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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist's Mask Sold For $66,000


Henrik Lundqvist doesn’t need his goalie mask much, given that the NHL lockout has canceled at least half of the season. So the Ranger put it up for sale for Hurricane Sandy relief. Lundqvist’s mask was sold through an auction with Steiner Sports for $66,000. The winning bidder, Molly Heines, is an avid Ranger fan. Lundqvist and teammates Brad Richards, Brian Boyle, Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, T aylor Pyatt and Jeff Halpern played in the Operation Hat Trick charity match this weekend for storm victims.

Henrik Lundqvist Operation Hat Trick Post-Game Video Interview

There were a few different versions of Henrik's press conference. Each one offers a different vantage point so I decided to post all three. Also, who knows when we'll get to see another post-game press conference (hopefully soon). I apologize for it being a little late, but I was away for the holiday weekend.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Finally Found a Game To Play


Henrik Lundqvist finally found a game to play.

It won't be under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden or in front of a hostile crowd in Philadelphia. But it will be meaningful and rewarding in a unique way.

Like players and fans all across North America and the world, the New York Rangers goalie misses the NHL. Lundqvist has run the gamut of emotions as the long lockout lingers.

His thirst to get back on the ice will be quenched Saturday night, however briefly, as he joins other hockey stars in giving back to people who were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Lundqvist will step on the ice in storm-damaged Atlantic City, N.J., along with Rangers teammates and foes from the Flyers and other teams to lend a helping hand to those recovering from the devastation. It won't have the intensity of a regular NHL game, but it will be filled with emotion and enjoyment.

"Absolutely. It's not only the hockey fans. You want to pay back to people working in the community around New York and people that got hit by this storm," said Lundqvist, last season's Vezina Trophy winner as the NHL's top goalie. "I was not there, but obviously I have a lot of friends who were still there, and I had people move into my place. …

"I hope it's going to be a positive day, and that people who come in to watch the game get some energy and give the people some hope who need it."

"Operation Hat Trick" will be held at famed Boardwalk Hall on Saturday. All proceeds from the event will go directly to the Empire State Relief Fund, the New Jersey Hurricane Relief Fund and the American Red Cross, which is aiding New York and New Jersey families affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Richards, Hartnell captains
Brad Richards of the Rangers joined Flyers forward Scott Hartnell and partnered with Caesars Atlantic City to stage the event. Richards and Hartnell will serve as captains of the two teams that will feature other NHLers such as Martin Brodeur, Bobby Ryan, Steven Stamkos, Kimmo Timonen, Braydon Coburn, James van Riemsdyk and Simon Gagne.

As of Monday, 28 players had signed up to play.

"We are all overwhelmed by the damage and destruction caused to our area by Hurricane Sandy, and as professional hockey players we wanted to come together to help those who were victimized," Richards said.

The mere idea that Rangers, Flyers and other rivals could come together for a common goal is special in itself.

"To have the opportunity to be able to raise money for the relief effort by participating in this game is an honour," Hartnell said.

Lundqvist has been spending time at home in Sweden. His Thanksgiving plans included an international flight back to his hockey home that hasn't had hockey since the Los Angeles Kings captured the Stanley Cup in June.

This trip should be well worth it for the seven-year NHL veteran.

"I'm trying to stay busy," said the 30-year Lundqvist, who joined the Rangers in 2005 after an earlier lockout forced the cancellation of the previous season. "I've been skating every week, trying to stay ready in case something happens. I'm not sure if things are going to open up in the NHL or here in Sweden. Right now I'm just trying to stay ready, but it's tough, though.

"Just a couple of nights skating. It's not ideal, obviously, but it is what it is."

Hopes quashed
A glimmer of optimism that arose this week when the NHL and the players' association got together twice for negotiations was dashed on Wednesday when the league quickly rejected an offer it said it was eagerly awaiting. The NHL has already cancelled all games through November and the highly popular outdoor Winter Classic. All-star weekend is very close to being lost along with another round of games.

"I'm kind of tired of hearing that they're getting together," he said. "We need progress here. I don't know what to say now. The first couple of weeks you hope it's going to end fast, and now you've had two months of talking.

"It doesn't really matter. We just have to figure it out here with the owners and come to a solution. Everybody is suffering, from the fans, the players, people working with the game. It's not necessary. The game is strong enough that we should be able to figure it out."

Lundqvist has rolled with the ups and downs of the lockout that began in September, when the previous collective bargaining agreement between the players' association and the NHL expired. He hasn't signed up to play in Europe or anywhere else, but if a deal isn't reached soon, he might have to change his plans.

He just never thought the lockout would be going on this long.

"It's important that we try to give back to different communities and to the fans, but to us players, we miss the game a lot. We do," Lundqvist said. "This is our lives. There is a business side to this sport; there is no way around it. When it comes down to just playing the game, I miss the lifestyle, I miss travelling and playing the games and having the adrenaline.

