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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

See Henrik & Joel Lundqvist's 1st Grade Yearbook Picture


Photos of Henrik Lundqvist (& Michael Jordan) at the 2014 US Open


Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Swedish Henrik Lundqvist Interview


NEW YORK. Henke Lundqvist change lyxlägenheten in New York - at an even greater.
The six rooms with roof terrace no longer accommodates the family.
- A little more space would not hurt, he says.
Henrik Lundqvist is back in New York. He landed in Wednesday and has already been time to play a charity match in tennis along with newfound friend John McEnroe.
The heavy loss against the LA Kings, he has put behind him after a great summer in Sweden, the batteries are charged and he feels rested. But it took time, he says.
- The first week after you lost is always emptiness. You're so used to having routines, every day up to the rink. Do you take that feeling plus you have been so close to winning something ... But then you start to appreciate all the good moments with the team on the way there. It was actually very many.
The last few weeks he has been training hard, and yesterday he was back at Rangers Training Center in Tarrytown, even though it's a whole month left to pre-season mode.

The move is in progress
Henrik Lundqvist has many years left on his contract with the Rangers and has repeatedly told how good he thrives in New York but in the summer, he suddenly put the apartment in trendy Hell's Kitchen, on Manhattan's west side, for sale causing many to wondering what stood on.
And a move is definite at the time, he confirms. For an area that suits the family with his daughter Charlise, 2, and his wife Therese better.
- We will not move until next year so planning is quite far forward, he says.
The apartment is now for sale has six bedrooms, three bathrooms and a roof terrace of 93 square meters with bar, tv and hot tub - and a great view of Manhattan. Agent images also reveal floor-to-ceiling windows, a communal gym in house and all the amenities you can imagine.
- Things happen, the family grows, then we need a little more room. We have a lot of family and friends who want to come and visit also says Henke Lundqvist.

"We grew out of it"
While it has been difficult to tear oneself apartment that felt like a dream home:
- I have still been living in the apartment for six, seven years and enjoy it very much. We said it when we moved in here that we will stay the rest of the time in New York but now we feel that we grow out of it.
It almost sounds like there are more children at once?
- No, it is not. But from the time we bought it to today, it is the difference between the family and when friends come over had a little more space does not hurt, if you have that opportunity.
Lundqvist bought the apartment in 2008 for $ 3.9 million. Now it is up for sale for $ 6.5 million, equivalent to 45 million.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Watch Henrik Lundqvist & John McEnroe Play Tennis in Celebrity Charity Event (Plus Photos)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Is On the Way Back to New York and His Hunger to Win is Still Strong


The beard may have had white hairs - but Henrik Lundqvist's eyes are still burning.

- The feeling I have now is the same as when I was twenty. Hunger to win remains.

The country's biggest hockey star is a busy man, especially the last weeks of summer in Sweden. The schedule is tokfyllt, everything goes into one. Holiday feeling, with swimming in the sea off the Onsala and quiet moments with family, is suddenly a memory that fades as quickly as tan.

- It has been an amazing summer. Every day, I thought it would be a weather forecast that said that everything was over. But it never came ...

Henrik Lundqvist is big nowadays. Almost on par with royalty. Everything he does will be rewritten, news, talk of the town. It does not matter if he is recording a new shampoo commercials, throwing a bucket of ice water over his head, trying to sell their delicious Manhattan apartment or buying a property on the West Coast.

- There is a new time, with twitter and completely different coverage. More mundane things suddenly becomes news, people write about it. Just media bit is something I have got used to. It goes in waves - and I've learned to live with it. I've got to bite the bullet look that closely.

Is it hard to be getting so much attention?

- Some things I had kept any more private, so it is. But we do our job, you journalists yours. Does just the facts, so fine. I often get a dialogue. Showing a respected journalist, I reply in the same way - and perhaps explains a bit more ...

The disappointment from the kitty in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Los Angeles Kings has settled - and the desire for hockey is back. Even if it's only August. Season with the New York Rangers will start with a camp about a month, but Lundqvist and family are already on their way back across the Atlantic.
Among other things, for an initial start-up meeting with the charity Henrik Lundqvist Foundation.
The family's apartment is not sold yet, but it does not worry.

