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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist To Design A Shampoo Bottle Inspired By NYC


Fahrman and Lundqvist in design collaboration

New York Swedes Henrik Lundqvist and Sofi Fahrman passion both for fashion and style. This summer is the question of a new collaborative design limited edition inspired by the city that they love. We meet the style conscious duo in Manhattan.
Ice rink outside The Standard Grill is white. Inside the restaurant is lunch rush and the raw New York cold slowly releasing its grip when we sink into armchairs in one of the noisy restaurant's empty stalls. One of the world's best hockey goalies "King Henry" and Sweden's own Heidi Klum, Sofi Fahrman, bloggers and fashion director at Sofis fashion, has just finished his day's advertising photography in Brooklyn for their new design collaboration: a shampoflaska (shampoo bottle) inspired by the city of New York. They have worked together throughout the fall and when we talk you get the feeling that they had known each other all their lives, like a dear old couple. The design process has evolved during meetings in Stockholm, over the phone and via email, but the inspiration and the final work has been done in New York

Sofi Fahrman the habit inside of working with fashion in New York. She always has her camera on the shoulder, when we meet, she has already photographed 60 images - the same day.

- I am often asked "but how can you rowing, book projects, newspaper and television at the same time"? And it's this town I have to thank. Whenever I go out I find materials, inspiration, I can easily fill the pages of newspapers, a blog and think of some funny chapter.

Now, she has lived in New York for almost four years, but today she shares time between Stockholm and Verbier in Switzerland.

She believes that the job also a rescue in the city that never sleeps. The fully subscribed calendar with many deadlines become an anchor in everyday life, otherwise it is easy to be absorbed by the pulse and be "carried away".

For Henrik Lundqvist got a contract with the world's best hockey league start of his life across the Atlantic. Today, seven years ago.

A pronounced interest in style pervades the media image of hockey pro. He celebrated both internationally and at home for her bubbly and has topped many lists for best dressed. Last year he ended up example of the American men's fashion and lifestyle magazine Esquires list. Last year started Henrik Lundqvist also has its own brand of clothing, the Crown Collection - a line of sports and fitness accessories where the profit goes to charity.

In New York he feels freer in style.

- In Sweden, one is steeped in a certain way, it is clear that we have different backgrounds and all that, but here you have all the mixes of cultures and styles. You have a different transparency because of it and I think you relax a little more as well, you can be just as you want and everyone is fine with it, says Henrik Lundqvist.

The move to New York would have affected his style, which he describes as "well-dressed with an edge", with plenty of costumes (suits) but also leather jackets and boots, he does not believe.

- When I see how my style has changed, then it may not be as much of New York to do, but more that I have gotten older and grown up. Between 17 and 22 something, then it was very "try again" and trying to find himself. Then when I moved here, so maybe I found my style.

And look creates reactions. Often he gets feedback from the team that he is overdressed and "dressar up."

- I got some comments at the beginning of teammates, it was much Canadians and Americans who may not be as interested in clothes, so it was a little culture shock with some of the team. It is clear that my suits sitting at a lot more and the first year I had skinny tie and there was not here then.

A seamstress tailor sometimes his suits so that they get the perfect cut. Often, he has looked a silhouette he likes. Favorite brands are Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Tiger of Sweden and Prada.

During his travels he fits in to shop. Sofi Fahrman however prefer shopping in New York.

- There is so much more so that makes you you yourself can go the whole hog just because supply is better, it is easier to dress more inspiration here and maybe find a designer that no one else has, and it's fun.

Sofi Fahrman describes his style as "pretty Swedish" and minimalist easy to wear, she does not like bright colors and patterns. It should be as simple as possible. Instead, it is the details that may speak.

- I'll put money on fancy handbags and shoes.

Anna Bloom, Two-day fashion writer in New York City


Sofi Fahrman.
Divides her time between New York, Stockholm and Verbier.
Fiancé Nick Zijlstra. Waiting to rise this summer.
Fashion Journalist, blogger and fashion director at Sofis fashion.
Best Sunday in New York:
Does any day a little as it comes, but always include an eggs benedict or french toast.
Writes one of Sweden's most popular fashion blogs and has been the host of Project Runway on TV3. Author of a novel series of fashion blogger Elsa Elsa's fashion, Elsa's world and Elsa secretly. She has also written training manual Bodylicious! with Julia Fors.


Henrik Lundqvist.
31 years.
The apartment in the Hell's Kitchen area of ​​Manhattan, New York.
His wife Therese and daughter Charlise.
Goalkeeper of the New York Rangers.
Best Sunday in New York:
Sunday brunch, you chaps later. I like going to the cinema and then a dinner in the evening to round off a great day. For me to have a perfect Sunday, we have to win on Saturday. Otherwise there is no point, then it does not matter what I do on Sunday. I is acidic throughout the day.
He won the award as the year's best goalie in the NHL 2012th Additionally, he was nominated for the price as the NHL's most valuable player as both hockey journalists and teammates.

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