"It's just such a big part of my life. It's definitely been a weird two months here not having that. That's why it's a lot of fun to get together and play the game."

The NHL generated record revenues of $3.3 billion US last season when Lundqvist and the Rangers reached the Eastern Conference finals. Instead of being back on the ice to shoot for another run at the Stanley Cup, the star goalie is in a holding pattern he can't escape.

"I have all the emotions," Lundqvist said. "I have some anger, disappointment, some embarrassment, too. I understand that the fans are disappointed, and it's hard to explain the whole situation. I don't think a lot of people know all the details and how much we really sacrificed to try to come closer to the owners. It doesn't really matter. They deserve the game out there to be played right now. I definitely feel a little embarrassment that we can't figure it out sooner."

Henrik Lundqvist Twitter Q&A


Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
All the money will benefit Sandy victims. They need our help! check it out, @steinersports

8h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Last chance to bid on my mask and equipment. close on Sun..Will get at least one game in, tomorrow night, Atlantic city! #OpHatTrick #Sandy

17h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Ok, sun is coming up.. time for breakfast. Thanks for the questions. Have a great day!

17h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
My dad always told me it's good to have dreams.. It have to start somewhere.. I like that!

17h Tom brown ‏@TomGoalie
@HLundqvist30 Best advice you have had and could pass on?
Retweeted by Henrik Lundqvist

17h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Big part of my life is missing.. I don't think I ever felt this frustrated over anything... Hope to see you all at the Garden very soon!!

17h Melissa ‏@superduper8766
@HLundqvist30 I will just say good morning!! How stir crazy are you going without hockey??
Retweeted by Henrik Lundqvist

17h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Tough one, there are so many. But Dominik Hasek was my favorite growing up.. if I have to pick one..

17h Chris Bouraux ‏@chrisbouraux
@HLundqvist30 who would you say is the best goalie of all time? 1990's +
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17h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Some games you hear everything, almost:) Some games you manage to block it out, it depends on your focus..

17h Sean ‏@MrMet1625
@HLundqvist30 when MSG is rocking do you hear the crowd in net or are you just so focused you can't hear anything?
Retweeted by Henrik Lundqvist

17h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Can't name one, but Olympic final -06, WinterClassic last year, final game with VF -05 and first Ranger game are all up there..

17h Rod Friesen ‏@RFriesen87
@HLundqvist30 most memorable game you have ever played?
Retweeted by Henrik Lundqvist

17h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
It's fun! I'm not getting a ton of sleep but when she smiles in the morning it's all good:)

17h John ‏@Broadwayblues
@HLundqvist30 How do you like being a dad?
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17h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
For you early birds here in the US, or tweeters back in Europe, I'll answer some questions if you have any:)

18h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Still on Swe time, can't sleep.. For the past 2h I've been reading, sending emails, making phonecalls.. Now what? Still 5h to practice..

Monday, November 19, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist "The Whistle" Video Interview


It's Lundqvist vs. Brodeur in Atlantic City Charity Game


The hope for any semblance of an NHL season wanes as each day of the owners’ lockout passes, but come this Saturday in Atlantic City, at least fans will get to watch some top local players hit the ice.
Dubbed “Operation Hat Trick,” a charity game is set to take place at Boardwalk Hall at 7 p.m., with one team captained by Rangers’ star Brad Richards and the other by Flyers star Scott Hartnell
Even more interesting, it was released on Monday that the opposing goalies are two men very familiar with each other: the Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist and the Devils’ Martin Broduer.
The majority of the rosters were released, as well, all via the Twitter page of retired player Todd Fedoruk, who organized the event.

In addition to Richards, the “New York Team” will have forwards Bobby Ryan, Corey Perry, Ville Leino, Jeff Halpern, James Neal, Brian Boyle, Matt Martin and Taylor Pyatt. The three defensemen so far are Dan Girardi, Marc Staal and Steve Eminger.

In addition to Hartnell, the “Philadelphia Team” will have forwards Steven Stamkos, Wayne Simmonds, Daniel Carcillo, Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, David Clarkson, James van Riemsdyk, Jody Shelley and Steve Downie. The defensemen are Kimmo Timonen, Braydon Coburn, John Carlson and Andy Greene.

Read more: Rangers' Lundqvist, Devils' Brodeur to face off in charity game

If anyone out there goes to the game and takes any pictures of Henrik, or gets a chance to meet him, leave a comment and let us know. You're more than welcome to submit photos or stories of your experience. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist on the Cover of King Magazine


I don't know which month this issue is, but apparently Henrik is on the cover of a recent edition of King Magazine. Over at the blog's Facebok page, I have asked my readers if some one in Sweden can purchase this issue for me and ship it to me in NYC. I will use Paypal to pay. If anyone is interested in doing this for me please email me at

I love that he's holding a crown here, it's so appropriate.

Huge thank you to reader Debra for sending me this picture.