- We're not moving until next year, so there is no rush. Our new home is being built right now. We have in any case not taken the help of the TV show Million Dollar Listing, haha. There is another guy I know who is going to sell the apartment.

After nine years in the big city of New York, the American club Rangers an equal place in Lundqvist's heart who has Frölunda.
You signed a mega-contract with Rangers until 2021 at Is not the risk that you will be measured - just sit on your butt and is satisfied?

- You do not have so many chances during a career of writing contracts! This is my fourth contract in the NHL. When I was younger, I often wondered how I would feel when I was 30 or 32 The hunger is there, just the same way. The difference is that I have more distance, not nearly as eager. I've learned something over the years!

You are smarter these days?

- Yep. You have to be a little smarter. Just in training, I can not tear as much, or in the same way as when I was younger. I do not go down as much, rehab exercise becomes more important, I might cool their knees after practice to get the swelling down ...
- I'm not 20 years anymore. I'm starting to realize it. If it turns out with a little more gray in his beard or a little more pain, that is the question …

Lundqvist smiles and scratches his the groomed stubble. He has been spared major damage in his career - but still played a part in pain.

- There have been repetitive strain injuries, touch wood. I have been taking cortisone in my knees for a few years. Just inside of the knee took a beating. I had inflammation around the bones in the knee - and hips have been like that. But the past two years has been totally okay!

Today my plane takes off. New York, via Stockholm.

A new season starts.
Ol 'blue eyes is ready.

So finally: What do you use shampoo - really?

- Haha, Head & Shoulders, of course. The real deal!

Oh! Never. Nothing else ... a bit more expensive as American Crew?

- Nope ...

Henrik Lundqvist ABOUT ...

Joel's younger brother ... all injuries:

"I really suffer with him, would have been a bit tough. He fights like phase, enters a good flow - and then something happens. As a brother, I feel with him. To reach its peak requires a continuous exercise, the body feels good. Do you have something that cuts were on the edge, it feels. If you miss three to four per cent at this level is the difference between playing at the top - or just okay. Joel has always been a warrior. He might surprise - and hold on until he is 40 years old! "

ALS ... Ice Bucket Challenge:

"It's amazing what impact it has had ... I felt that I wanted shirt and vest in my challenge. All three that I challenged John McEnroe, Loui Eriksson and Derek Stepan replied! My challenge ended with me both donated money and drove the ice bucket. "
.. Their own charitable organization, Henrik Lundqvist Foundation:

"We will have an event in New York in early September, mostly to boot. We will work with various organizations, I and my wife Therese. There are various children's hospital in New York, it's Food Bank which provides food to the homeless in New York, it's Ronald McDonald House here in Sweden. We will do different events, raise money and donate to organizations that we think are doing it well. "

… Coming season:

"It is always of commerce of new players. Dan Boyle, slopes, should be interesting. The body has become accustomed to the new game mode - and we were pretty damn close to winning the Stanley Cup. There were three overtime losses in the final. It was a nice trip to the finals - and many of the memories I carry with me. Like when we faced Pittsburgh and won Conference finals against Montreal. "

Two-year daughter ... Charlises language talent:

"Before we went to Sweden she spoke only English. But now, after two months in Sweden, the Swedish. It will be interesting to see if her friends in New York understands her. In addition, she looks at a Russian television series with a bear - and picks up things from there. We'll see if she is trilingual, haha. "

... Friendship with tennis legend John McEnroe:

"He hit me extremely easy when we play. Extremely! But it's fun. It's good training for me. Maybe not for him. But we tend to play music together, too. "

New Henrik Lundqvist Hockey Sverige Interview


Loss in the Olympic final and loss in the Stanley Cup finals. When Henrik Lundqvist summarizes his last years, it is still not the defeats he looks back on - he remembers rather all the fun.

