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Friday, March 31, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Practice Video Interview


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist to be a Guest on "Live with Kelly"


It's time to set your DVR; Henrik will be a guest on "Live with Kelly" on April 3rd. Don't miss it!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Interview;He Wants to Play in the Next Olympics; Does he Still Own Tiny's & the Bar Upstairs?


LOS ANGELES. Henrik Lundqvist, 35, is back after injury - and the superstar is gearing up for another playoff game.
Many say it's now or never for the Rangers and Lundqvist.
In an exclusive interview with Sport Express Henke speak out about:
The hopes for this year's Stanley Cup.
The chance to play the Olympics next year.
Family life in Manhattan as father of two.

He comes through sweat into the small dressing room in LA Kings training arena Toyota Center in the Los Angeles suburb of El Segundo and barely has time to sit on the bench after an hour-long workout before dozens of reporters crowded around him.
Here's Larry Brooks of the New York Post, Justin Tasch from the New York Daily News and Steve Zipay, which monitors the Rangers for Newsday. There is also Joe Micheletti, television commentator for the MSG Network and the former Rangers player and team captain Dave Maloney, who works for Radio MSG.
Plus a bunch of local reporters with Lisa Dillman by the tip.
It is everyday for Henrik Lundqvist, he is the poster child Rangers and most interviewed player and now everyone wants to know how his body reacted to the last days training. And when he's ready to start playing again after seven missed games.

Henke collapses for a moment, catches his breath and puts on the Rangers cap which is usually visible when the TV cameras are on after the games.
He puffs out and ask the PR guy to open the door to get some air circulation in the stuffy dressing room, where several teammates crowded with media call-up around him.
Then he hides his face in his hands for a few seconds, exhale and look out over us and nod "OK, here we go."

When he answered all the questions on the form, its focus for the series spurt and the upcoming playoffs, he's ready to talk about some other things with the Sport Express.
And my first question is his thoughts on this edition of the Rangers, the team is just as powerful as the gang that reached the Stanley Cup final against the LA Kings in 2014?

- We have a lot to work with. But I think the pieces are there, you just have to get it together. That we click together and get back the momentum we had over the game in the autumn. And do not think too much. Then we must bring order to the home game.
- It looks pretty smooth and feels quite open in our half of the league. We will not go in as favorites, if I say so, but it is clear that we believe it can go along way.

You need to take you past some top teams to reach a possible final?
- Yes, Montreal has seen good after practicing prey and Pittsburgh and Washington are strong teams. It will be interesting.

They are those who believe that this residence for yourself just right for the upcoming playoffs?
- Hard to say, but some ... in the long run, maybe. If everything is correct and we can record to the end of May or beginning of June, I think it can pay off. But we're talking about the next month, I do not think it matters.
- The goal is of course to go all the way, but I myself had been allowed to choose I'd have liked to play now. But do not those who sit on the sidelines. It is as it is and then you have to try to make the best of it. I rested during the first week and drove much rehabilitation and now I have been more on the ice during the last five-six days.

What does the family when suddenly you are at home a week?
- Yes, the eldest daughter (Charlise) is very happy when she sees me so often, she's not used to it. Now I tried to warn her that it's back to normal again.

Your wife is ready to pull the wagon and take care of the kids again?
- Haha, yes, she is used when it starts to contract to the playoffs and I feel more pressure and end up in my bubble and not with the same number of times when the family does things. It will slowly creeping when trying to get back after this kind of injury.

Is the NHL life is still as fun?
- I think so. You notice now when away that there is something missing in one's life with the press, and the adrenaline that you get in connection with the games, which is a big part of your life. You notice it when you do not have it. I also like to travel and now when we are out on the west coast here, this trip we have only once a year. It's fun to do these trips, the same thing when we go out to western Canada. After twelve years, it feels a bit like a change of scenery.

If we look ahead, are you interested in playing the Olympics in South Korea next year?
- Yes, I would love like to go. But then one should be picked as well, there are many Swedish guys who are playing well now in the league. Olympics is such a huge opportunity for hockey, not only in the NHL, to grow. I think we have to take that opportunity. But there is much to sue for the league to get it together with travel, insurance, and risk of injury and everything mentioned. But if you see the big picture and you want more boys and girls playing hockey, so it is a good opportunity to promote the sport.

Would you be prepared to make a Ovechkin and go anyway, even if the NHL does not close the league and participate? 
- I have not thought along those lines. It has not been discussed very much in Swedish hockey and among us Swedish players with respect thereto. It's more that you would like to go if you get the opportunity. Since I do not know how they would react if faced with that option. I do not even know how the rules are and what will happen if one were to go anyway. It is something you must consider when when it comes. 