Two Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interviews




Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Morning Show Video Interview

ShareThis Henrik%20Lundqvist%20om%20NHL-lockouten%20och%20sin%20karri%C3%A4r

As always, translations would be much appreciated. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Feels "Lost and Weird Mentally"; Might Have Statue of Himself Built in Gothenburg; Will Return to NY For Green Card Purposes


"I feel lost and weird mentally"

Many Frölunda Fans want to see him as a statue in the town center. Everybody wants to see him on the ice as soon as possible.
But Gothenburg hottest athlete stuck in the stands.
- I feel lost. For the first time since I was seven, I do not play hockey in november, says Henrik Lundqvist.

Henrik Lundqvist has been to Gothenburg for about a month.
And although he has not been around to play a game, he is the hottest of all. It was proven when the TV camera zoomed in to him in the stands during the game against Frölunda Farjestad on Tuesday.
Scandinavium exploded into a howl of delight and super goalie himself stood up and played cheerleader.

- There must be bid on, he says. It's fun to feel the support and the warmth of the crowd at Scandinavium. And I can help to raise the atmosphere is just fun.

Another sign of supporters estimate the current vote on the Frölunda Players to be proposed to stand statue, probably outside the Scandinavium.
"Henke" had until yesterday evening received 44 percent of the votes. Just over three times more than the runner-Sura Pelle Pettersson.
- It's great that people think so, says goalkeeper. I think it is a fun initiative of Frölunda.
Have you thought about how it would be to walk past a statue of yourself in a few years?
- Haha. No, I have not. But it is not certain that it will be so. It remains several weeks of voting and then it's not certain that there will be any hockey statue.

There is an ongoing debate on various online forums about a player who is still active, or just put the can really stand statue. That it would be logical to choose an old legend.

Which player would you vote a on?
- I have not seen Sura-Pete Lira. But Niklas Andersson example, he did a lot of good things for Frölunda for many years. Or a urgöteborgare as Patrik Carnbäck.

Henrik Lundqvist likes to be in Gothenburg, while he is extremely frustrated with the NHL lockout.
- As I sit in the stands at Scandinavium, I get very hungry, not just to jump in and play with Frölunda but to play hockey at all, he says with dedication in his voice.
- I do not feel the adrenaline pumping, to be in the middle of a match.
But you play well some tennis, do not out adrenaline then?
- Some tennis gets it, but it's different. Not at all like playing hockey.

What has given you to be home in Gothenburg a month?
- It is extremely fun to meet friends and family. I have realized how important it is, says Henry, who has brought with him wife and daughter on picnic at Magnus Kahnberg and his family when SPORT-Expressen called.

- While it is very strange mentally to not have his usual life. I have since I was seven years playing hockey and had my routines. For the first time I do not play hockey in november.
- The social situation is complex, the situation is complicated.
Hockey had a meeting on Tuesday without addressing the issue of NHL players' to be or not to be in the premier league.
How will it be?
- It has not happened. We are in Gothenburg. And any game with Frölunda is going on right now. We'll see if it opens up over there or here at home.

Your new Frölunda mask is complete.
- I decided early on that I had to have the stuff if it gets games. The mask I had on me in a week, for example, when I trained with Frölunda last week.

You criticized last week Hockey League to stop the NHL players in the elite series. Is it Hockey League decision or your / Frölunda that you do not play?
- It allows you to interpret as you wish. I have spoken to me before ...

Must back to the U.S.
In addition there are fiscal problems if Lundqvist is here more than 183 days and that the spouses Lundqvist, right in the middle of the trial period in order to obtain a green card (permanent residence) in the United States.
- Therefore, we must return to the U.S. in the future. Then we apply to leave the country again.
When do you have?
- I do not know. We have not booked any flights.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Has Been Named One of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive 2012



Sport: Hockey

The 30-year-old Swedish goaltender is just the man to heat up the ice – even in his not-so-revealing New York Rangers uniform. Since joining the NHL in 2005 – and making history as the first goaltender with 30 or more wins in each of his first seven seasons – he's dominated the rink with his butterfly-style technique. He may be imposing on ice, but it's his suave style (check how he fills out a suit!) and his self-deprecation ("Loves to drive but knows nothing about cars. Plays guitar, but can't sing," according to his Twitter bio) that have fans swooning.,,20315920_20642550_21232924,00.html

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist at Brad Richards Charity Event

Before Henrik left for Sweden he attended Brad Richards charity event at Hotel Chantelle. I was unable to find pictures of the event until now. Check them out, along with an article about it below:

Henrik Lundqvist slipped into Hotel Chantelle on Tuesday night, downtown on Ludlow Street off Delancey, approximately 45 minutes later than most of his Rangers teammates.

The goaltender named "Most Stylish Athlete" by the Style Network in September did not disappoint, wearing a sleek suit and his trademark grin, as he stepped onto the red carpet – actually, it was blue. It turned out he was only late because of a jam session with his band, The Noise Upstairs, which includes tennis legend John McEnroe.
Not a recording session, Lundqvist said, grinning.

