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Friday, April 19, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Will Possibly Play in the World Cup? (Hopefully Not) ; Wants Joel to Become a Ranger


Henrik Lundqvist dreaming of the Stanley Cup, but admits that the hockey World Cup at home is something special.
If the New York Rangers in the NHL fails, then we can count on the world's best goalkeeper in the Tre Kronor in the Globe.
- It's not often you get the chance to play a World Cup on home soil. So yes, it feels a little bit extra, says Henrik.
As also celebrates some Swedish NHL rookies, revealing what he fought hard for the NHL contract and launches its proposal for the Swedish hockey can be better.
Last year's winner of the Vezina Trophy, the prize to the NHL's best goalie, is in the midst of a dramatic dash battle with his New York Rangers.
31-year-old Lundqvist is currently in its eighth season in New York and wants of course nothing more than to experience a parade with the Stanley Cup on Fifth Avenue.
Photos from recent triumph, 1994, hanging all around both the home arena Madison Square Garden and the Rangers Fitness outside Manhattan.
"Of course it feels a little extra"
- Of course it is inspiring to see the pictures and it happens now and then that I daydream about experiencing a Stanley Cup victory with the Rangers, Henrik confesses.
You obviously want to play the World Cup, you want to win the Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers. But for players that will be available for the World Cup - certainly attracts the extra when it is in the Globe?
- Of course you would rather not play the World Cup. But if you can do it and it's at home so of course it's very exciting. Of course it is. It's not often you get the chance to play a World Cup on home soil. So yes, it feels a little bit extra.
To Henry's brother Joel is already a part of the World Cup of course means that any World Cup games attract even more in the event that the Rangers miss the playoffs.
"I know he will not give up"
Joel, by the way, is not it time for your brother Joel to make comeback in the NHL?
- Yes, why not? He has got to be whole and healthy - knock on wood - and had a good season. I know he has not given up the dream and will only bid so right.
You have not told Rangers boss Glen Sather that he should enlist your brother?
- You never know, haha. I know this has been an issue before and it is clear, there would be an opportunity for us to play together again, it would be great fun.
Less fun has this season been for the Rangers, who are not at all fulfilled the high expectations.
- It will be tight until the last game. You just have to adjust to a war. There are many good teams in the league, says Henrik.
Last year, the semifinals, now a tough fight just to make the playoffs - are you surprised?
- No. There are so many good teams and the difference between top and bottom is not be great. We have not got what we had hoped for from now. At times it is good. At times it is less good. We must do better.
What about your own performance?
- I think it's been okay. But as a goalie, I would help the team and we have not won enough games. The goal here and there I managed to stop in crucial situations, as it is required of me. Had we had more wins, I'd be much more satisfied.
"We can raise all of us"
Lundqvist is self-critical - and demand better of the Rangers.
- We can raise all of us. If we get it to sue and all are healthy, then we can go all the way. There are so evenly. You have to work really hard for it, many times it's more about attitude than quality. Do you have twenty players working hard and thinking that it is just win that applies when one can get very far.
It was a long fall at home in Sweden before the new NHL contract was clear - what was your impression of the premier league?
- Good goalie games, there are many good goalkeepers in the premier league, it has certainly progressed in recent years.
Were you a cool crowd or put you and screamed at the referee?
- I sat and cried for his brother that he would hang it there.
If you were "Gary Bettman of Swedish hockey" - what would you change that?
- I personally think it is tremendous fun hockey on the smaller rinks in the NHL. It's faster, be more physical hockey. I like the intensity and speed and a straighter game. I think it would be great if you could also play at small rinks at home. It's not a bad idea, while a huge decision, but it would be fun to see if the audience would think it was fun hockey.
"One should never give up on a dream"
Speaking of funny hockey - Lundqvist expects NHL players in Sochi Olympics next year.
- Yes, it would be folly if we are not in the Olympics. It means a lot for the sport that the best players are in the Olympics.
Lundqvist live in the present, and therefore, he was also involved in negotiations with the NHL and had a heart issue that he ran hard during meetings.
The rule as to how quickly the NHL clubs must take the players you draftat. It was changed from two to four years.
- NHL thought they were doing us a favor players with two-year rule. But it has just made everyone become stressed. When I was drafted had clubs rights for life and I waited five years before I came here. In recent years, many players have stressed over here too soon.
Some who have not had such a hurry is Jakob Silfverberg and Viktor Fasth.
- Viktor shows that you should never give up on a dream. He's been working hard and it has paid off. He has shown that it is possible to fight here and there is no need to rush.
"Felt right away that it was wrong"
Lundqvist celebrates even Silfverberg - despite Ottawa's rookie already made several goals at Lundqvist.
- Last, I was a little too eager, James brought in Alfredsson in the middle as well and I ended up in the wrong timing. I knew immediately that it was wrong, even before the shot came. James is very talented. He has a great shot, he's good with the puck and he's strong, can handle the physical game well. He holds very high class.

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