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Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Henrik & Joel Lundqvist Interview


Henrik Lundqvist
Born: March 2, 1982. 40 minutes before bro.
Family: Wife and daughter Therese and Charlise, who turned one last month. The dog Nova, Dobermans.
Team: New York Rangers of the National Hockey League.
Serves: $ 6.875000000 per year - around 45 million Swedish kronor. The contract with the Rangers expires after the season and already speculating NY media about a new dream contract, which could give Lundqvist salary cap $ 80,000,000 over eight years ... or, in other words, over half a billion.
Current: As one of the world's best hockey players. Appointed in 2012 to the best goalie in the NHL. With the Par Mårts Olympic team for Sochi 2014.

Joel Lundqvist
Born: March 2, 1982. 40 minutes after bro.
Family: Wife Amanda and the kids Vilma, five years, and Viktor, two years.
Team: Frölunda HC in the Swedish Hockey League.
Serves: An average of 300,000 per month in six years. This means that Joel has the best contract in Frölunda's history - 21.6 million Swedish kronor.
Current: As captain of the Frölunda Indians - and one of the Swedish Hockey League's best players. With the Par Mårts Olympic team for Sochi 2014.
Did you know that ...
... Henry is the best in the NHL to take his team to victory in the penalty shoot. In the eight seasons that punishes found in NHL Rangers with Henrik in goal won 45 penalty shoot-outs. He also has the highest penalty save percentage - 76 per cent (of 287 penalties).
Lundqvist ... were one of three pairs of twins who met each other in an NHL game. Joel went speechless for Dallas and Henry Rangers won, 14 December 2006. The other two - Rich and Ron Sutter, plus MYOB trained Peter and Patrik Sundstrom.
Joel ... and Henry was once interesting for the record mogul Bert Karlsson of Skara. The boys played in a band - and Karlsson wanted to record a song with Frölunda Extension. Joel on drums, Henry on guitar - not with someone on vocals.
"I do not remember even it is certainly a story spiced up with the times," laughs Henry.
"Joho, I called and talked to him about recording a song!" Swear Bert.

At one time it was "not without my brother." Today, Henrik and Joel developed.
Big brother and little brother has a new motto: Not without our family.
Meet the brothers Lundqvist in a great interview - if ... the most part.
The little Italian restaurant in Linnéstan has opened half an hour earlier. Chief Chris are in place and promise that we can order from the main menu, not just the lunch menu - while not the other guests see it.

It is, after all, Tomi Kallio's favorite restaurant.

A table for four is groaning in a separate room. Italian hot water on the table, white napkins. Everything is ready for the interview with the country's hottest hockey brethren.

But the clock is 11:13, still no twin in place.

"In time?"

Messet rebounds, Joel - who desired pasta and tranquility just two days earlier - still shines by its absence. And no one answers the ringing tone.

11:23, a new text message - this time to Henry:

"Are you and little brother again?"

Henrik Lundqvist responds quickly.

"I pray so very sorry. I have double booked ... Joel is in place?"

Hmmm ... our big Sunday interview starts so-so - but seconds later call it, from hidden numbers.

"Well, it's Henke. I've done stuff like this before! But that Joel would miss ... he never misses anything!"

But do not think the brothers Lundqvist gone and gotten hefty, or as some football players with professional qualifications. Call it only twin-rate madness. Or something similar.

Henrik and Joel comers.

The Italian tavern replaced with Hoenoe, a small ferry trip out in the Gothenburg archipelago.

- We're still there with the family tonight, says Henrik, booking a new date - without checking with your brother first.

A few hours later, the captain of the Gota of the engines. The ferry slips slowly into the harbor at Hoenoe.

It takes 35 minutes from Frölundaborg to get out on the island Joel Lundqvist and his family decided to settle in, in a big house in the middle of the island. His wife Amanda have roots here, in the ottordahlska genera that lit up Gais in previous years.

