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Monday, November 5, 2012

Is Henrik Lundqvist Returning To New York?


I have to admit I'm confused by this article. I don't really understand if it is trying to say that Henrik has/or will be returning to New York- or rather what would happen if he choses to in the near future. Perhaps someone in Sweden can help clarify this article for us.

Returned to the United States. In order to play hockey on the artist contract in Sweden, Henrik Lundqvist only to spend more time outside the country. He is considering going back to New York.
Henrik Lundqvist leaving Gothenburg

GOTHENBURG. As GT wrote on Thursday - the so-called 183-day rule puts a spoke in the wheels of the NHL Swedes.
And now Henrik Lundqvist at a crossroads.
Want to play the star goalie playoffs with Frölunda - and the home World Cup in May - he need only leave the country in about a month.

On the Facebook page "Henrik Lundqvist to Frölunda - now" requires more than a thousand fans to see the goalie hero in Scandinavium. Many think that Hockey League setup is wrong, or that Frölunda Management is a coward who does not dare to go against the whole way.
"Is that so hard to understand? Come on, Frölunda: Grow a pair", it says, among other things.
But according to GT's sources, it is by no means wrong to Indians "King Henrik" is missing between the posts.
Complicated tax position
Everything stands and falls with the Henke want to manage their complicated tax situation. The star speaks almost daily with counselors to sort out the situation.
He takes on the Indian jersey right after break-Karjala can Henke play about the end of March - then he becomes unlimited tax obligation, as it is called, and must pay a higher income tax. Then namely 183 days passed.
O Henke was on a short holiday in Sweden over a week in the summer.
OI the lockout, he came back on October 13.
O This means that he has been here around 30 days in total.
"Very opinions"
According to GT's information outweighs Henke Lundqvist right now to go to New York - and thus fix 183 new days with the opportunity to play on the artist contracts, with modest tax rate 15 percent.
- The tax authorities believe that one should be outside Sweden for longer than it is now. But the stupid thing is that there is not anything written. There are many opinions, says Anders Assarson at PWC that helps most premier league clubs with tax - not Frölunda.
Will be back in January
If Henrik Lundqvist will return to Sweden in, say, middle or end of January, he can play in Frölunda the end of the regular season, the playoffs - and the Stockholm World Cup which runs from May 3 to 19
In addition, more time for vacations.
All without passing 183 days.
"Every situation unique"
- It is not possible to give any general advice. Every individual's situation is unique. Are you supposed to be on the safe side, you should talk to a tax lawyer and have their situation assessed, says Anders Assarson.
But in principle this work?
- If you do it once could probably get by if you have everything else in place.

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