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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Henrik Lundqvist Addresses Trade Rumor; Thinks the Derick Brassard Trade was Done to Punish the Rangers


The summer heat has come back to Gothenburg. Outside Frölundaborg burning sun, but that's not why Henrik Lundqvist is soaked with sweat. Dallas Star John Klingberg extends his right hand in the air as he put a puck in the net and Lundqvist grunts and control quickly a new exercise.

On the ice abuzz NHL MVP.

Viktor Stalberg played last season together Lundqvist in New York, but moved to the Carolina Hurricanes. He is with Henrik to ensure that the country's best goalkeeper get the training needed to be on top right before the World Cup in Toronto.
Stalberg has won the Stanley Cup, the title Henrik Lundqvist chased most recent years. Store hill Viktor Svedberg played certainly not one minute when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup a couple of seasons ago, but was included in the team and also he mästarring finger.
- I've been in training earlier in the summer, but it was also due to that we went out early with the Rangers, Lundqvist says.

Is it more difficult to bring the body as 34-year-old?
- So far, it does not feel so. We'll see in a few years, laughing Lundqvist.

We are there when he was running for phys ispasset. He put on 100 kg and creams the last out of the legs, to combine with a scroll wheel for bålmuskulaturen.
- If I had not driven it in a while, I get sore. It becomes so when you held up for a month, recognizing Henry as he rolls out far into the painful nasty magövningen.
Otherwise, his body is really good, especially when you compare with his brother Joel - who had fractures in his back, elbows that will not heal ...
- ... And cheek bones. RIB. Feet. Happens. He has had some stuff. He has been the war hell! I feel really good, says Henrik.

The summer has been intense. Visits to both Monte Carlo F1 races and Wimbledon Tennis is has been combined with vacation trips to Spain and Italy and a prize from Crown Princess Victoria. When Henry and the family has not been home in Onsala, ie.
- Everything has been fun in its own way! It's all about different experiences and we had great fun on all trips. I take it for a season. There are memories of family and best friends. I'm so much more relaxed, so it is easier to absorb than during a busy season.

A proper filling, then?
- Yes, it is an energy refill. It really is. And it is needed, says Henrik and goes down deep into benövningen.

His team's biggest change is that Derick Brassard was traded for Swede Mika Zibanejad from Ottawa Sena Thu.
- We need more consistency. The whole year was up and down, so it was like punishing us, analyzing Henry.

There was talk all about that you'd traded from New York?
- Ah. There were people who came up to me in New York and even asked. It was a columnist who wrote that it was a team that was looking goalkeeper and it was time to make a move. There was no truth in it. It becomes so easy with social media. Someone writes, then spread it - and then built it.

Lundqvist stops in magövningen.
- I really hope that I run the course in New York. The goal is five more seasons, it's my contract - and I want to pursue. It takes a lot of me all the time.

Think you'll ever win the Stanley Cup with the Rangers?
- Ha, that I had to believe! But it is very difficult - and now expanded the league with a team of ... there are many who fight for it. We have been on the right track for several years, although we took a step back last season.

Today Henrik Lundqvist takes the first sod for the expansion of the Ronald McDonald House up at Eastern Hospital. He makes it as one of the largest donors to his foundation Henrik Lundqvist, who for the second year in a row donated a large sum. This time, it is nearly 700 000 ...ör-lundqvist-1.3700074

Monday, August 15, 2016

Henrik Lundqvist is Funding a Ronald McDonald House Expansion in Gothenburg


Henrik Lundqvist has entered its first major charitable projects in Sweden.
- Henry becomes ambassador for us and his money will fund a family room and a living room in our expansion, says Anna-Karin Norrman, Director of the Ronald McDonald House in Gothenburg.

Hockey star and his wife Therese has long worked with the charity of New York.
- They have over Henrik Lundqvist Foundation, a number of projects they help finance. But this will be the first in Sweden and we are very proud of, says Anna-Karin Norrman.
Donation of 80,000 dollars
Once home, which is for families who have children in hospital for long periods, will be expanded needed funding.
Henrik Lundqvist gives through his charity fund 80 000 US dollars (680 000 SEK) and will also be a public face for the home. "Henke" will be in place when the first sod for the expansion is about two weeks.
Karin Norrman says that Henry and Therese visited the home a year ago for the first time.
- They liked our work so then I went over to New York and now we have formalized everything. It feels great, says Anna-Karin Norrman.

Rooms in New York style

The expansion will give the home 13 new rooms and the need is great.
It provides families with a seriously ill child the opportunity to avoid the commute home every night. One can spend more time with their sick child and stay in home-like conditions.
The money from Lundqvist's enough to fund a family room and a living room.
- It is well handy to decorate them in New York-inspired style, predicts Karin Norrman.
Henrik Lundqvist's long keeper with almost iconic status in the New York Rangers hockey team.

Another New Henrik Lundqvist Team Sweden Interview


New Henrik Lundqvist Podcast


All achievements have made Henrik Lundqvist, one of the biggest sporting celebrities with a high recognition factor.

- Of course it changed in the eleven years I have been in the NHL. Social media and selfies were not before. Then somebody came up and someone asked, a little timidly, for an autograph. Today, the images that apply.

How do you handle it?
- As much as possible so I set up. When people are happy, then you want to bid for. I remember how I felt when I wanted to go to a famous person, and I had not the courage indeed.
- When it takes a lot of time away from my family or friends, I am more withdrawn. I think it's difficult when family members have to stand and wait for the shots.

What is the funniest selfien you experienced?
- I laugh at certain situations when it becomes large crowds.

What does the eldest daughter of your selfies?
- She's trying to understand. And she asked why everyone wants to take pictures. First, I joked and said they wanted to take pictures just because I am such a good father. But the missus thought I would be honest and I told her that I'm a hockey player.

Did she?
- Do not know. It is perhaps a bit blurry for her, but she begins to connect different parts. She has been to games and screamed as a supporter. She starts to connect New York and the father works.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

All careers have a start.
A successful one.
Or a less successful.

For Tre Kronor star goalie Henrik Lundqvist was the start of his career special. He grew up in the small Järpen in Jämtland and the small village hockey culture or tradition is not among the strongest.

- Me and my brother loved to skate. First, in kindergarten, then Lake Åre. We took turns to be goalkeepers and I was so fascinated with having great protection on me. Pekka Lindmark was great at the time, and he became my idol.
- And at the same time when we grew up they built an ice rink in Järpen and when Dad tweaked so that we had to go indoors so it was awesome.

Eurogoals met Henrik Lundqvist, in an interview series for the World Cup, and it is in the podcast as Lundqvist talks about his little different upbringing in Järpen.

- Järpen started a team at the same time as me and Joel had reached Bjorn Liga age. The first games were tough, the other teams had been training so much more than we did.

How was the first game?

- It was against Östersunds IK. We lost the game 0-19 and the two we lost against Hackås 2-12. There were no super results. But some stuff worked, says Lundqvist, laughing.
Many had probably faked an injury or stopped by these results!
- The important thing for a goalkeeper is to make a good analysis and not take on too much of the loss. 0-19 was obviously not just my fault. And I thought it was so fun. It was not on the map to stop.

Then it went quickly Lundqvist.
A year later, he trained with Järpens the A team.
- I was only ten years old. Do not know why I got into the training. Perhaps it was that they lacked a goalkeeper. I remember that the shots hurt. The guards were perhaps not as good in the day and then they pushed hard, remember

New Henrik Lundqvist Team Sweden Interview


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