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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist is on the 2013 Vanity Fair International Best-Dressed List



OCCUPATION: Goaltender, New York Rangers.

RESIDENCES: New York City and Gothenburg, Sweden.


FAVORITE ACCESSORY: “Tie clip with a small diamond on it from my wife’s engagement ring.”

STYLE ICON: “Frank Sinatra.”

Saturday, July 27, 2013

See Photos of Henrik Lundqvist at Lundqvist Goalie Camp


The following pictures were taken by photographer Thomas Crona.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist & Fans Part 18

Disclaimer: All of these photos were found at public sites; however, if you are in any of the fan photos and you would like me to remove a photo for you, do not hesitate to tell me as I will surely take it down for you. Also, as always if you would like to submit a photo of yourself and Henrik to the blog do not hesitate to e-mail me or post the photo on The Henrik Lundqvist Blog Facebook page.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Invited to Team Sweden Olympic Camp


The Rangers will add three more players to Olympic camp rosters, as Sweden announced it has invited goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and forwards Carl Hagelin and Oscar Lindberg to compete for spots in the upcoming tournament.

Lundqvist is one of 12 of the 35 players invited to camp who played in the 2010 games. He led Sweden to a Gold Medal at the 2006 games in Turin, Italy.

In nine games for Sweden at the Olympics, Lundqvist is 7-2 with a .927 save percentage and a 2.00 goals against average.

The Are, Sweden-native has also appeared in two World Junior Championship tournaments, going 6-6-2 in 14 games with a 2.00 goals against average. In three World Championship appearances — including back-to-back Silver Medals in 2003 and 2004 — Lundqvist is 11-5-1 with a .901 save percentage and a 2.22 GAA.

The camp will be held August 12 through 14 in Stockholm.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist On Sommar IP 1 Talk Radio Show (Includes Translations)


Click here to listen to the show

First sentence:
"Last week it was checked in, I breathed a sigh of relief, all four bags with a total weight of 120 kg came up with."
The last sentence:
"And above all, never underestimate the power of a nice compliment, I'm Henrik Lundqvist and hockey goalie, thank you for listening to my summer program, now have a great summer."

Here are the songs he played during the show:

"Sommar Sommar Sommar" by Sten Carlberg
"The Cave"  by Mumford & Sons
"Waiting On The World To Change" by John Mayer
"Livin' On a Prayer" Acoustic version by Bon Jovi
"Ramlar" by Hakan Hellstrom
"Breakdown" by Jack Johnson
"Who'll Stop The Rain" by John Fogerty
"My Hero" by the Foo Fighters 
"Sultans Of Swing" by Mark Knopfler
"New York New York" by Frank Sinatra 
"Empire State Of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys 
"Thunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen

Thanks to Robin, a member of a New York Rangers Facebook group, we have some of Henrik's radio show translated. However, I would appreciate it if someone can translate the parts she left out as well.

* He feels New York is his home, and has felt that way since his third season. He likes that even though there are fanatic fans and a lot of love for the Rangers, he can still live somewhat anonymously because it's such a big city.
* His first live hockey game was watching Frölunda in Gothenburg - the team he ended up playing for. He and his twin brothers became obsessed with Frölunda after that game, and sent mail to the organization asking for autographs. They did indeed get a package back with autographs, pucks etc. On that day - they decided they wanted to play for Frölunda. Lundqvist won a couple of Swedish championships with them, and Joel (his twin brother - ex Stars player) is the current captain of Frölunda.
* He mentions some fun facts: that he ALWAYS - with no exception - warms up 1 hr and 8 minutes before the game. He has learned that by that time, McDonagh is ALWAYS stretching on a foam roller, Callahan is always leaving to kick some ball and Stepan has by that time just come back from a shower.
* He has for the last 10 years listened to the same punk rock music on game days in-between morning skate and pre-game meet-up. Even though he doesn't like it anymore.
* He always put on his left pad first.
* He mentions that he promised his wife after the car accident that he wouldn't ever buy a sports car ever again. He held that promise for six months.
* He talks about his thoughts on becoming a father and how that would affect him on the ice.
* He mentions his first visit (during his rookie year) to the apparent hot spot Bungalow 8, and how he couldn't get in because he wasn't famous enough (I guess). His friend bribed their way in (paying $60). Inside he saw Leonardo DiCaprio among others, before he got kicked out for no apparent reason (once again - not famous enough I guess). One year later he remembers the same bouncer shining up when he saw Lundqvist and, of course, let him in.
* He says NY media over-analyzes every word he says, or doesn't say.
* He mentions that he still thinks hockey is as fun as it's always been for him.
* He won't ever forget when he overheard his childhood idol, Swedish hall of famer Pekka Lindmark (goalie), saying while Lundqvist was 12 years old: "That guy. That guy can become a really good goalie."

