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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist is the Empire State Building For Halloween

For anyone who doesn't follow Henrik on Instagram or Twitter, today he shared this picture of himself and Therese in their homemade Halloween costumes. Henrik is the Empire State Building and Therese is the Chrysler Building. I personally love this. It's great to see they have New York on their minds even in Sweden, especially with everything going on with Hurricane Sandy. I wonder what Charlise was for her first Halloween. A baby Statue of Liberty to keep with the NY theme? Just a thought. Happy Halloween to everyone in Sweden and to everyone else tomorrow.  Also, if anyone out there plans on dressing up as Henrik for Halloween, you can send me your pictures and I'll be happy to post them on the blog if you would like me to.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

See Henrik Lundqvist's Swedish Meatball Recipe


Apparently the Rangers handed these coasters out a few years ago. Now you can make his meatballs. 

Enlarge the photo for the recipe. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

See Some Pictures of Henrik Lundqvist's Apartment


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Berg Flyttar In Deleted Scenes

ShareThis Henriks%20rookiemiddag%20kostade%2030%20000%20kronor


Here are some deleted scenes from the Berg Flyttar In show. Can someone please translate these as well? 

Henrik Lundqvist On Berg Flyttar In Full Video

ShareThis Berg%20flyttar%20in%20del%202

This was an awesome show! I just wish I could understand it. According to the TV4 website this video will only be available for the next seven days, so I suggest you all watch it as soon as possible. It is a must see for all Lundqvist fans as you get to see the inside of his apartment. Therese even makes an appearance and speaks as well. This is the first time I've seen her in an interview so that was cool, too. At one point Henrik even starts to get emotional over something. He's never given an American show this much access before. I would be extremely thankful if someone from Sweden could translate this show for us. Thank you in advance. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Watch Henrik Lundqvist Receive A Painting & Standing Ovation at Frolunda Game in Scandinavium


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist & Fans Part 15

Disclaimer: All of these photos were found at public sites; however, if you are in any of the fan photos and you would like me to remove a photo for you, do not hesitate to tell me as I will surely take it down for you. Also, as always if you would like to submit a photo of yourself and Henrik to the blog do not hesitate to e-mail me or post the photo on The Henrik Lundqvist Blog Facebook page.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

See Pictures of Joel Lundqvist Presenting Henrik Lundqvist With a Painting Before Frolunda Game


Friday, October 19, 2012

UPDATED With Translation Henrik Lundqvist TV4 News Morning Swedish Video Interview


UPDATED: Here's the translation of Henrik's interview on Nyhetsmorgon (News Morning)

The show is called "Nyhetsmorgon" or "News morning".
"We're so happy that Henrik Lundqvist actually decided that he wanted to join us this morning... But, why did you oversleep to this important meeting, Henke?" (he got on the show an hour late). "it's the time difference between Göteborg-Stockholm... (there is none) I totally mistook the time". The ask him about the offer the owners gave. Henrik says "there are a lot of details in these offers that maybe you don't see from the beginning, you have to come to terms with what the numbers really mean. The big question is that we're not really on the same page on how you count revenues. A 50/50 deal maybe really aren't a 50/50 deal. "

"Have you ever overslept for a game?.""Yes, last season. It was a nightmare. It was the same like today, I just set the alarm wrong. I feel like I have things under control. They tried to reach me, but I always turn off my phone on my way to games. So I wandered in, they're in the middle of a meeting. So I asked 'why are they having the meeting already?' 'they said ´but the game starts in an hour, you're late'. So the coach asked me immediately, he was very stressed out cause he knows how many routines I have. 'Can you play?' I just told him 'Don't talk to me. Forget about this. I'll go out and do it.' " (btw, this was a game vs Philly in late november where he shut them out 2-0… he mentioned being late for the game in a swedish interview after)

The hosts ask him what his routines look like. He says he always rests on the afternoons, arrives for the game on the same time always, think about the same things every time. They ask if in case his routines are disrupted, if he plays worse. "No you don't. It's more about finding a comfort zone, a good feeling. You live under a lot of pressure, you put a lot of pressure on yourself and you get if from the outside. I think you have a lot of routines just to feel comfortable before games.

"Do you still get nervous when you get out and play games?" "I'm always nervous, it doesn't matter if it's a pre-season game, playoff game or an olympic final. I think it has to do with that I put a lot of pressure on myself, that I feel the pressure to always perform."

