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Friday, July 5, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist on Contract Talks: "Yes, we'll find a solution"


Henrik Lundqvist trained on hemmais

GOTHENBURG. Henrik Lundqvist spent U.S. national day of small Marconi Hall in Wheeling.
In an exclusive interview with GT tells the king of Manhattan on ringrostighet, contract negotiations and the Rangers trainer.
- It was a fun trip with Tortorella - but now comes a new chapter, says Henke on new coach Alain Vigneault.

Henke Lundqvist is late to ispremiären in Back home hall.
The goalkeeper forgot namely his mask at home and had to go and get it. Eventually the star skate blades meet Marconi Hall's ice. And stayed there for about an hour. First isgången since the New York Rangers travel pass from Stanley Cup - and Henke admits that it feels considerably rusty.
- As a goalkeeper, it is hard in the beginning when you go out on the ice, everyone's so damn bad, he sighs.
"Can not go and dwell"
Although fire f*cks "timing and game," Lundqvist said as he points out how important it is.
- You need to rest my head. Although we did not go that far, we held on until the middle of May. I think it's important to mentally recharge my batteries and do not go in too early.
Now waiting for some ice sessions a week. And calm pucks with family and friends at home in Gothenburg. At the same time focus increasingly migrate towards the NHL 2013 season / 14.

Then Henkes Rangers get revenge for slutspelsuttåget against Boston.
- You have to start looking forward, can not go and dwell on for long. Now actually begin next season come into the tanks. Sure, it's the holiday season, but to train anyway. And when reminded of why you are doing.

When you return, the Rangers have changed coaches. How do you remember John Tortorella?
- If you look in the rearview mirror, we have had a very favorable results with him. Personally, I have also had some of my better years. It was fun to play for him, it was so different to have that kind of coach.

That type of coach?
- He is very straightforward and challenging. No coach who pats you on the shoulder all the time and say how good you are. You will always get better, and work very hard. Where is he good
It will be fun to try something new

Tortorellas replacement named Alain Vigneault, most recently from the Vancouver Canucks.
- I really do not know much about him, recognizing Henke.
- But I have heard many good things. It will be fun to try something new and we'll see how it's going to work. Then it will be fun to get Uffe (Samuelsson, later in Modo) as an assistant as well. We've talked a bit on the phone. He has played for Rangers, so it will be fun in many ways.

Discusses about new contract
Henrik Lundqvist has a contract with the New York Rangers in 2013/14.
What happens next?
- I discuss with the Rangers, that's what I can say. And I mean, the year I had in New York has been amazing, I feel incredibly good. Obviously, I hope we ... yes, we'll find a solution.

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