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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Will Not Play For Frolunda


The Frolunda Indians website has a lenghtly video interview with Henrik regarding his decision to not play. However, it can't be embedded so here's a link to it:

(It is in Swedish,  so if anyone out there would like to translate it for the rest of us it would be hugely appreciated)

Here's an article from Sportbladet summarizing it:

Sportbladet revealed that Frölunda not planning to bring in Henrik Lundqvist, 30.
And now confirms the star goalie that the current situation is not up to date with the game in the top division:
- Our common decision is that I should not play with Frölunda the near future, says Lundqvist in a television interview on Frölunda website.
Many Frölunda fans have hoped and believed that Henrik Lundqvist, named the NHL's best goalie in the summer, would soon join the team.
New York Rangers goalie came home to Gothenburg at the weekend and since then speculation has accelerated.
But already last night announced the club director Anderz Larqvist that it is not up to date to take into Lundqvist, unless there is an injury to any of the regular goalkeepers.
Want to wait ...
And today also confirms Henrik Lundqvist that there will not be any games with Frölunda the coming weeks.
- I'm a bit of a perfectionist and when it comes to being on the ice, I have to prepare myself the right way to play. I come in here I want to deliver, and right now it's so much uncertain when the NHL starts and I feel that the best thing for me, Frölunda and Rangers is that I wait a bit and see what happened in the next few weeks.
But Lundqvist also says that it has been a difficult decision:
- I've been thinking about this every day for almost a month: what's best for me, Frölunda and also Rangers. It's not an easy decision but I feel this is the right way to go for everyone involved. We must wait a little situation and I hope the fans in Gothenburg understand it.
... but is extremely hungry
But Lundqvist closes no doors for Frölunda if the lockout continues, even later in the season.
- Pulling it out on time then Frölunda my options, there is no doubt, and I am extremely hungry, he says

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