The host ask that during shootouts, mustn't it be really fun to be goalie and have the opportunity to be a hero? Doesn't that weigh up the risk of defeat?"Yes, that's the feeling you want. 'This is fun, now I have the chance to help the team win.' I you have that feeling oftentimes it all goes well. But if you have the felling of 'Everything is on me, if I screw up we'll lose.' Then it doesn't go that well."

"How much do you have to work with your head? If we don't think about the shampoo""Yeah exactly, I spend a huge amount of hours keeping my hair in shape. But, it's hard to work up the mental part. I have a goalie school in the summers with boys and girls, to teach the mental part is very hard, I think you have to go through it, you learn how you work as a person and what you have to do to get ready for a game.

"You were picked as the best goalie recently, so you are the best already and likely you should just be able to feel joy when you go out there and not be that nervous?""yes, but I think you have to put pressure on yourself. Sure, I won that prize, which has been a dream and goal for a long time. But I don't see myself as number 1, the top is very wide, there are many unbelievably good goalies over there. I have to work hard to stay there and try to get even better. So I won't settle down if that's what you think. You have to continue developing and push yourself."

"If one's not a goalie one would think the biggest fear is to give up really bad goals, and the physical part. What if you get a really hard slapshot on your balls for example. Is there a physical fear?""When you go out to practice and you're cold and you haven't got warm yet, the hands are a little cold.. That's when you can get a little… 'hope no one shoots a hard one' because then it will hurt. And it often does, the first ten minutes it often hurts. But then you get into it, during games it never hurts cause there's so much adrenaline."

"Don't you have a lot of protection, especially on strategic places. But it must hurt anyway, they shoot hard those pigs""Yes, it hurts anyway. I, knock on wood, have been lucky, I haven't been that seriously injured. I got a broken jaw once when I was in Russia playing with the junior national team. I got a puck on my head, the jaw got twisted one way and got cracked on the other side. I couldn't gape for a couple of weeks, but that's probably the only time I've been seriously hurt. Like you say, we have a lot of protection and oftentimes it goes well."

"Henke, have you been out there when everyone start to fight and then the goalies are supposed to fight, it's so ridiculous""There's a different culture in the US than at home in Sweden, here you don't fight as much, but over there it's part of the game. The first time it happened.. you're not used to it. I was like 'oh? what's happening now?' I know it's going to happen, maybe not that I'm going to fight but that players will. So often I just look down on the ice not to lose my game completely because I'm so unused to it. There's a whole different mentality when it comes to that, it's part of the game. The audience makes the highest noise when there are goals and when there are fights, which is a little weird. You can have different opinions when it come to fighting"

"Have you had to fight with another goalie anytime?"No, I haven't. You're not allowed to skate over the red line actually as a goalie. You're not allowed to fight either.. I have been in a couple of fights over there but nothing bigger"

"How are you affected by not playing and not practicing as much""It's been a hard autumn in that way, that you don't know what's gonna happen. What's positive is that can spend more time with my family and new baby Charlise. That has been positive. It's been a long summer, you're pretty happy with the break you got. You want to get back to it and your life and your routines. Like I said I have a lot of routines, you feel good when you're back in your everyday life."

"You have any superstitions?""When it comes to put on the gear, I do it the same way just because I've always been doing it that way, it's just that it's comfortable, not that I have to do it that way. Before games, I hit the wall, I hit the posts in a certain way. It's pretty fun to watch all the players because everyone does something. And fact is, when I think back to all the players I've played with over the years, the better the player, the more things they do. I think it comes back to handeling the pressure. Yo find your things to get comfortable."

"But it's not irrelevant that having kids makes you distance yourself from performances, do you agree with that?""Yes, but she's only three months so I'm still trying to adjust my life and adapt to this, it's very new and exciting. The last years I've started to find a balance in my life that helps my game too. It's always about finding a balance on the ice, not too much focus, not too little, and also off ice and to feel comfortable so you can perform at a top level."

See Pictures of Henri Lundqvist Practicing With Loui Eriksson in Sweden Today


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Reveals He Had Knee Problems This Summer



Saturday.  Landed at Landvetter morning with his wife Therese and daughter Charlise.
Sunday.   Took it easy, hanging out with family.
Monday.   I saw on TV how Frolunda lost to HV 71st
Tuesday.   Told in a filmed feature on Frölunda Web TV that he awaits with games in Frölunda. Saw on TV Sweden miracle turn to 4-4 against Germany.
Wednesday.  Trained in Frölundaborg, then checked into Frölunda training in the same arena.

