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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spontaneous Henrik Lundqvist Remains in Sweden, Talks Hurricane Sandy, NHL Lockout, Fatherhood and More


Henrik on ...
... The storm Sandy: "It is shocking when it becomes so disastrous as it gets there. Has been some damage to my possessions, no major stuff. Terrace has blown apart a bit, but we live still quite high up, up town, so it would have been worse to stay further down where there were floods and stuff. few of my buddies have been living in my apartment. they had no power or water in which they lived, so it made it easier for them to stay in my apartment. Nobody I know has sustained bad. "

... Who, replacing most of the diaper he and his wife Therese: "The first week, it was probably me. Now she has to take more blöjbytande now when I walked on ice and is gone more. I'm not that far behind, but she can pull a little larger loads now that she has more time at home than I have. "

.... If the nagging Head and shoulders-commercials: "I do not live in Sweden so I do not reactions. But it's up to the agency not to drive them apart, it is important. You should not run too much. It gives sometimes try to restrain yourself. Much is good, but sometimes it's ... less is more. Sometimes, you do not draw as much. But it's been fun working with these films. "

... If people today confuse him and twin brother Joel: "It happens actually still. Not often, of course, but later it happened last summer., I was home and it was someone who thought I was Joel. One can only laugh at it and to say that my brother is over there. He has been talking goalie game a few times and they're talking a lot, he usually just play with so that he will not for a minute say that it is the wrong person you are talking to. "

... What from Sweden that he misses most when he is in the United States: "Family and friends. And the car, it is always fun to come home to and have run it., It is one of my favorite cars, a Maserati GT. It accounts for ten months and then you come home and dust off it. "

... NHL lockout: "I am extremely disappointed that we are where we are., I definitely thought that we would have come up with a solution by now. Maybe I was naive, but I thought we would find a solution pretty fast given how good the league gone earnings in recent years., I hope they'll find a solution soon. They want back their life. "

Nyheter24 met Henrik Lundqvist for an exclusive interview about the pesky lockout, how it is to be a father - and Princess Madeleine's wedding: "I'm not exactly a wedding person."

GOTHENBURG. He is the celebrated star of the world's best hockey league and was named the NHL's top goalie last season. But that's almost half a year ago.

Now, Henrik Lundqvist temporarily unemployed because of the strike in the NHL. Nyheter24 met up with the star at a small cafe on the Avenue - and some are 30-year-old very frustrated over the situation.

- Yes, you start climbing the walls now, nuts Henrik Lundqvist while trying to decide which of all the goodies he should choose the display case.

- That chocolate ball is sticky or grainy in texture? asks "Henke".

- Oh, I do not actually know, cashier responds, noticeably nervous in tone.

She knows exactly who it is that stands in front of her.

- Oh, we're running it on.

New York Rangers-keeper has been at home in Gothenburg for a month. He wants to play in Frölunda, but it does not look to be as long as the NHL season is canceled completely. Henry is critical of the hockey league's provision for short-term contracts are prohibited for NHL players.

- I accept the views are, but I see it as an opportunity to strengthen the brand's elite series with really good players. I remember the last lockout was, it was incredibly inspired by all the great players who came home and played. In the current situation would be one thing but reality is another.

He follows developments in the U.S., where negotiations between the NHL and play tray has resumed.

- I remain in Gothenburg until something happens over there. The meetings this week, and it can change very quickly.

Lundqvist has lived New York City for seven years. He likes very best in lyxvåningen in Manhattan.

- USA is our home now. Family and friends means a lot, but we live most of the time in New York and has built up a social life there now. It's hard to find routines when you're here. While it's great to come home here and just be here, it really is. You can unwind and meet people who mean a lot.

Meanwhile, in "The Big Apple" He has tied friendships Princess Madeleine, who marries Chris O'Neill coming summer. Henry is silent when I ask if his name will be on the guest list.

- I do not even know where it is. Is it even decided? I do not know who will be invited. I've never been in any royal wedding before, but ... I'm not exactly a wedding person. I go to the wedding of my closest friends.

You're not grateful no to princess wedding?

- Haha, it depends on if I'm in Sweden. I do not know where I will be then. You may return to this question later on, so you get to see if they are invited or not.

Have you seen Chris?

- Yes, I have. I've only met him twice in New York, but he seems nice.

One positive thing has come out of the lockout. He's got a lot of time with her daughter Charlise born July 10.

- It is clearly a new challenge in life. New priorities and especially now at the beginning, they need a lot of care. You go on a schedule, eat, sleep, change diaper. It does not happen so much more right now, saying "Henke" and laughs.

He admits that an NHL schedule right now, with games every other day, it had been pretty tough.

- It's nice to be given time to adapt their life a little bit. One should not hide the fact that it gets pretty tired when they are so small and do not sleep at night. And I'm used to sleep a lot, but those days are gone it seems.

How do you want to be like dad?

- I want to be a supportive father who is there when there is a problem and give her opportunities to do things she wants to do. I do not want to be too controlling or too controlling, but it is easy to sit and say it now. You might end up in a situation where it is very controlling, but my goal is to try to be as supportive as possible and be like my parents. They gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do and set up all the time.

Are you getting as your own father?

- I see myself in him a lot. Even before I became a father, I saw myself a lot in him. I'm more like my father and my brother is more like mom. My brother (Joel Lundqvist) and mom had more routines and rules, while Dad and I were a bit more spontaneous. We do not think it needs to be so careful all the time. My brother is quite strict when it comes to most things. I'm there when it comes to hockey, but then I'm pretty unstructured, haha. For better or worse.

"Likes to have many balls in the air"

As examples, the time and place for this interview just hours before it was to take place.

- A lot happens all the time in my life. You meet a lot of people all the time and sometimes it's just that things are going in one ear and out the other. I like to have many balls in the air. I put an awful lot focus on hockey. When it comes to games, no disturb me. I think it is a sort of balance. I put an incredible amount of energy to be focused on the ice and on the side, I try to relax a little more. I would be so focused on everything all the time, I think I would be very tired.

Would you be hurricane like Joel?

- As Joel? Haha ... He is obviously also very focused on hockey, but there is a difference between being field players and goalkeeper. He is very much more structured both on and off the ice, compared to me.

What's the most spontaneous that you've ever done?

- There have been traveling at the last minute and even everyday things. An opportunity comes and you chop it directly. Sometimes it can be a load for my wife, "why did not you tell me?". "No, but it just happened" and so I went and found something. I like to live on the rebound. But now that we have kids you have to start planning more. So of course it will. She always comes first. Hockey team took the already great location and now feels that she begins to take more and more space in your life.

So this is the end of the spontaneous life?

- No, life is just different. It may still be spontaneous and you can do much stuff. Some stops being spontaneous and puts a lot of focus on being at home, but you can also be active and doing stuff with her child. Include her in this life as well. But of course will always put her best interests first.

And chocolate ball? It was gritty.

- Pretty good, but a little too big.

A huge thank you goes out to reader, Debra for sending me this interview!

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