- You can clearly taste for being there and experiencing what it's like playing a Stanley Cup final. It gives us inspiration to come back even better, says goalkeeper star in a long interview with

It was a season where there was not enough the whole way for Henrik Lundqvist. In February, the Olympic silver in Sochi and a few months later loss in the Stanley Cup finals with his New York Rangers. There fell one against Los Angeles 4-1 in matches. For Lundqvist personally, it was still a memorable and fun season. After a shaky start to the regular season, he grew as the season progressed and in the playoffs, he was its best and laid the foundation for rangers final journey with their game.

This summer, he has been featured extensively in the media, which he also seems to some extent to be comfortable with. Last clip on Youtube is when he, seemingly dressed for a party, get a bucket of ice water poured over himself in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where mainly sports stars from around the world show their support for research into the simmering omen ALS. But who pours ice water on him would not reveal when Henrik Lundqvist have a chat with him.

- It's a secret. One should not reveal too much, he laughs.

It's been a few months now since Henrik Lundqvist's Rangers lost the Stanley Cup- finals against Los Angeles. Although it stung sharply just then, he has released the loss largely and rather remember back on everything around the actual playoffs.

- Yes, yes, but I have probably released finals and moved on. Now you start thinking about next season instead. Today when you think back to the finals so it is with mixed feelings. They have many great memories from the whole trip there. Conference finals and each round you manage to win was a fun moment.
- Since the last game of course a big disappointment, but it's something you most feel in the beginning because the disappointment is the only thing you think of when you lost. Now, instead appreciate all the wonderful moments we had on the way there. It was still two months of hockey and a lot of fun memories you get from there.

Can you point to a detail that Rangers lacked in the finals?

- Float (laughs)! I mean we have neutrals and pole shot in each overtime. There is a millimeter away from us to get completely different results in all the matches that we played in LA.
- Of course we can analyze and come to the conclusion that we could do several things better, but overall, we are still there. Rather than post out we had had pole into. Then we would have had a different result.
- If we look at the gameplay, I think we played like we were creating sometimes very modes. Since Kings had very good locations when they drove on. We needed a bit more fluency in certain situations because they're so good and then you need this extra distance sometimes in order to win.

Can you describe the interest in Manhattan and around New York when you took all the way to the Stanley Cup final?

- Interest reared for each round and so it has always been in the ten years that I have been there. People are becoming more and more interested and of course during the finals, it was pretty intense.
- While you are so focused on what you do and do not go around town to feel the playoff fever. You are home and resting or doing your stuff to prepare for the next game.

Henrik Lundqvist is pretty hard exposed in New York during a season, and not least, he was there during the finals. It involves incessant interviews and photo shoots. Even so, he sees it as a major problem and nothing to disturb his preparations ahead of the games.

- It's a habit this whole media piece round matches. Then it becomes a whole different level when you get to the finals series. I felt like being on an All-Star weekend. All media that are not usually there in a season is there then. It may answer some other stuff than normally. It's part of the whole thing so I do not see it as a few oddities.
- When it is time to prepare for the match, you know how to think and what is important to focus on.

This is not something you are bothered by in any way?

- No, but when you see that people are more loaded and nervous, do you think that players just because it's fun. It gets to move and you will be charged more for yourself.
- It keeps you pretty controlled media there. Outwardly, for us it's not so much. It's pretty uppstyrt to the locker room after the games with the opportunities for media so you do not need to put so much time into it. There was nothing that I directly thought of during finals or season.

New coach for the Rangers last season, Alain Vigneault, who replaced the fired John Tortorella last summer. Already in the first season at the club he took then the team to the Stanley Cup finals.

- There was a period in the beginning it was very new and we would adapt. We switched defense game while it of course was a new voice and a new way of thinking for us and also a new feeling in the locker room.
- Every time you change the coach, you learn much new since the new coach has a different way of thinking about hockey on. In the beginning it was a challenge to us all to find the right. Once the pieces began to fall into place, I think the entire coaching crew did a very good job.