He does not, but is still the best hockey player in Gothenburg right now.
Henrik Lundqvist, 30, Rangers player with the great Frölunda-heart.
GT met super goalkeeper in Frölundaborg and talked about the lockout, deed in Berlin and Julius Hudaceks miss.
Gothenburg. Frölunda fans yearn to see Henrik Lundqvist, 30, on the ice.
But after the opening of NHL conflict, an order to appear in New York come faster than anyone guessed just a few days ago.

- I have all the time in touch with my Ranger buddies, they keep me updated on developments, says goalkeeper.

NHL players Matt Duchene and Viktor Stalberg was on the ice.
But the biggest star was standing at the side of the rink and watched as Frölunda trained yesterday.
- I ran for a while on the ice in the morning with, among others, Loui Eriksson, says Henrik Lundqvist. I have to drive on ice to be ready when it kicks off.
Until Tuesday afternoon did not look good for the NHL, but bright for the fans who want to see the best Swedish hockey players in league ice toward the end.
Unraveling the details
The offer from the NHL club owners changed situation. A 50/50-delning of income opened for a faster NHL starter than pessimists believed.
Yesterday wanted Henrik Lundqvist does not say much about the changed conditions:
- It's good that something is happening, but I would first like to familiarize myself with the details before I can say what I think. We must, for example, to sort out what is income, where we and the owners had different opinions before.
Can be speedy passage
But if it dissolves quickly know "Henke" that it is only to pack and take to New York.
- If the lockout ends, it is crucial when training camp starts, he says. To this must all be gathered.
Stop your wife Therese and daughter Charlise left in Gothenburg if you stand?
- We have not talked about yet, I do not even know what it looks like in the next few days for me.
You previously said that you are very eager to play in Frölunda during the conflict. You announced jointly on Tuesday that in that case later this season, now maybe there will not be anything at all. How does it feel?
- I've thought about this every day recently, he says. To postpone games in Frölunda a while was a tough decision to make. But when it comes to playing with the Rangers if the lockout ends, there is no doubt, it is my employer and my top priority.
Many NHL years
In previous interviews, you have indicated that you are going to finish his career in the NHL, not to return to Frölunda. But after courtship in Scandinavium when you were here with Rangers and all resurrection all around you now - you can not imagine to finish with a couple of seasons in Frölunda?
- One should never say never, but I hope I have many years ahead of me in the NHL, says Henrik Lundqvist.
How is your physical condition, you did better from injury last season?
- Yes, we got some order on it, but this summer I had some knee problems that needed to be fixed. It was tough to just run rehab training, healing was accelerated in with cortisone and now it feels good.
You came home to Gothenburg to meet the family during the lockout. Have you had time for that?
- Yes. That's been great fun. We've spent time with my brother and his family, met with parents and Therese's family. It's been really good.
My brother Joel, yes. On Tuesday you saw him play you saw HV match on television. How does he look to you?
- He is working hard as usual. When he avoid injury, he is physically fit and heavy face. But he also has good understanding of the game and pretty good technique. I hope both Joel and Frölunda's sake that he does not have injuries this season.
You saw the same match Frölunda goalie Julius Hudacek make another mistake. Do you have any tips to offer?
- No, no. It's early in the season, then it's easier to make mistakes. But Hudacek played well in other respects, it is a good goalkeeper.
Guest of SvT's Hockey Night
Henrik Lundqvist will tonight be in SVT's Hockey Night in which he will talk both about the lockout and how Frölunda behaved towards Linköping.
He had, as a large part of the Swedish people, on Tuesday a great television experience when he saw the sign for Sweden to 4-4 against Germany in the Soccer World Cup qualifier.
- An absolutely amazing turnaround. It is difficult to understand how such works. But I know how difficult it is when you are playing well and leading large and baklängesmål start falling into. It's really hard to come back. You could see exactly how bad the Germans were.
- It was also fun to see a football game. I like Soccer, but it is not often there.

Henrik Lundqvist Hockey Night in Sweden Video


The above video is a portion of Henrik's interview on Hockey Night in Sweden. As always, if someone would like to translate it for the rest of us it would be very much appreciated. I'm going to be trying my hardest to keep everyone up to date on Henrik while he is in Sweden. However, if anyone out there comes cross something I've missed, please feel free to reach out and send me what you've found and I'll credit you for it.

