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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Says Contract Negotiations Are Moving In the Right Direction; Has No Requirement to Get it Done Before Season


After a few statements of Henrik Lundqvist in the spring, which was perceived as lukewarm in the interest of new contracts, contract negotiation has been the summer hot buzz in New York.

- We're talking, there's so much I can say. There is no requirement that it should be ready this summer or even when the season begins. I well knew early on that I did not want to put pressure that it would be ready this summer or right now. That's why I said as I said says Henrik Lundqvist.

Previously, the Swedish star always pointed out that he can only imagine playing the New York Rangers, and strive to win the Stanley Cup there. When asked, "Could it be that as the years go by, the goal of winning the Stanley Cup be strörre than striving to win the Stanley Cup with the Rangers," says Henrik Lundqvist, after a long pause:

- It is clear that after eight years in New York and all the support I received from the organization and the fans and how good I feel comfortable, so I find it hard to see me play elsewhere. The challenge becomes even lovelier, you understand how much it meant. A big carrot and we for a discussion clearly.

Actually, he does not want to talk about the negotiations, did not discuss them in the media, do not want it to take focus away from hockey and the club in general. But it is an important time right now.

- Regardless of what happens around it must not affect my game. There is of course a very important part in my career, this contract, there is no denying about. But be shut out if the contract is not clear when the season begins. To focus on the right things.

Negotiations are in the right direction, he says, and he is not averse to end the career of Rangers, with an eight-year contract (the longest possible):

Here's another interview he did:

Some 30 Swedish NHL players - in one hotel.
With a shining star:

Henrik Lundqvist!

Tre Kronor invited to an open house today afternoon at a central hotel in Stockholm. The most attention was - Henrik Lundqvist.

He (and Henrik Zetterberg) were the only two who did not mingle around among journalists. Instead, it became news conference on the podium a la Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

- I've had a good summer, spent time with family and tried to disconnect hockey as much as gone. This kind of result is good - there are lot of faces that are new to me, Henke said, and continued:

- Well I have a slightly different role in this OS to be compared with my first 2006. I'll have more space in the dressing room now. Then we mostly sat silent and many of the players at that time was such that you have grown up with and been even idols.

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