"Nice of you to show up, Hank!" Rangers captain Ryan Callahan joked as the rest of the guys funneled in for a group shot in front of the flashing cameras.

Here was New York's team, Manhattan's own, off the ice because of an NHL lockout but out in the community, supporting teammate Brad Richards at his inaugural Wines of the World fundraiser to benefit the Brad Richards Foundation.

Eleven Rangers, including Richards, attended the event at the classy downtown nightclub, doing what they can since they're not allowed by the NHL to do what they do.

"It doesn't matter where you're playing, I think a lot of players feel like they have an opportunity to get a message out and to help out just by using their status," said Lundqvist, a Hell's Kitchen resident whose band played a charity concert at The Canal Room in February. "He can invite a lot of fans and raise money for a good cause because he's Brad Richards, and I think coming from Sweden, this was something I wasn't really used to. I mean I did some charity work, but coming here really opened my eyes in terms of charity work and how much I can do. I'm really impressed by how the Rangers do it with Garden of Dreams, how much time they put in, but also people who have 9-to-5 jobs, they put in a lot of effort to raise money for charities as well. And I think it's impressive."

Friday, November 9, 2012

Petter Ronnquist VS. Henrik Lundqvist Video Interview

I'm not sure what show this is but a few weeks ago Henrik appeared on it and was interviewed by Petter Ronnquist. We were unsuccessful in getting a translation for the Carina Berg show, so how about this one? I, and all non-Swedish speaking Henrik Lundqvist fans will be immensely grateful if someone out there can translate for us. Thank you in advance. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spontaneous Henrik Lundqvist Remains in Sweden, Talks Hurricane Sandy, NHL Lockout, Fatherhood and More


Henrik on ...
... The storm Sandy: "It is shocking when it becomes so disastrous as it gets there. Has been some damage to my possessions, no major stuff. Terrace has blown apart a bit, but we live still quite high up, up town, so it would have been worse to stay further down where there were floods and stuff. few of my buddies have been living in my apartment. they had no power or water in which they lived, so it made it easier for them to stay in my apartment. Nobody I know has sustained bad. "

... Who, replacing most of the diaper he and his wife Therese: "The first week, it was probably me. Now she has to take more blöjbytande now when I walked on ice and is gone more. I'm not that far behind, but she can pull a little larger loads now that she has more time at home than I have. "

.... If the nagging Head and shoulders-commercials: "I do not live in Sweden so I do not reactions. But it's up to the agency not to drive them apart, it is important. You should not run too much. It gives sometimes try to restrain yourself. Much is good, but sometimes it's ... less is more. Sometimes, you do not draw as much. But it's been fun working with these films. "

... If people today confuse him and twin brother Joel: "It happens actually still. Not often, of course, but later it happened last summer., I was home and it was someone who thought I was Joel. One can only laugh at it and to say that my brother is over there. He has been talking goalie game a few times and they're talking a lot, he usually just play with so that he will not for a minute say that it is the wrong person you are talking to. "

... What from Sweden that he misses most when he is in the United States: "Family and friends. And the car, it is always fun to come home to and have run it., It is one of my favorite cars, a Maserati GT. It accounts for ten months and then you come home and dust off it. "

... NHL lockout: "I am extremely disappointed that we are where we are., I definitely thought that we would have come up with a solution by now. Maybe I was naive, but I thought we would find a solution pretty fast given how good the league gone earnings in recent years., I hope they'll find a solution soon. They want back their life. "

Nyheter24 met Henrik Lundqvist for an exclusive interview about the pesky lockout, how it is to be a father - and Princess Madeleine's wedding: "I'm not exactly a wedding person."

GOTHENBURG. He is the celebrated star of the world's best hockey league and was named the NHL's top goalie last season. But that's almost half a year ago.

Now, Henrik Lundqvist temporarily unemployed because of the strike in the NHL. Nyheter24 met up with the star at a small cafe on the Avenue - and some are 30-year-old very frustrated over the situation.

- Yes, you start climbing the walls now, nuts Henrik Lundqvist while trying to decide which of all the goodies he should choose the display case.

- That chocolate ball is sticky or grainy in texture? asks "Henke".

- Oh, I do not actually know, cashier responds, noticeably nervous in tone.

She knows exactly who it is that stands in front of her.

- Oh, we're running it on.

New York Rangers-keeper has been at home in Gothenburg for a month. He wants to play in Frölunda, but it does not look to be as long as the NHL season is canceled completely. Henry is critical of the hockey league's provision for short-term contracts are prohibited for NHL players.

- I accept the views are, but I see it as an opportunity to strengthen the brand's elite series with really good players. I remember the last lockout was, it was incredibly inspired by all the great players who came home and played. In the current situation would be one thing but reality is another.

He follows developments in the U.S., where negotiations between the NHL and play tray has resumed.

- I remain in Gothenburg until something happens over there. The meetings this week, and it can change very quickly.

Lundqvist has lived New York City for seven years. He likes very best in lyxvåningen in Manhattan.

