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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Hockey Night in Sweden Video


The above video is a portion of Henrik's interview on Hockey Night in Sweden. As always, if someone would like to translate it for the rest of us it would be very much appreciated. I'm going to be trying my hardest to keep everyone up to date on Henrik while he is in Sweden. However, if anyone out there comes cross something I've missed, please feel free to reach out and send me what you've found and I'll credit you for it.

Here are some viewer questions that Henrik answered:

Jenny Larsson: What was it that made you became a goalkeeper and outfield players Joel? Could it have been the opposite?

- I was a goalie in soccer but Pekka Lindmark was my idol. It was just so Pekka was cool. But it could have been the opposite.

Per Erik Niska and Hasse Olsson: Why the hockey and not Alpine? (When you grow up in Åre) / Where hockey obvious choice, or did you have options?

- Hockey was fun from the start, even though dad was ski instructor.

Henrik Andersson: Do you think you will finish his career in Frölunda or do you think you play in the NHL until you put in?

- There are many factors that come into play, health and timing. I close no doors

Andreas Oberg: How many clubs and picking gloves do with a season as a goalkeeper?

- Sticks, at least one per game, 130-150 pieces in one season. Gloves about four sets and 3-4 pair of shin guards.

Ludwig Germunder: Which player / team in the NHL is the toughest to play against?

- Players can feel. Hereby make the goals you get to hear it. Zäta for example. They hear always about the score.

David Wedin: Which player in the NHL has scored the most goals on you?

- No idea, Ovechkin has made more than a few.

Jonathan Nilsson: Do you remember your neatest rescue you made the Elite League or NHL?

- Whoever decided the most was at the end of the Olympic final. Felt smoked but took it.

Eric Sköldberg: What is your favorite player in the NHL?

- Erik Karlsson is fun to watch.

John Jidéus: How often are you looking at premier league when you're in New York?

- Highlights once a week, online.

Henrik Andersson: What is your greatest strength as a goalkeeper do you think?

- Outright Skull maybe. gives me inspiration to work harder, and of course discipline. I always want to win.

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