands of Swedish fans.
- It's always fun when people show such appreciation. It is one thing to win with the club teams, but there is something very special to win with the national team, it's a different sort of pride that comes. It's a very wonderful feeling. And just to come home and meet people for the gold ...
He is silent for a moment.
- The entire journey there will be a special memory. And half the thing with the national team is to come up with the player normally does battle against and to get to know new young players, as William Nylander I had played hockey with him when he was a kid and I played together with his dad Michael on the Rangers. It's fun to see all these players up close and get to know them.

Then maybe they do not have squeezed so hard?

- No, haha. Williams hug after the final, it took a little bit hard. But it's no problem to take in such a situation.
- And then that my brother was with. Getting win World Championship gold medals along with Joel. It was amazing!
Ideally Rangers Swedish superstar took time off from hockey for a couple of weeks in February next year to once again represent Sweden in the Olympics. He was having won gold in Turin in 2006, lost in the quarterfinals in Vancouver four years later and lost the final in Sochi in 2014. But the NHL boss Gary Bettman, despite protests from players and fans clearly said that the league snobs next Olympics in South Korea.
- Bettman said recently that it is cross closed for NHL players in the Olympics in South Korea. It's very, very sad - although I still hope that can be changed, says a visibly annoyed Lundqvist and continues:
- Now I have the good fortune to be in three Olympics and it has been fantastic in different ways. But it is a terrible shame if the NHL is not the next time. I think it is very sad for the younger guys in the league who did not participate in the Olympics, and now do not get a chance to be with.

It's a shame for the sport of ice hockey?

- Yes I think so. OS is the best platform for building hockey for a bigger sport.Right now hockey is a very small sport compared to, for example, football. Hockey need the Olympics to create more interest.

While others may wonder what Henrik Lundqvist will do after his career is he totally focused on several years at the highest level and he ponders not at all what he will find when playing career is over.
Then he makes a little "moonlighting" at times, as the high-profile commercial for the shampoo Head and Shoulders and the acclaimed film with him and his brother Joel.

Will there be more movies with you together?

- We shall see. You may return it, ha ha. I have worked with them for years and it's been fun.
You are decent actors both you and your brother?
- Well, there we leave unsaid, Henke says, and laughs again.


Born: March 2, 1982 in Åre.
Clubs in career: Järpen IF, Rogle, Mölndal, Frölunda, the New York Rangers.
Family: Married to Therese, the couple have two daughters: Charlise, four years, Juli, one year.
Lives: Apartment in Tribeca in Manhattan and apartment in Gothenburg.
Merits: World Championship gold medals, two national championships, Olympic gold medals, two World Championship silver Stanley Cup finalist, guldpucken, Vezina Trophy (NHL's Best Goalkeeper Prize)  he has the most wins and most shutouts through the ages in New York Rangers club history.