Here's some more translated from the Swedish newspaper, Expressen:

"Went on a cold Corps"

In the narrative Lundqvist including its notorious traffic accident in 2009, which occurred when he was driving his Lamborghini on a three-lane highway in New York.
- I would slide over to the right lane, and when I'm halfway I feel how the car loses contact with the ground. I begin to slowly spin to the right. A cold corps went through the whole body. I began to realize that it would be impossible to parry, that I had no control at all. For everything went in slow motion. Then it went very quickly, says Lundqvist in the program.
Lundqvist says he went in twice in a crash barrier and then bounced against a concrete traffic island in the middle of the road.
- Suddenly, all was quiet. Slap had ears to hit cap. I was unhurt, and I felt a combination of fear and happiness, but I was also annoyed and pissed off about that Lamborghini was broken, he says.

"Life is fragile"

- The first I called my wife Therese. She did not reply, so I sent a text to her and said that I had been in a car accident. She called back five minutes later and was very sorry. Life is really fragile. Everything can change in a second.
A large portion of the section devoted to the daughter Charlise Lundqvist - who was born exactly one year before the section is sent.
Lundqvist starts to tell me that he had long hesitated whether he wanted to have children.
- I've never been someone who loves children. Strollers and baby cry has never appealed to me. But I felt ready for a new chapter, he says.

"For my birthday girl"

And the first few weeks with Charlise was tough, admits 30-year-old.
- I did not understand what people were talking about, it would be so amazing. I walked around like a zombie and knew not what to do. One day, I rest my dog ​​Nova, but then when I stood in the elevator so I felt there was something missing. I could not understand what it was, but I came up with it: "I had forgotten the dog," he says.
But then grew parental love forward with rapid pace. And Lundqvist demonstrates this by playing "My Hero" by Foo Fighters, dedicated Charlise.
- The next song is for my birthday girl. I can not write my own songs, but if I could have had it might have been something in this style, he says.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Was "Walking Around Like a Zombie" After Charlise Was Born

Happy 1st Birthday to Charlise Lundqvist!

Lundqvist: "I was walking around like a zombie"
Lundqvist for the first time after his daughter was born

Exactly one year ago changed the life of Henrik Lundqvist.
In the summer of P1 tells hockey goalie on the difficult decision to have children and the tough time afterwards.
- When I think of the future is very much about Charlise, he says.

For everyday is Henrik Lundqvist in goal for the New York Rangers in the NHL. It recently received his outspoken coach John Tortorella fired. Today, we learn about "King Henrik" let slip the tongue as easily.
In the summer of 2011 was Henrik and Therese Mr. and Mrs. Lundqvist on an island in the Caribbean. The newlyweds talked a lot about the future and something that always came back was a child issue. Many thoughts whirled in his head before they decided.
- Having children is an incredible decision, or it was, anyway it for us. How would I become a parent? How would my life change? Will my performance on the ice affected? Lundqvist says and continues:
- I've never been a person who loved children, I will honestly say. My siblings' children is one thing, there were bands directly, but strollers, baby screams on the town and in the elevators had never really appealed to me.
But the baby cry it would become. On July 10, exactly one year ago, it was time.
- When it began to tighten, I stood at the edge of the bed and tried to do my best to pep Therese. But my hejarklacksropande received not so good. "Shut up," she hissed, and managed all of its own, says 31-year-old.
"The Alarm"
At 20:33 was a pro hockey dad to daughter Charlie.
- The first hour felt unreal, so much adrenaline and happiness at once. But the first few weeks at home with Charlise really was a wake up call.
- I wonder what people are talking about when they say that everything is so wonderful. I myself walked around like a zombie and knew not what to do. The start was tough.
Future & Daughter
Lundqvist says he is very happy that burväktare New York Rangers and see a long career ahead of him, while he thinks about his daughter's one-year future years.
- When I think of the future is very much about Charlise and her life. Where is she going to grow up, go to kindergarten and school.