How different is your life now as a father of two?
 - It is clear that it has other priorities now than when we had children. Much focus around the kids, how they feel and what they do. I'm still trying to do the things I did before, that I like to do with music and everything like that. But you notice that not enough time in the same way as it did before, but it is so that the extra time has now alongside hockey goes to the family and children. You realize how much you are gone now when one has children they remind quite often when you are away. You did not think of it the same way when you did not have children.

 You will remain in Manhattan, no thoughts of buying a house and move out to the countryside in Westchester north of New York City? 
- No, we just moved about a year ago downtown, so we really enjoy working in town and stays there.

 Have you left your restaurant, Tiny's & The Bar Upstairs on West Broadway? 
- Yes I have. It is left.

Age: 35
Height: 185 cm.
Weight: 85 kg.
Family: Wife Therese, daughters Charlise, 4, and Juli; 2.
Drafted: As No. 205 in the seventh round of the NY Rangers 2000.
Lives: Apartment in downtown Manhattan in New York.
Serves: $ 9.5 million, approximately 83.6 million crowns.
Seasons in the NHL: 12th
Statistics: 736 games, 404 wins.
Merits: Olympic gold in 2006, Olympic silver 2014 World Championship silver in 2003, in 2004.
National Championships: With Frolunda 2003, 2005.
NHL awards: Vezina Trophy in 2012.
All-Star Games: 2009, 2011, 2012.
NHL First All-Star Team: 2012.

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Citi ProTalk Interview


Arguably one of the greatest goalies in New York ice hockey history, Henrik Lundqvist is certainly living up to his potential having recently celebrated his 400th win in the NHL. Hailing from Sweden, the athlete has become a household name to sports fans big and small around the world. Case in point: After slipping on an icy sidewalk last week and catching myself just before hitting the cement, two bystanders shouted "Nice save, Henrik Lundqvist!"You only get one ride, so you want to make the most of it.While most-known for his prowess on the ice, his family values, humanitarianism, and sartorial choices don't go unrecognized. During the height of hockey season, Lundqvist found time to sit down for a Q&A with sports journalist Jeremy Schaap at an event held exclusively for Citi cardmembers. Schaap, with help from the audience, succeeded in getting Lundqvist to dig deep when it comes to his hockey career, life as a New Yorker, and confidence in the rink. Here's what we learned:

1. Playing against his brother strengthened their bond.

Fans are familiar with Lundqvist's hockey-playing twin brother (yes, there are two of them!), but what they might not know is just how close they really are. Growing up in Sweden, the Lundqvists played various sports together – until being drafted to the NHL where they played for competing teams. "It was a surreal moment. There were a lot of emotions in that game when we played against each other – for him as well – and I think we both realized how much we meant to each other."

2. He's always had a keen sense of style.

The hockey player is well-known for his fashion choices and always has been. When his Swedish teammates received word that Lundqvist was moving to New York, they agreed that the city would suit him well. And those enviable locks? Turns out Lundqvist only recently found "his guy" after walking past a barbershop, exchanging a few friendly glances with the barber, and taking a chance.

3. He's proud to call New York home.

Lundqvist had his first bite of the Big Apple after his parents took a trip to the U.S. and returned with a large poster of the city – it's been displayed in their home ever since! When he eventually relocated to New York as an adult, he immediately felt inspired. "New York is a one of a kind city. There are a lot of places that you can say remind you of another, but not New York."

4. He lives in the moment.

"When I reach a milestone, I want to be able to enjoy it for a little bit." The goalie acknowledged that he's better at savoring the moment now than he was 10 years ago. "You only get one ride, so you want to make the most of it." For him, remembering the positive moments is motivation to keep pushing himself.

5. He takes time for mental preparation.

"It's all about how you think," says Lundqvist. While he admits that proper focus won't change physical ability, he believes that it can make the difference between a good game and a bad one. "Sometimes I focused too much or I was too intense, but I learn from it every time and grow as a person."

6. He's not afraid of the puck.

What does it feel like when the puck hits you in the head? According to this veteran, it all depends on how you deflect the hit. "If the puck comes straight at you and bounces back the opposite way, it's probably going to hurt, so you need to make sure it bounces off and continues in the same direction," he says. "My brother had this high-rise slap shot and so many times it hit me in the head growing up, so I got used to that."

