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Friday, November 2, 2012

New Henrik Lundqvist Interview


HENRIK Lundqvist
Born: March 2, 1983.
Profession: Ice Hockey Goalie.
Team: New York Rangers, NHL.
Previous clubs: Järpens IF (1990-1993), Rögle BK (1993-1999), Mölndal Hockey (2000-2001), Frölunda HC (1999-2005).
Number of A-caps: 66.
Some qualifications:
This year's junior in Swedish ice hockey 2002
SM Gold 2003, 2005
World Championship silver in 2003, 2004
Best goalkeeper in the World Cup 2004
Olympic gold in 2006
NHL All-Rookie Team in 2006
New York Rangers Team Award 2007, 2008
Winner of the Vezina Trophy 2012
Location: Manhattan, New York.
Family: Wife and daughter of three months.

What should you have for you this weekend?
- Good question, I have no plans yet. So far I have tried to take days as they come.

But what do you do while you are here in Gothenburg?
- First, as I train, then I try to make friends and spend time with the family - that's what the plan was to come to Gothenburg from scratch. I try to take the opportunity to be a little spontaneous and greet friends and acquaintances.

Where do you prefer eating in Gothenburg?
- I have no direct favorite places and going all over the place. I eat mostly at home normally and now the last time I have eaten a lot of friends. I invited myself to the neighbors part, so where do I like to eat.

And WHAT are you eating anything?
- Swedish home cooking's very good, especially now that I have not been eating it for a very long time.

Laws you homecooking himself?
- No, I do not. That's why I invite myself in others, it is very convenient that way.

If a friend from the U.S. visiting Gothenburg, what he advises you about?
- First and foremost, I would advice you to come here in the summer, so you have the opportunity to see the nice side of the west coast and being out on the ocean. Otherwise, I think Gothenburg is a cozy, small city where there is much to do. Matmässigt would probably advise on Sjömagasinet and Fiskekrogen to get some Gothenburg Feeling that way.

And if you must point out the worst of Gothenburg?
- It could well be the weather then maybe.

Not that there are no direct flights to New York?
- Yes, direct flights to New York and pleasant autumn weather may be the answer.

Speaking of New York, have you heard anything from the friends there in the storm Sandy? Is your house still there?
- Yes, I have been in contact with a neighbor, the house remains but there have been some damage to it. I live fairly high up on the west side of Manhattan, so we have no water damage, but it has been blown in one piece. So it has to be taken hold of now.

Do you think it is nervous to talk to such a prominent newspaper Göteborgs-Posten that?
- Haha, no, I feel quite comfortable in the situation actually.

Seriously, have you been starstruck sometime?
- Yes, last time I was starstruck was when I met Roger Federer.
In what context was it?
- He had won a match at the U.S. Open and I got to talk to him afterwards. He is one of the few athletes that I really look up to - incredibly talented both on and off the track and a great role model for tennis. So it was really fun to meet him and a small one "star-struck-moment".

You like tennis?
- Yes, it's my favorite sport other than hockey. I play a lot of tennis in the summer, it's fun and a great way for me to keep going.

Understand it. Now for one of my more important questions - do you have dandruff?
- Hehe, no, I have not. I have very good shampooing so I keep hair in shape.
Yes, you are the face of mjällschampot Head & Shoulders, but it was not you who contacted them for goalie helmet gave you dandruff problem?
- No, it was not. However, it is not optimal to wear the hat and helmet all the time, so it is clear that a good shampoo helps.
Why do you think they want to play you will market their product?
- Well, I do not know. There you'll probably need to ask them about.

Otherwise it's a pretty general idea that you are a handsome man, so maybe recorded. Do you think you look good?
- Well, I feel pretty average when it comes to that.
So if you get a score out your looks on a scale from one to ten, what is it then?
- Then it will be a six. I really try to not be that super trendy guy, because I can not. But I do absolutely.
Would you say you're conceited?
- No, I'm probably pretty average too. Comparing the Swedes with Americans, I think we care more about how we look. For the Americans, everything should be comfortable while we think more about it to look good, but if I compare myself with Swedes, I'm probably means vain.

You've done so many seasons for the New York Rangers, are you going to stay there throughout your career?
- Difficult question. It depends a little on the club as well, but right now I enjoy incredibly well and see no reason to move elsewhere. It would be fun to play whole career there.

Just how big are you in your club city - you will be recognized on the street?
- It happens. Many of New York's tourists who may not have as good control of hockey and what happens in the city, but the people who live and work there tend to be a bit more track and recognize me more.

Has there been a pain ever?
- No, people do not tend to be hard, but some days I feel not to talk hockey - I have quite a lot of hockey in my life already. At the same time, I try to push myself and be positive because people usually are very positive towards me, and when I do not want to be short in tone back. But the hardest part is probably that you can be very tired some days and not be tempted to talk so much.

I hope for my sake that today is such a day?
- Haha no, it's cool. So far.

Return to your topic hockey then, do you think the goalie game has changed somewhat during your time as active?
- Yes, it has changed a lot. When I reached the age of 16, there was not exactly a consummate style goalie game, but all played in different ways. But now, it's very subtle, and there are clear patterns of how to train and move. I would like to say that the last fifteen years is the period when the goalie game has progressed the most, if you look back over a 40-year period.

Have the changes been for the better?
- Absolutely, goalkeepers are much better today than they were 20-30 years ago. It is clear that today's player protection helps and makes us more flexible, but way of thinking about how to play is different, too.

Do you find that you are still developing?
- Definitely, I have to keep up with the development of the game. It may not be comfortable and feel that you have learned everything then you get overtaken quite quickly.

Speaking of development, it was you father in July, how has your life changed since then?
- The routines are completely different. I'm up more at night, and I do not mean in a pub, but I'm home and help.

Was it the pub that existed before you became a father do you mean?
- No, it was not in and of itself. But a child is completely new routines at home. It takes a lot waited on during the first few months - you can say that young children have a pretty punctuated schedule.

Unaffected your hockey accomplishments that you're up at night?
- Yes, they do. If I should find something positive with the lockout, it's that I have been able to spend more time with my daughter and help out more at home. It's hard for me to be up all night when I play, you need to sleep in order to perform, that is for sure. Then I adapt myself later when hockey starts again.

You have just been training with Frölunda now, it was a good workout?
- Yes, that was so good it can be with two shooters, we did not run with the full team. But I try to keep as much as possible, it's hard when I do not know the time when I need to be ready to play again. Mentally, it is quite difficult.

Finally, how does it feel to be back here in Frölundaborg?
- It's fun. Frölunda has always meant a lot to me since I was little, and from the time when I'm here. Then we'll see if I'm jumping on the bandwagon here in the future, but right now I wait and see what happens.

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