Henrik Lundqvist Needs Your Vote To Win an ESPY


Henrik is nominated for Best NHL Player for the 2013 ESPY's.Voting ends on 7/17. Let's help him win!

Click here. Find Best NHL Player and vote!

Henrik Lundqvist Was Named A Second Team All-Star This Season

My apologizes for this being a little late..

The National Hockey League announced its first and second team All Star teams for the 2013 season on Wednesday and Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist was selected to the second team. A Vezina Trophy finalist this past season, Lundqvist tied for the league-lead in wins with 24, was fifth among all goalies with a .926 save percentage, and was seventh with a 2.05 goals against average. He also was named Rangers MVP for the seventh consecutive season.

Lundqvist, who won the Vezina Trophy as the NHL's top goalie in 2012, was the First Team All-Star goaltender for the 2011-12 campaign.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist on Contract Talks: "Yes, we'll find a solution"


Henrik Lundqvist trained on hemmais

GOTHENBURG. Henrik Lundqvist spent U.S. national day of small Marconi Hall in Wheeling.
In an exclusive interview with GT tells the king of Manhattan on ringrostighet, contract negotiations and the Rangers trainer.
- It was a fun trip with Tortorella - but now comes a new chapter, says Henke on new coach Alain Vigneault.

Henke Lundqvist is late to ispremiären in Back home hall.
The goalkeeper forgot namely his mask at home and had to go and get it. Eventually the star skate blades meet Marconi Hall's ice. And stayed there for about an hour. First isgången since the New York Rangers travel pass from Stanley Cup - and Henke admits that it feels considerably rusty.
- As a goalkeeper, it is hard in the beginning when you go out on the ice, everyone's so damn bad, he sighs.
"Can not go and dwell"
Although fire f*cks "timing and game," Lundqvist said as he points out how important it is.
- You need to rest my head. Although we did not go that far, we held on until the middle of May. I think it's important to mentally recharge my batteries and do not go in too early.
Now waiting for some ice sessions a week. And calm pucks with family and friends at home in Gothenburg. At the same time focus increasingly migrate towards the NHL 2013 season / 14.

Then Henkes Rangers get revenge for slutspelsuttåget against Boston.
- You have to start looking forward, can not go and dwell on for long. Now actually begin next season come into the tanks. Sure, it's the holiday season, but to train anyway. And when reminded of why you are doing.

When you return, the Rangers have changed coaches. How do you remember John Tortorella?
- If you look in the rearview mirror, we have had a very favorable results with him. Personally, I have also had some of my better years. It was fun to play for him, it was so different to have that kind of coach.

That type of coach?
- He is very straightforward and challenging. No coach who pats you on the shoulder all the time and say how good you are. You will always get better, and work very hard. Where is he good
It will be fun to try something new

Tortorellas replacement named Alain Vigneault, most recently from the Vancouver Canucks.
- I really do not know much about him, recognizing Henke.
- But I have heard many good things. It will be fun to try something new and we'll see how it's going to work. Then it will be fun to get Uffe (Samuelsson, later in Modo) as an assistant as well. We've talked a bit on the phone. He has played for Rangers, so it will be fun in many ways.

Discusses about new contract
Henrik Lundqvist has a contract with the New York Rangers in 2013/14.
What happens next?
- I discuss with the Rangers, that's what I can say. And I mean, the year I had in New York has been amazing, I feel incredibly good. Obviously, I hope we ... yes, we'll find a solution.