7. He knows how to handle game seven.

"Don't overthink it." When he's under pressure, Lundqvist trusts his instincts to know that he's done everything he can to play his best. "You need to be confident that you've done everything you can. You need to have a certain swagger and believe that you're a good team. It's going to help in so many different situations throughout the season, especially in the playoffs."

For more information on upcoming sports events in your area, and to get behind-the-scene access to your favorite athletes, visit

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Injury Update


GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist has resumed skating with goalie coach Benoit Allaire, coach Alain Vigneault said Thursday.

Lundqvist has missed three games with a muscle strain in his hip.

"He's feeling a lot better," Vigneault said. "He's going through the on-ice process right now with [Benoit]. That's a very important position, so we've got to make sure he's 100 percent."

The Rangers ruled Lundqvist out 2-3 weeks, putting him on schedule to return during their three-game California road trip that begins at the Los Angeles Kings on March 25. Vigneault left open the possibility Lundqvist could return sooner.

"Originally that was our mindset, that we were thinking he should be ready for that, and we haven't changed," Vigneault said, "but I am saying to you he is feeling better, so we'll see how he is moving forward here."

Lundqvist was injured against the Florida Panthers on March 7. He made 43 saves in a 5-2 win.

Vigneault said Lundqvist got back on the ice with Allaire on Wednesday and skated before practice Thursday. He will join the Rangers for their morning skate prior to their game against the Panthers at Madison Square Garden on Friday (7 p.m. ET; NHLN, MSG, FS-F, NHL.TV), and should skate Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The Rangers play at the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday and at home against the New York Islanders on Wednesday before going to California.

"He's going to skate every day unless they feel they need to give him a rest, but I talked to him just before coming here and he's feeling a lot better," Vigneault said.

Monday, March 13, 2017

See Henrik & Therese Lundqvist Paparazzi Photos from 2015


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Discusses Injury; Will Miss 2-3 Weeks


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview + Notes


30-for-30 - Henrik Lundqvist tied a single-game season-high with 43 saves, and made 21 saves in the third period, to earn his 30th win of the 2016-17 season and his 404th career NHL win. He is the first goaltender in NHL history who has earned at least 30 wins in 11 of his first 12 seasons, and he is only the third goaltender in NHL history who has registered 30 or more wins in at least 11 different seasons (Martin Brodeur - 14; Patrick Roy - 13). By earning his 404th career NHL win in tonight's contest, Lundqvist passed Grant Fuhr for sole possession of 10th place on the league's all-time wins list, and he is now three wins away from tying Glenn Hall for ninth place on the NHL's all-time wins list. In addition, Lundqvist passed Martin Brodeur for the most wins by a goaltender in his first 12 seasons in NHL history. Lundqvist made at least 40 saves in a game for the 20th time in the regular season in his NHL career; he has posted a 12-1-7 record, along with a 1.67 GAA, a .962 SV%, and 4 SO in those contests. Lundqvist has made at least 30 saves in 19 games this season, and in those 19 contests, he has posted a 16-3-0 record, along with a 1.98 GAA, a .945 SV%, and 1 SO. Lundqvist has made at least 30 saves in each of his last four appearances and in nine of his last 12 appearances. In addition, Lundqvist has posted a 12-5-1 record, along with a 2.26 GAA, a .930 SV%, and 1 SO in his last 19 appearances. He has been selected as the game's First Star 14 times this season, which ranks second among all NHL players this season (Sergei Bobrovsky - 15).

Monday, March 6, 2017

Watch an old Interview of Henrik & Joel Lundqvist


Friday, March 3, 2017

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview + Notes; Records Historic Win on his Birthday


- Henrik Lundqvist made 32 saves to earn his 29th win of the season and his 403rd career NHL win. By earning a win in tonight's contest, Lundqvist tied Grant Fuhr for 10th place on the NHL's all-time wins list. In addition, Lundqvist tied Martin Brodeur for the most wins by a goaltender in his first 12 seasons in league history. Lundqvist appeared in his 734th career game with the Rangers in tonight's contest, tying Terry Sawchuk for the third-most appearances a goaltender has made with one franchise in NHL history. The only goaltenders who have appeared in more games with one franchise than Lundqvist has with the Rangers are Martin Brodeur (1,259 with New Jersey) and Tony Esposito (873 with Chicago). Lundqvist has posted an 11-4-1 record, along with a 2.17 GAA, a .931 SV%, and 1 SO in his last 17 appearances. In addition, he has made at least 30 saves in 17 games this season; he has posted a 15-2-0 record, along with a 1.86 GAA, a .948 SV%, and 1 SO in those contests.