Here are some viewer questions that Henrik answered:

Jenny Larsson: What was it that made you became a goalkeeper and outfield players Joel? Could it have been the opposite?

- I was a goalie in soccer but Pekka Lindmark was my idol. It was just so Pekka was cool. But it could have been the opposite.

Per Erik Niska and Hasse Olsson: Why the hockey and not Alpine? (When you grow up in Åre) / Where hockey obvious choice, or did you have options?

- Hockey was fun from the start, even though dad was ski instructor.

Henrik Andersson: Do you think you will finish his career in Frölunda or do you think you play in the NHL until you put in?

- There are many factors that come into play, health and timing. I close no doors

Andreas Oberg: How many clubs and picking gloves do with a season as a goalkeeper?

- Sticks, at least one per game, 130-150 pieces in one season. Gloves about four sets and 3-4 pair of shin guards.

Ludwig Germunder: Which player / team in the NHL is the toughest to play against?

- Players can feel. Hereby make the goals you get to hear it. Zäta for example. They hear always about the score.

David Wedin: Which player in the NHL has scored the most goals on you?

- No idea, Ovechkin has made more than a few.

Jonathan Nilsson: Do you remember your neatest rescue you made the Elite League or NHL?

- Whoever decided the most was at the end of the Olympic final. Felt smoked but took it.

Eric Sköldberg: What is your favorite player in the NHL?

- Erik Karlsson is fun to watch.

John Jidéus: How often are you looking at premier league when you're in New York?

- Highlights once a week, online.

Henrik Andersson: What is your greatest strength as a goalkeeper do you think?

- Outright Skull maybe. gives me inspiration to work harder, and of course discipline. I always want to win.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Will Not Play For Frolunda


The Frolunda Indians website has a lenghtly video interview with Henrik regarding his decision to not play. However, it can't be embedded so here's a link to it:

(It is in Swedish,  so if anyone out there would like to translate it for the rest of us it would be hugely appreciated)

Here's an article from Sportbladet summarizing it:

Sportbladet revealed that Frölunda not planning to bring in Henrik Lundqvist, 30.
And now confirms the star goalie that the current situation is not up to date with the game in the top division:
- Our common decision is that I should not play with Frölunda the near future, says Lundqvist in a television interview on Frölunda website.
Many Frölunda fans have hoped and believed that Henrik Lundqvist, named the NHL's best goalie in the summer, would soon join the team.
New York Rangers goalie came home to Gothenburg at the weekend and since then speculation has accelerated.
But already last night announced the club director Anderz Larqvist that it is not up to date to take into Lundqvist, unless there is an injury to any of the regular goalkeepers.
Want to wait ...
And today also confirms Henrik Lundqvist that there will not be any games with Frölunda the coming weeks.
- I'm a bit of a perfectionist and when it comes to being on the ice, I have to prepare myself the right way to play. I come in here I want to deliver, and right now it's so much uncertain when the NHL starts and I feel that the best thing for me, Frölunda and Rangers is that I wait a bit and see what happened in the next few weeks.
But Lundqvist also says that it has been a difficult decision:
- I've been thinking about this every day for almost a month: what's best for me, Frölunda and also Rangers. It's not an easy decision but I feel this is the right way to go for everyone involved. We must wait a little situation and I hope the fans in Gothenburg understand it.
... but is extremely hungry
But Lundqvist closes no doors for Frölunda if the lockout continues, even later in the season.
- Pulling it out on time then Frölunda my options, there is no doubt, and I am extremely hungry, he says

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pictures & Update on Henrik Lundqvist in Sweden