One of several players to leave Rangers for next season is Anton Strålman. New club address for him becoming Tampa Bay Lightning. Strålman was one of the team's best defenders last season, according to Lundqvist, and he thinks it's a shame that 28-year-old will not be left in the Rangers.

- That's the way it works. I mean that when you get to the contract negotiations - we had several guys and especially a good endgame where Anton was one of them - will you be offered a very good contract somewhere else, it is easy to accept that.
- Rangers wanted to keep him, but now Anton got a very good offer from Tampa. It was hard for him to say no to it. When people have good seasons so-called contract year, even if we wanted to keep him, so things happen that you can not influence as much.
- Anton was very good for us, no doubt about that. He was very stable and I think he was one of our better defenders at the end of the season.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Will Never Get Over Stanley Cup Finals Loss


GOTHENBURG, Sweden -- You will hear New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist before you see him.

Or, rather, you will hear the roar of his black Maserati as it winds through the streets of this west coast city.

As a father of a 2-year-old daughter, he also has other cars, but there are no baby seats in the Maserati, so when he's driving solo, it's the Maserati with the matte finish that rolls out of the garage.

After the longest season in his career, Lundqvist took time off to recharge his batteries, but in the first week of August he was back on the ice, skating with local players in the Frolunda Indians practice facility, Frolundaborg, on the south side of town.

He arrives in the Maserati, stops at the parking lot meter, feeds it with a few kronor, grabs his ticket and parks his car around the corner, closer to the entrance. His famous hair is tucked under a baseball cap adorned with his own logo that combines his No. 30 with a crown. The same logo is on the dark blue jacket he's wearing.

It's a nice summer day, and in his jacket and shorts, he sort of looks like his good friend John McEnroe, minus the headband. He came to the rink from the tennis courts, which might explain the look.

"I've played a lot of tennis this summer," he says in Swedish. "These days I don't want to spend hours at the gym, and I find tennis to be a great exercise for me. You need quick feet, there are lots of turns and twists, back and forth, just like on the ice."

Lundqvist parks his car and walks into the arena. One of the doors is used for deliveries, and the Swedish sign next to the doors says "Gods."

Lundqvist, known as King Henrik, does not enter through that door.

"I've never been completely at ease with being called 'the King,'" he says. "It was nice in the beginning, but I never imagined it'd stick and get used as much as it has. Having said that, I do understand that it's a fun story, Henry being a royal name and all.

"And I suppose it could've been worse," he adds with a laugh.

Lundqvist walks through a corridor that takes him past a large photo of him and teammates celebrating Frolunda's championship in 2005, his last season in Gothenburg before joining the Rangers.

He changes and walks to the gym to stretch and get his weary body ready for the offseason's third skate.

"My body's so done," he says. "Even during the season I get rusty if I don't skate for two days, and now it's been a month and a half. This isn't real practice yet, though. I just want to get back into the rhythm of things and get back the feel for stopping pucks.

"I still do the same exercises I did nine years ago, when I entered the league. There's nothing revolutionary in what I do. I'll just try to train smarter."

But at the gym door, he is stopped. The door's locked, and the muscle memory of his fingers can't seem to remember the code that opens the door. Fortunately, another player is leaving the gym and opens the door.

"What is the code?" Lundqvist asks him, and then laughs when he hears the six-digit code.

He looks around, gets a stretching mat and starts to go through his routine. Every once in a while he shakes his bottle with pink nutritional drink and takes a sip out of it, then grimaces and stretches another part of his weary legs.

It's a soft start into a new season, Lundqvist's 10th in the NHL. He's now a veteran, the one with the longest tenure as a Ranger on his team. He's the one people turn to to get a feel for the atmosphere in the locker room.

"Naturally, my role on the team is different now, but I try to not take too much responsibility," he says. "My job is to stop the puck, first and foremost. Of course there are always, on every team, a group of players who take a leadership role.

"I only have one goal, and that's to win. I don't set any personal goals except that I want to play as well as possible, and I know when I'm not there. Being so close last season pushes me forward, and the fact that I know the Rangers fans really want to see us win is stimulating. It really makes me want to win even more."