- USA is our home now. Family and friends means a lot, but we live most of the time in New York and has built up a social life there now. It's hard to find routines when you're here. While it's great to come home here and just be here, it really is. You can unwind and meet people who mean a lot.

Meanwhile, in "The Big Apple" He has tied friendships Princess Madeleine, who marries Chris O'Neill coming summer. Henry is silent when I ask if his name will be on the guest list.

- I do not even know where it is. Is it even decided? I do not know who will be invited. I've never been in any royal wedding before, but ... I'm not exactly a wedding person. I go to the wedding of my closest friends.

You're not grateful no to princess wedding?

- Haha, it depends on if I'm in Sweden. I do not know where I will be then. You may return to this question later on, so you get to see if they are invited or not.

Have you seen Chris?

- Yes, I have. I've only met him twice in New York, but he seems nice.

One positive thing has come out of the lockout. He's got a lot of time with her daughter Charlise born July 10.

- It is clearly a new challenge in life. New priorities and especially now at the beginning, they need a lot of care. You go on a schedule, eat, sleep, change diaper. It does not happen so much more right now, saying "Henke" and laughs.

He admits that an NHL schedule right now, with games every other day, it had been pretty tough.

- It's nice to be given time to adapt their life a little bit. One should not hide the fact that it gets pretty tired when they are so small and do not sleep at night. And I'm used to sleep a lot, but those days are gone it seems.

How do you want to be like dad?

- I want to be a supportive father who is there when there is a problem and give her opportunities to do things she wants to do. I do not want to be too controlling or too controlling, but it is easy to sit and say it now. You might end up in a situation where it is very controlling, but my goal is to try to be as supportive as possible and be like my parents. They gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do and set up all the time.

Are you getting as your own father?

- I see myself in him a lot. Even before I became a father, I saw myself a lot in him. I'm more like my father and my brother is more like mom. My brother (Joel Lundqvist) and mom had more routines and rules, while Dad and I were a bit more spontaneous. We do not think it needs to be so careful all the time. My brother is quite strict when it comes to most things. I'm there when it comes to hockey, but then I'm pretty unstructured, haha. For better or worse.

"Likes to have many balls in the air"

As examples, the time and place for this interview just hours before it was to take place.

- A lot happens all the time in my life. You meet a lot of people all the time and sometimes it's just that things are going in one ear and out the other. I like to have many balls in the air. I put an awful lot focus on hockey. When it comes to games, no disturb me. I think it is a sort of balance. I put an incredible amount of energy to be focused on the ice and on the side, I try to relax a little more. I would be so focused on everything all the time, I think I would be very tired.

Would you be hurricane like Joel?

- As Joel? Haha ... He is obviously also very focused on hockey, but there is a difference between being field players and goalkeeper. He is very much more structured both on and off the ice, compared to me.

What's the most spontaneous that you've ever done?

- There have been traveling at the last minute and even everyday things. An opportunity comes and you chop it directly. Sometimes it can be a load for my wife, "why did not you tell me?". "No, but it just happened" and so I went and found something. I like to live on the rebound. But now that we have kids you have to start planning more. So of course it will. She always comes first. Hockey team took the already great location and now feels that she begins to take more and more space in your life.

So this is the end of the spontaneous life?

- No, life is just different. It may still be spontaneous and you can do much stuff. Some stops being spontaneous and puts a lot of focus on being at home, but you can also be active and doing stuff with her child. Include her in this life as well. But of course will always put her best interests first.

And chocolate ball? It was gritty.

- Pretty good, but a little too big.

A huge thank you goes out to reader, Debra for sending me this interview!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist For Mr. Porter Style Council



BAR:Rose Bar
HOTEL:The Ritz
GROOMING:American Crew hair wax
STYLE ICON:Frank Sinatra
STYLE TIP:Less is more
BRAND:Calvin Klein Underwear
SUIT:Tiger of Sweden
SHIRT:Atlas Design
SHOES:Ferragamo dress shoes
BAG:Prada hanging bag


A Swedish professional ice hockey goaltender for the New York Rangers, Mr Lundqvist has been nominated for the Vezina Trophy 4 times. He won the coveted award in 2012, and also led the Swedish men's team to their second Olympic gold medal during the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. Well known for his style, he was awarded Best Dressed in Sweden in 2004 and in April 2006 he was named one of People's World's 100 Most Beautiful People. Mr Lundqvist plays guitar in a cover band called Noise Upstairs and, in 2009, became the Rangers spokesman for the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a charity that helps “make dreams come true for kids facing obstacles”. He also owns a restaurant with former Rangers team-mate, Mr Sean Avery, called Tiny's located in TriBeCa, New York. Mr Lundqvist is married to Ms Therese Andersson with whom he has a daughter.



“Tiny's, West Broadway, New York. I recommend the chicken sandwich for lunch.”


“Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel, New York.”


“I love going back to Sweden during the summer.”


“New York City. You have everything you’ll ever need.”