LANDVETTER. Here lands Henrik Lundqvist, 30, on Swedish soil.
The world's best hockey goalie is at home in Gothenburg.
- I will have a discussion with Frölunda, he says to Sportbladet.
Around 09 o'clock on Saturday morning landed Henrik Lundqvist, his wife Therese, daughter Charlise and the family dog ​​at Landvetter Airport. They had with them a large number of bags that testifies to stay in Sweden can be long.
- I am first and foremost here to meet friends and family, and I have told Frölunda too. Then we'll see where it ends somewhere. It's the only thing I can say right now, says Lundqvist when Sportbladet meet him.
When asked if he is playing hungry he answers:
- Of course, I miss hockey. It's been a long summer.
"Considering the many things"
Frölunda has for a long time held a dialogue with Henrik Lundqvist. And the star goalie himself has always said that it is Frölunda concerning the NHL lockout is prolonged. Gothenburg club has solved the issue of funding, but claims it has not yet decided whether to tie him. Yet indications are that it is only a matter of time before Henrik Lundqvist guard cage in Scandinavium.
- There are many factors that come into play. It's not just decide to play. I weigh in many things in such a decision. We'll see where it ends somewhere, saying "Henke".
"Rangers opinion matters"
What do the New York Rangers?
- I think all clubs see it as it is up to the players to prepare in the best way. The most important thing is that you are ready when it starts. Then are all different and preparing in different ways.
So they have not said no, anyway?
- We can not have a discussion with them much because of the lockout, but obviously does their opinion very much to me. I've been there for seven years and hope to be there a long time. You will come back, says Lundqvist before jumping into a waiting car.


Henrik Lundqvist has landed in Gothenburg

Here lands Henrik Lundqvist at Landvetter.
- Of course I miss hockey, he says.

Yesterday: Henke on the way home
Welcome home. Why are you coming home now?
- First and foremost, I am here to meet friends and family, then we'll see where it ends somewhere. It's the only thing I can say right now.
For a dialogue with Frolunda?
- I always talk with my brother, I do all the time. Obviously, the situation is special when it was not a game over there. We have not decided anything yet. I have said that I am here to meet friends and family, then we have a discussion. There's not much more to say about it.
You are playing hungry or what?
- Of course I miss hockey, of course, it's been a long summer.
What do the Rangers?
- I think all clubs see it as it is up to the players to prepare in the best way. The most important thing is that you are ready when it runs again.
But they have not said no?
- We can not have any discussion with them during the lockout. But of course means their opinions a lot to me. I've been there for years and hope to be there for several more years.
- We'll see where it goes, the very factors that come into play. not just decide to play. There is much to consider. You may come back quite easily.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Has Left For Sweden

ShareThis Even though we all knew this day was coming, it still hurts to see your favorite player leave the country when he is supposed to be playing games for your team... 

1h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Almost time for take off.. To all you NY Rangers fans out there, I really hope to see you soon at the Garden!

3h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Maybe I went overboard with the car service.. Charlise takes up a lot of room though.. :)

3h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Not sure when we're coming back, could be a week or couple of months...

3h Henrik Lundqvist ‏@HLundqvist30
Finally done packing, time to head home to Swe and see friends and family.

Also, to anyone out there who hasn't heard already, Henrik has an Instagram account. You can follow him at Hank30NYR.

Henrik Lundqvist Esquire Magazine Pictures & Interview


#30, Henrik Lundqvist
30, Goaltender

HIGH POINT OF LAST SEASON: Logged his sixth career playoff shutout in game three of the Eastern Conference finals.

ON THE EVOLUTION OF NHL STYLE: "I still remember the comments my first year in the NHL in 2005. People, especially the older guys, thought my suits were too tight or skinny. They weren't into fashion as much as the young guys today are."

ON THE BEAUTY OF HIS JERSEY: "Coming from Europe, they advertise on the jerseys and it ruins the whole look. The uniforms here are so clean, and they look so much better."

On Lundqvist: One-button wool suit ($1,295) and cotton shirt ($295) by Calvin Klein Collection; silk tie ($135) by John Varvatos.

Read more:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

UPDATED Henrik Lundqvist Got a New Tattoo

 I found the following pictures on the Facebook page of Infinity Tattoo. The pictures are dated 9/5/12, so he got it fairly recently. 


here's the picture of the tattoo:

It says Charlise and has her birthday and time of birth.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist at "Not Fade Away" Presentation at Lincoln Center Photos



Hockey player Henrik Lundqvist attends "Not Fade Away" Centerpiece Gala Presentation during The 50th New York Film Festival at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on October 6, 2012 in New York City.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist At 2012 Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce From Farm to Fork Royal Gala Award Dinner Photos



Therese Lundqvist and Henrik Lundqvist attend the 2012 Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce from Farm to Fork Royal Gala award dinner on October 3, 2012 in New York City.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Two New Henrik Lundqvist Head & Shoulders Commercials


I found two more Head & Shoulders commercials. Here they are:

Can anyone from Sweden translate these two for the rest of us? Thank you in advance.