Ten years in New York leave a mark on a person, and when his new seven-year deal is over, Lundqvist might find it hard to leave New York. He'll always be a New Yorker. But just as surely, he will most likely always return to Avenyn in Gothenburg. And the sea.

The Lundqvists recently bought a house by the sea to have a little base outside the city.

"I love the sea, so we just enjoy life there," he says. "Friends come over, and everything's good. That's what summer is all about: to recharge the batteries and spend time with people I love."

But being a celebrity in a city of 500,000 is different from being an NHLer in New York.

"It gets a little more intense here," he says. "In New York, I can blend in and be a face in the crowd. Hockey's not that huge, so not everybody knows who I am. Over here, not everybody knows me either, but people know hockey players and if I go out, the attention gets to another level than in New York.

"In New York, our social life is more us going out. Over here, it's meeting people at home or at our friends' homes."

Inside the rink and the gym, even with the crown logo on his hat, Lundqvist is just one of the boys -- not King Henrik, not even one of the sexiest men alive, as People magazine wrote. However, the media landscape has changed no matter what side of the world you're on, and with a new seven-year contract worth $59.5 million starting this fall, there are few places where he can escape the attention.

"I understand that the salaries are public information, but it's a little shame that the money enters the picture every time we do something," Lundqvist says. "I certainly didn't expect it to be news that we bought a house here. I do think about things like that more than five years ago, and the media's changed. Anything can become a story."

The upside of the new media landscape for him is that he can reach approximately 381,000 people in seconds, just by sending out a tweet.

"Social media gives me a chance to get my message out, exactly as I want to," he says.

Then again, when his contract expires in 2021, he will have amassed almost $110 million in career earnings. Or, to make it sound even bigger, three quarters of a billion Swedish kronor.

Lundqvist sighs when he hears the bigger figure.

"Yeah. It's a lot of money, even if 60 percent of it never reaches me, what with the taxes and the escrow," he says. "But sure, I'll be fine. I think I still understand the value of money, though, since I haven't got everything overnight, so I've learned to handle it."

Most European NHLers return to their home countries after their careers are over, even though they, like Lundqvist, have lived all or most of their adults lives in North America.

"New York has a whole other gear, compared to our little Sweden. And summers are the best here. We were here during the lockout in 2012, and, well, it was dark and rainy, and not at all as nice," he says and laughs.

Even after a long season, Team Lundqvist -- Henrik, his wife, Therese, and their 2-year old daughter, Charlise -- hits the ground running when they get to Gothenburg.

"The first week, we'll meet everybody, it's dinner after dinner after dinner," he says. "And usually we're the ones going from one place to another. I've been in the U.S. a couple of times for a couple of things [like The ESPYS], but other than that, we're just taking it easy."

There's also the Henrik Lundqvist goalie camp on Ockero island, outside of Gothenburg, and then the Swedish Open tennis tournament in Bastad, a must for Lundqvist.

"I've been there every year since I was seven, in different roles and form," he says and grins.

During the Swedish Open, Bastad becomes the country's jetset hub, with athletes, musicians and businesspeople gathering to network and to party, like most of Sweden's celebrities and party people.

In early August, even if his body's sore, his mind is no longer tired. The Stanley Cup finals disappointment -- the Los Angeles Kings beat the Rangers in five games -- no longer eats him up inside. He says it's not as if he's gotten over it -- "I'll never get over it" -- but he's learned to live with it. There's never been more parity in the NHL, and the margin of error -- or margin of luck -- has never been slimmer.

"Just look at our final series against the Kings," he says. "Three games went into overtime, and we hit the post in each OT. We're talking about millimeters here and the puck would have gone in, instead of out. The difference being there as a winner instead of not, is such a fine line."

He's more experienced, he's his own offseason coach, and he's just come through one of the best and worst seasons of his career. Early last season, he had trouble finding his game, and late last season, he was as good as they get in the Rangers' march to the Cup finals.

