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Thursday, April 4, 2013

See Henrik Lundqvist Get His Redesigned Lamborghini Delivered To Him


Instead of Lamborghini, his car now has Lundqvist on the back. This is awesome.

Last week on Henrik's Instagram he shared a couple of pictures of his Lambo being worked on. He said that now that spring is here, it was time for a change of color. At the time, his Lambo was black. 

Here is what Proformance Industries had to say about the transformation of Henrik's Lambo:

The Lambo is back in the shop for yet another color change. This time Mr. Lundqvist wanted something a little different. He wanted to keep the matte finish but was tired of black. After some brain storming sessions, the evil genius formulated a medium gunship grey metallic. The matte finish, with the metallic flake will make this car stand out in the current sea of Gallardo's. Check back for updates.Henrik Lundqvist's Lambo is complete. We gave this car a matte black paint job, with gloss black wheels. We added 20% tint to finish off the stealth look.

Proformance Industries delivered the car to Henrik during yesterday's practice. (see picture above)

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