“I love The Ritz.”


“A Prada hanging bag for suits on the road.”


“Tiger of Sweden and Calvin Klein Underwear .”


“Suits. I need to wear them and I love to wear them.”


“My wife.”


“Frank Sinatra.”


“Less is more.”


“A lot is sent from Sweden, but I have a tailor two blocks from my New York apartment.”


“Atlas Design. Swedish shirts, love the fit.”


“I wear a lot of different brands such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Tiger of Sweden.”


“Skinny jeans.”


“Boxer briefs, Calvin Klein Underwear and John Ward underwear.”


“High collar and tight-fitted coats.”


“Ferragamo black dress shoes.”


“American Crew hair wax, because it keeps my hair in place.”






“Foo Fighters, Skin and Bones, because it is all acoustic”


Crew Neck Cotton-Jersey T-shirt

Cotton Oxford Shirt

Monday, November 5, 2012

Is Henrik Lundqvist Returning To New York?


I have to admit I'm confused by this article. I don't really understand if it is trying to say that Henrik has/or will be returning to New York- or rather what would happen if he choses to in the near future. Perhaps someone in Sweden can help clarify this article for us.

Returned to the United States. In order to play hockey on the artist contract in Sweden, Henrik Lundqvist only to spend more time outside the country. He is considering going back to New York.
Henrik Lundqvist leaving Gothenburg

GOTHENBURG. As GT wrote on Thursday - the so-called 183-day rule puts a spoke in the wheels of the NHL Swedes.
And now Henrik Lundqvist at a crossroads.
Want to play the star goalie playoffs with Frölunda - and the home World Cup in May - he need only leave the country in about a month.

On the Facebook page "Henrik Lundqvist to Frölunda - now" requires more than a thousand fans to see the goalie hero in Scandinavium. Many think that Hockey League setup is wrong, or that Frölunda Management is a coward who does not dare to go against the whole way.
"Is that so hard to understand? Come on, Frölunda: Grow a pair", it says, among other things.
But according to GT's sources, it is by no means wrong to Indians "King Henrik" is missing between the posts.
Complicated tax position
Everything stands and falls with the Henke want to manage their complicated tax situation. The star speaks almost daily with counselors to sort out the situation.
He takes on the Indian jersey right after break-Karjala can Henke play about the end of March - then he becomes unlimited tax obligation, as it is called, and must pay a higher income tax. Then namely 183 days passed.
O Henke was on a short holiday in Sweden over a week in the summer.
OI the lockout, he came back on October 13.
O This means that he has been here around 30 days in total.
"Very opinions"
According to GT's information outweighs Henke Lundqvist right now to go to New York - and thus fix 183 new days with the opportunity to play on the artist contracts, with modest tax rate 15 percent.
- The tax authorities believe that one should be outside Sweden for longer than it is now. But the stupid thing is that there is not anything written. There are many opinions, says Anders Assarson at PWC that helps most premier league clubs with tax - not Frölunda.
Will be back in January
If Henrik Lundqvist will return to Sweden in, say, middle or end of January, he can play in Frölunda the end of the regular season, the playoffs - and the Stockholm World Cup which runs from May 3 to 19
In addition, more time for vacations.
All without passing 183 days.
"Every situation unique"
- It is not possible to give any general advice. Every individual's situation is unique. Are you supposed to be on the safe side, you should talk to a tax lawyer and have their situation assessed, says Anders Assarson.
But in principle this work?
- If you do it once could probably get by if you have everything else in place.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Downtown Magazine Scans


New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview With English Subtitles


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist WWS Goteborg Interview


Henrik Lundqvist - Soon King in New York again?
WWS got a brief comment on the lockout of Rangers star

There is something special about a real star. They spread a special aura around him, so it was perhaps not surprising in these lockout times that all eyes were drawn to a 30-year-old goalie in civilian clothes. Especially after yesterday's new promotional offer from the NHL owners. Though it will take a few days before the players can provide information, must first lusläsas everything in minute detail.
- When you get this kind of bid will show the digits one thing. But then you have to put yourself in the details, too, and understand what it means in practice, says Henrik Lundqvist to the Wild West Support.

Everything was as usual in Frölundaborg, but not really. Beside the rim was in fact the world's best goalkeeper and watched his old team skated to sweat on the ice.
- It is clear that you are craving. They are always eager to play hockey. I was here and drove in the morning now, I try to keep going. We'll see what happens here in the next few weeks.
his means, of course, the uncertain NHL lockout, which the owners by Garry Bettman said that left a new offer to the players last night.
- I have not had time to familiarize myself with it, I will call a few players in the afternoon over there and see what the situation looks like. Fifty / fifty it's said, but since we have been at odds about how to calculate income. That's where we have a conflict, 50/50 may not be 50/50 if you can not agree on what counts as income.
The defendant in wage conflict is playing slot NHLPA and the New York Rangers representative is none other than "Henkes' goalie colleague.
- Now we have Martin Biron, so he has sent out some information. I will probably take and call him today, he says with a fiendish smile.