Children Vilma and Viktor, five and two years old, have a peaceful childhood ... far from the exhaust gas in town.

Henrik sliding off the ferry with his black Land Rover, Sport version - with fatty matt lacquered and black rims in 20 inch. He has learned of winter slippery gaffes by sports car and now actually hockey trunk, velcro wraps and stroller in without any problems.

- Though I have left Maserati too. The stroller go in there with, he grins.

He shed rigging up the stroller and put her daughter Charlise there. His wife Therese greet and get to take a tour of Klåvas waterfront.

A moment later, Joel with a child in her arms and another in his hand.

- Sorry, again. I do not know how I could bar so. It was completely empty. Alltmänt dizzy, that is. We met until yesterday - and none of us mentioned the interview. And now my phone died, it's just one of those days, he smiles.

The brothers have an attraction for the environment is to be expected. A man pulls up entirely unembarrassed camcorder and start shooting. A couple of girls giggling and whispering.

A short distance away, next to a boathouse, we find peace.

- Look, a real Bench!

Henry laughs and sits down. He has a fabrikssliten denim shirt, stylish black skinny chinos. Brown Ray-Bans, three bracelets with black leather and silver thread. Plus a really sharp watch, of course.

- But he does not look like a fucking bass player anymore, laughs Joel - running a bit safer, with stylish light blue shirt and dark jeans for the great black mark spectacles.

When the guys played their only international together - yes, it is no more the A-team level - became Henry inringd as a reserve and was met by that particular comment when he sauntered into the locker room with heavy chains around the neck and wrists.

- It was Niklas Specifies that attracted the widest Stockholm scan: "I thought we phoned for a goalkeeper - and not a fucking bass player!"

Brother laughing.

They often make it, there is a harmony in life. The new life. It means that children, family and everything that comes to that: Feeds, laugh, sleep deprivation, development, kindergarten downloads, love, chaos - all in combination with hockey.

Throughout the interview is Joel's son Viktor, two filled, safe in his father's arms. Without whining or being uncooperative.

- I may make a small order dribblingsyta in the garage. He really likes the ice rink. Right?

Viktor does not charge pacifier - but nods and smiles behind.

- We were five initially, mum and dad and I, brother and sister Gabriella. She lives in California with American man, I'm in New York - and now, as we saw in Bastad in the summer, we are suddenly 13 of them around the dining table. It really is organized chaos, says Henrik.

Who most pigs around the dining table - your dog Nova or daughter Charlise?

- Nova cleans! She keeps track of what Charlise throw on the floor, laughing Henrik.

He has never really liked children. Sure, my brother has worked ... but maybe not others. But that is slowly changing.

- Well ... I do not know. If there is too much noise. But my tolerance level has changed, or Henry.

- It's a completely different life now. Completely different conditions ... it should work with fall that kids. Then it's others too, says Joel.

Henry and his wife Therese have children help in the U.S., but run by themselves on holiday in Sweden.

- My life has not changed so much that I live in New York. I still have the same routines. It is when we come home to Sweden as it is different ... in the summer there will be no structure, all routines will disappear.

When Henrik summer talked in the radio P1 in July, he told me about that - that he was more ego and my brother always been more of a team player.

- Ah, that I just said that he would get to feel good!

- You hear after all, who still run their stuff and their practices - and who put on their lifestyle, counters Joel quickly.

Very family is becoming increasingly important in the brothers Lundqvist hockey-centric life. For Joel, it has been for some years - but for Henry it is a bit newer. A tattoo on the left forearm is reminiscent of the finest he has, the daughter Charlise.

- Children have been under discussion for quite some time. But it did not feel right. So last summer ... or the summer before, so it felt ... maybe it's time. As it was planned, says Henrik.

Do you see the lighter end of career, when children come into your lives?

- Well, I do not. It's life cycle. We are 31 and we hope to have many years left, explains Joel.