"The first two months of last season were the toughest of my career," he says. "Nothing seemed to work. It was also just a sum of many small things, but it was frustrating because I knew I was close, but wasn't yet there.

"Over the years, I've learned to appreciate the journey more."

Appreciating the journey is also a way to make the seasons last longer, and stretch out time a little bit. By 2021, his daughter will be a 10-year-old New Yorker. When Henrik was 10, he had moved from Are (population 10,000) to Bastad (14,000), so his sister Gabriella could pursue a tennis career.

Madison Square Garden's capacity is 18,200.

"Kids make you think about life in a different way. I think about what it's like to grow up in New York City, for sure, but a lot of people raise kids there. It's just that I compare it to my own childhood, of course. The atmosphere on the street was a little different," he says and grins.

"But as far as hockey is concerned, my focus is on the upcoming season only. Right now, I'm exactly where I want to be, but staying there will be tough. I don't think people always realize the mental pressure that players feel."

And with that, he gets up, walks back to the dressing room and puts on his hockey gear.

He walks out to the ice, leaves his stick on the bench and skates to one of the nets. He's wearing his Rangers gear, a Rangers practice sweater and a pair of pads so new that there are no black puck marks on the big white areas. On the back of the pads, there's that crown logo, and on the sides, small blue and yellow stripes, for Sweden.

Then he signals that he's ready for the first shot. It's a wrister from the high slot. He makes a save.

It is good to be ... Henrik.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist is on Vanity Fair's 2014 International Best-Dressed List


Henrik Lundqvist

OCCUPATION: Goalie, New York Rangers.
RESIDENCES: “New York City and, during the off-season, Göteborg, Sweden.”
FAVORITE SHOES: “Black Ferragamo velvet shoes.”
SCENT: Chanel Bleu de Chanel.
WATCH: “IWC or Hublot.”
STYLE ICON: “Not sure I have one, but I find everything cool about Frank Sinatra.”

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Full Henrik (& Joel) Lundqvist Larry King Now Video Interview


Henrik Lundqvist Answers Your Social Media Questions on Larry King Now


Monday, August 4, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Bought a House in Onsala


Property Type: Villa
Year built: 2000
Distance to sea: 53 m
Rooms: Five
Living area: 150 m²
Plot Area: 1470 m²
Estimate: 8 500 000
Purchase price: 7 850 000 SEK
Square meters Price: 52,333 SEK / m²

Here's Henrik Lundqvist's new luxury residence. 
The superstar, who recently put out its ultra-modern duplex apartment in New York for sale, bought the house - in Onsala. A slap shot from the sea. 

Although Henrik Lundqvist has several years left on his sjuårskontrakt with the New York Rangers, he decided recently to sell their fashionable penthouse in Manhattan. 
Anyone who wants to buy the apartment must be willing to cough up roughly 44.5 million crowns. 
Now, "King Henry," which played in the Rangers since 2005 and last season posted a gold edged agreement extending to 2021, purchased a lyxkåk in Onsala outside Kungsbacka. 
50 meters from sea 
According Northern Halland, who has been in contact with Land Survey, it's about a femrumsvilla on Malövägen on Red Holmen purchase price of 7.85 million. The data confirmed the housing site The purchase took place two weeks ago. House was built in 2000 and located just 50 meters from the sea. Boarean 150 square meters and plot size of 1470 square meters. 
Pool? Obviously. 
Buying a house in Onsala certainly get more Frölunda Supporters hope that the international goalkeeper will move back to Sweden and finish their careers in Gothenburg club. 
But in an interview with Swedish Television's Summer Lundqvist told that he has tied stronger ties to the Rangers. 
- Now I've got feelings for an organization that I never thought I would get. More than for Frölunda in fact, he said, among other things.

Henrik Lundqvist Bread & Boxers Video


Henrik Lundqvist King Magazine Video Interview


So, the only things I can understand from this interview are: Henrik's guilty pleasure is eating way too many cheeseburgers, and he doesn't get starstruck often- however- he did get starstruck when he met Tennis player, Roger Federer. As always, it would be very much appreciated if someone could provide translations for us.