What do you think about the situation right now?
- I do not know, I need to know the details before I get a feeling but it is at least a step in the right direction, they come with a new proposal and get the ball rolling. It has been a little out of an impasse here last. It is good that there is some form of action.
If the NHL really set the ball rolling and do what the Swedish football team did in the second half in Berlin yesterday - a late pickup - dumps "Henke" that it will probably take a little bit into the november before the NHL season event could be triggered .
- It is the earliest, it takes a course a couple of weeks in this case. It takes a week to get track of all the paperwork and stuff, then it becomes the camp is very intense and shorter than usual. November is the earliest.
Same thing, if the conflict drag out even longer time then it will also be a while before all thirsting Frölunda Fans in this case, see him in Scandinavium again.
- It was, as I said yesterday, I keep it open and get to follow the developments happening before I really committed myself and I commit myself to anything.

The best Gothenburg so far, it's the weather?
- Haha, I have not seen the sun yet. But I was set to previously. It is clear that the best thing is to meet family and friends, hang out in town and the daughter also get to meet Joel's children - cousins.

It's a little luxury for you as a hockey player to be able to get some time in the fall for once?
 Should there be an end sometime so fit anyway this year quite well. I've had a good summer and can spend more time with my daughter, which of course means a lot.

But at the same time, there must be a bit frustrating when you are at the peak of their careers, not to be out on the ice and play?
- Absolutely, it's clear that you want to play. Especially as we have a good team this year in the Rangers. We feel we can do something special, and then want to not sit on the side. I have always believed and hoped that we would agree on time, now we did not do it but I still hope that we will reach a solution soon.

No wonder, the world's best goalkeeper will of course play in the best league - whatever Frölunda heart says. WWS ask him what it was like to lift Veniza Trophy last spring - the award for the NHL's best goalie and 30-year-old burst into a glorious "Pepsodentsmile".

- There were a lot of emotions, definitely. I've been nominated four times and felt that out of the four times, so this was my biggest chance. It was my best year. Now, we went the long way with the Rangers as well, even though no playoffs included in the assessment. It was fun, it's something you've dreamed about and had the goal ages.

Next goal, it must surely be to win the Conn Smythe Trophy (playoffs price for best player)?
- Haha. Yes, take it to the next level. We'll see, but it's certainly my goal is to go all the way.
Finally, Joel get the many questions about you, but what you say about Joel in Frölunda?
- I think he's doing a great job, it is clear that he feels a lot of responsibility as captain and how it goes for the team and for the club. I know how much he cares and is committed to the club. Since his game, I think he is doing really well there too. It has been really fun to see these matches.

We are a bit surprised that he did not fit in Dallas?
- He could play there, there is no doubt about it. It's about playing for a coach who believes in and put one in the right situations. That's what it's about, there are many players in the Elite League that could play in the NHL if you get the right confidence and end up with the right players. You get a role that suits you. We'll see if he stays in Gothenburg, but he likes the very well where he is now, and with life and Frölunda.
The only question is whether Frölunda leading chariot is joined by his goalkeeper brother in winter. It is simply to do as "Henke" wait and see ...

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New Henrik Lundqvist Interview


HENRIK Lundqvist
Born: March 2, 1983.
Profession: Ice Hockey Goalie.
Team: New York Rangers, NHL.
Previous clubs: Järpens IF (1990-1993), Rögle BK (1993-1999), Mölndal Hockey (2000-2001), Frölunda HC (1999-2005).
Number of A-caps: 66.
Some qualifications:
This year's junior in Swedish ice hockey 2002
SM Gold 2003, 2005
World Championship silver in 2003, 2004
Best goalkeeper in the World Cup 2004
Olympic gold in 2006
NHL All-Rookie Team in 2006
New York Rangers Team Award 2007, 2008
Winner of the Vezina Trophy 2012
Location: Manhattan, New York.
Family: Wife and daughter of three months.

What should you have for you this weekend?
- Good question, I have no plans yet. So far I have tried to take days as they come.

But what do you do while you are here in Gothenburg?
- First, as I train, then I try to make friends and spend time with the family - that's what the plan was to come to Gothenburg from scratch. I try to take the opportunity to be a little spontaneous and greet friends and acquaintances.

Where do you prefer eating in Gothenburg?
- I have no direct favorite places and going all over the place. I eat mostly at home normally and now the last time I have eaten a lot of friends. I invited myself to the neighbors part, so where do I like to eat.

And WHAT are you eating anything?
- Swedish home cooking's very good, especially now that I have not been eating it for a very long time.

Laws you homecooking himself?
- No, I do not. That's why I invite myself in others, it is very convenient that way.

If a friend from the U.S. visiting Gothenburg, what he advises you about?
- First and foremost, I would advice you to come here in the summer, so you have the opportunity to see the nice side of the west coast and being out on the ocean. Otherwise, I think Gothenburg is a cozy, small city where there is much to do. Matmässigt would probably advise on Sjömagasinet and Fiskekrogen to get some Gothenburg Feeling that way.