- We see new challenges. To have a family and children is precisely a challenge. It's not an easy thing, but what you get back is a huge amount. But it's not always just snap your fingers so it works. I've noticed over the past year. There are many late nights and little sleep, says Henrik.

Another event that marked the brothers is the father of Peter's illness. He, who worked as a ski instructor in Åre, stood mid-career and marketed both Årefjällen and Bastad.

- It was a quick end. Dad had brain surgery that went quite badly, says Henrik.

Father Peter had surgery in December 2007 - and something went wrong.

- He would be sick for a month ... and then everything changed. It was forever. It also happened when I was over there in the U.S. - so no one was home except mother Eva said Joel seriously.

The brothers were torn between hope and despair.

- In the beginning there was: Will he be okay? Should we go home? Then it went a few days, it was the middle of the season, we waited. Then we got the news that he will be fine. The only question is how much he will recover, remember Henry.

- It was a tough event. When he woke up it was nothing. He could not walk or talk. Now he has worked his way back, says Henry.

Dad was never restored, never will be.

- He can handle himself, nowadays. It was a benign tumor, which sat a little deeper and blocked any vessel. It was a little more advanced than what was estimated, explains Joel.

Just the life event has been etched with the brothers.

The family first - no matter what happens.

- It may be a different weight, this thing about having a family. What is important, what do you prioritize? You see how quickly things can change, says Henrik.

He has also performed in his private life. Captures the moment, or YOLO which fall that kids write. You only live once.

- I've gotten better at enjoying the good moments. I used to be very focused on more, more, more. I still want to get better, I feel the urge. But I have learned to find a balance where I can relax. When I feel too - and do not go around and are super psyched all the time, says Henrik.

A new season is approaching. Frölunda to play European Trophy in a few days - and just collects Per Mårts Olympic team in Stockholm for a first meeting for Sochi.


- No, but I put high pressure on myself. To perform. I know what I can - and I want to be on that level, perform well. I want to feel that comfortable feeling that I lying there. Otherwise it will be ... not anxiety, I do not really know ...

Joel thinks for a brief second.

- I get frustrated ...

Henrik develops:

- Some put more pressure on himself, both I and Joel belongs to that category. When I go into a new season, I have a lot of adrenaline, to put in the time. But I can also get the feeling that now I have to perform. I will not be satisfied if it does not go well. I want to be up there - not in the middle.

A negative pressure?

- The press makes sure you get into anxiety. I think many athletes know it. Sometimes I do not know if I really like what I'm doing. But then comes the moments when it is absolutely unbeatable. And then there are days when I question what I expose myself to ... both mentally and physically.

It is noticeable that the guys are thinking, or have been thinking, a lot. Both Joel and Henrik has talked with mental coaches - and Henry find the strength in his sounding board, goalie coach Benoit Allaire.

He lifts Henry during heavy days, when something interferes with or opposed.

Olympic dream then?

- For me, it's how big any time. It's a tough goal, to bring a sweater there. But now I am using in the first squad. I must draw the bow - and try war to me a place, Joel decisively.

And how is that going for Frölunda, Henrik?

- It will be interesting what the new coaches can do. We're in the same boat in New York, with new coaches. They will put their stamp on how things should be handled and how the game system to play. I follow Frölunda - although I do not play there. The heart will always clap for Frölunda.

Joel has two years left on the contract with Frölunda - and Henry enters its last New York Rangers.

Both, however, sees no end to his career. Henry can even imagine lira until he turns 40 ...

- I want to run at 40, says Henrik.

As Larry Brooks of the New York Post was right that you should write a åttaårskontrakt with maximum salary?

- Haha. Larry has an eye on stuff, it does he have. We'll talk about the future now ... It seems like a reasonable goal to run at 40. If I may be full.

But you do not run the 40, Joel? Not with your ice packs after the game ...

- I may put on play style in that case, or be back! I see myself playing for 36 or 38, somewhere. Then you take year by year, as long as you are injury-free and performs.

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