And if you must point out the worst of Gothenburg?
- It could well be the weather then maybe.

Not that there are no direct flights to New York?
- Yes, direct flights to New York and pleasant autumn weather may be the answer.

Speaking of New York, have you heard anything from the friends there in the storm Sandy? Is your house still there?
- Yes, I have been in contact with a neighbor, the house remains but there have been some damage to it. I live fairly high up on the west side of Manhattan, so we have no water damage, but it has been blown in one piece. So it has to be taken hold of now.

Do you think it is nervous to talk to such a prominent newspaper Göteborgs-Posten that?
- Haha, no, I feel quite comfortable in the situation actually.

Seriously, have you been starstruck sometime?
- Yes, last time I was starstruck was when I met Roger Federer.
In what context was it?
- He had won a match at the U.S. Open and I got to talk to him afterwards. He is one of the few athletes that I really look up to - incredibly talented both on and off the track and a great role model for tennis. So it was really fun to meet him and a small one "star-struck-moment".

You like tennis?
- Yes, it's my favorite sport other than hockey. I play a lot of tennis in the summer, it's fun and a great way for me to keep going.

Understand it. Now for one of my more important questions - do you have dandruff?
- Hehe, no, I have not. I have very good shampooing so I keep hair in shape.
Yes, you are the face of mjällschampot Head & Shoulders, but it was not you who contacted them for goalie helmet gave you dandruff problem?
- No, it was not. However, it is not optimal to wear the hat and helmet all the time, so it is clear that a good shampoo helps.
Why do you think they want to play you will market their product?
- Well, I do not know. There you'll probably need to ask them about.

Otherwise it's a pretty general idea that you are a handsome man, so maybe recorded. Do you think you look good?
- Well, I feel pretty average when it comes to that.
So if you get a score out your looks on a scale from one to ten, what is it then?
- Then it will be a six. I really try to not be that super trendy guy, because I can not. But I do absolutely.
Would you say you're conceited?
- No, I'm probably pretty average too. Comparing the Swedes with Americans, I think we care more about how we look. For the Americans, everything should be comfortable while we think more about it to look good, but if I compare myself with Swedes, I'm probably means vain.

You've done so many seasons for the New York Rangers, are you going to stay there throughout your career?
- Difficult question. It depends a little on the club as well, but right now I enjoy incredibly well and see no reason to move elsewhere. It would be fun to play whole career there.

Just how big are you in your club city - you will be recognized on the street?
- It happens. Many of New York's tourists who may not have as good control of hockey and what happens in the city, but the people who live and work there tend to be a bit more track and recognize me more.

Has there been a pain ever?
- No, people do not tend to be hard, but some days I feel not to talk hockey - I have quite a lot of hockey in my life already. At the same time, I try to push myself and be positive because people usually are very positive towards me, and when I do not want to be short in tone back. But the hardest part is probably that you can be very tired some days and not be tempted to talk so much.

I hope for my sake that today is such a day?
- Haha no, it's cool. So far.

Return to your topic hockey then, do you think the goalie game has changed somewhat during your time as active?
- Yes, it has changed a lot. When I reached the age of 16, there was not exactly a consummate style goalie game, but all played in different ways. But now, it's very subtle, and there are clear patterns of how to train and move. I would like to say that the last fifteen years is the period when the goalie game has progressed the most, if you look back over a 40-year period.

Have the changes been for the better?
- Absolutely, goalkeepers are much better today than they were 20-30 years ago. It is clear that today's player protection helps and makes us more flexible, but way of thinking about how to play is different, too.

Do you find that you are still developing?
- Definitely, I have to keep up with the development of the game. It may not be comfortable and feel that you have learned everything then you get overtaken quite quickly.

Speaking of development, it was you father in July, how has your life changed since then?
- The routines are completely different. I'm up more at night, and I do not mean in a pub, but I'm home and help.

Was it the pub that existed before you became a father do you mean?
- No, it was not in and of itself. But a child is completely new routines at home. It takes a lot waited on during the first few months - you can say that young children have a pretty punctuated schedule.

Unaffected your hockey accomplishments that you're up at night?
- Yes, they do. If I should find something positive with the lockout, it's that I have been able to spend more time with my daughter and help out more at home. It's hard for me to be up all night when I play, you need to sleep in order to perform, that is for sure. Then I adapt myself later when hockey starts again.

You have just been training with Frölunda now, it was a good workout?
- Yes, that was so good it can be with two shooters, we did not run with the full team. But I try to keep as much as possible, it's hard when I do not know the time when I need to be ready to play again. Mentally, it is quite difficult.

Finally, how does it feel to be back here in Frölundaborg?
- It's fun. Frölunda has always meant a lot to me since I was little, and from the time when I'm here. Then we'll see if I'm jumping on the bandwagon here in the future, but right now I wait and see what happens.