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Friday, February 28, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Practice Video Interview


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Michael Kay Show Interview 2/26/14 (Talks Olympics & Trade Rumors)


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Practice Video Interview


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silver Winning Lundqvist Must Now Guide Rangers to the Playoffs


Henrik Lundqvist comes home from Sochi on top of his game if not the hockey world, with his first Olympic silver medal rather than his second gold, facing the mundane task beginning Thursday of securing a playoff spot for the Rangers.
That’s when it starts for the Blueshirts, in a match at the Garden against the Blackhawks. That’s when all of the post-whistle scrums, posturing, hacking, slashing and punching will resume in the more violent and permissive North American version of the sport after a fortnight during which pure hockey was quite enough, thank you.
Lundqvist, who was named as the Olympics’ first-team all-star goaltender following his and Sweden’s 3-0 defeat on Sunday in the gold-medal game to ruthlessly efficient Canada, isn’t expected to play in that one against Chicago following a six-game workload in Sochi, from where he won’t return until Monday.
Indeed, with the Rangers then scheduled for a weekend back-to-back that opens in Philadelphia Saturday afternoon before concluding on Broadway against the Bruins the following night, Lundqvist conceivably could watch Cam Talbot in each of the first two games before getting back into the net against the Bruins on March 2.
That would leave 20 games over the final 39 nights for the Rangers, a fair allotment of which Lundqvist could be expected to start 17 or 18 if necessary, just the way he started 19 of the final 20 upon returning from Sweden’s 2010 quarterfinal defeat in Vancouver.
It is not about quantity of starts, it is about quality of play for Lundqvist, whose revival in late December and early January soothed both Rangerstown, USA and Kingsville, Sweden. Just when folks over here were trying on Talbot for size, folks in Stockholm were heard nervously whispering, “Enroth…Lehner…Gustavsson?” as if reciting the prelude to a horror movie.
But Lundqvist steadied and became the same goaltender he’d been the previous eight seasons on Broadway and then in Sochi, No. 30 of the Crown Collection and Tre Kroner, was the same goaltender he’d been since the turn of the year in North America.
Lundqvist returns to New York disappointed but hungry. Understand this, though: Even had Sweden won gold again, Lundqvist’s quest for championships would not have been sated. He has never won a Stanley Cup, he has never been to the Final, and no NHL goaltender this deep into his career has ever won his first Cup playing for his original team.
Winning gold again would likely have only emboldened the critics who have stamped Lundqvist as a superior regular-season and international goaltender but merely ordinary in the playoffs, through which he has a career 30-37 record.
So there is precedent to be overturned by The King, who, interestingly enough, has repaired every early-season deficiency in his game except one, and that a surprising vulnerability against breakaways, one exploited on Sunday by Sidney Crosby.
Canada was a merciless machine in the medal rounds, in complete command shutting out both the USA and Sweden, completing the tournament unbeaten while constructing a six-game goal-differential of 17-3.
This wasn’t about flash-and-dash for the world’s reigning hockey power; this was about methodical game-planning and cold-blooded execution. This was about team-building that produced a squad on which Rick Nash played a constructive fourth-line role getting just a few ticks over 10 minutes of ice per game.
The tournament produced few moments of a lifetime that will resonate through history. There was T.J. Oshie’s unprecedented shootout performance for the US against Russia; 21-year-old Latvian goaltender (and Tampa Bay prospect by way of AHL Syracuse) Kristers Gudlevskis’ 55-save effort in his country’s 2-1 quarterfinal defeat to Canada; Slovenia’s first (then second) victory in Olympic competition; and Teemu Selanne’s ride through his sixth and presumably final Olympics in which he won his fourth medal, getting a bronze with Finland’s 5-0 rout of the US.
This wasn’t a tournament for glass skates. The shoes that fit the champions belonged all along to the favorites; belonged to Canada, which marched ruthlessly to a gold that leaves Lundqvist (and everyone else, to be sure) reaching for the silver chalice to be awarded in June.

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview


Friday, February 21, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist and Sweden Return to Gold Medal Game


SOCHI, Russia — In 2006, Henrik Lundqvist was a 23-year-old rookie for the Rangers who went to the Turin Games motivated to win a gold medal for the older players on the Swedish team that he grew up idolizing.

Eight years later, he is one of the team’s elder statesmen, and his teammates are playing as if bent on leading him to his second gold medal. On Friday, in a rematch of the gold medal game in Turin, Lundqvist made 25 saves and let Sweden's shot-blocking defense and opportunistic power play do the rest in a 2-1 victory over Finland at the Bolshoi Ice Dome.

Playing every minute of his team’s five games, Lundqvist has stopped 117 of 123 shots. He was tested in the first period when the Finns held a two-man advantage for a minute and a half. They got only two shots on net, one from the left circle by Teemu Selanne, the oldest player in the tournament at age 43, as the Swedish defense deflected or blocked several other attempts.

In the seventh minute of the second period, Finland got the game’s first goal on a sharp-angled shot by Olli Jokinen. It slid under Lundqvist’s pads, giving Jokinen gratification long delayed. In the gold medal game in 2006, Lundqvist made a stick save in the final minute on Jokinen’s game-tying attempt from the top of the crease.

The Finns were without Tuukka Rask, the Boston Bruins goaltender whose stalwart play in goal against Russia keyed their quarterfinal victory. He was scratched because of illness, but depth at goalie is one of Finland’s strengths. Kari Lehtonen, who plays for the Dallas Stars, started in Rask’s place.

Sweden tied the score five minutes after Jokinen’s score on a tick-tack-toe play that would have been hard for anyone to stop. Daniel Sedin gathered the puck behind the net and passed out to Jonathan Ericsson, who delivered the puck to Loui Eriksson, who knocked it in from the side of the net.

Sweden came into the game with the top-rated power play, having converted 6 of 17 attempts, and it took the lead with Jokinen in the penalty box for tripping. Defenseman Erik Karlsson scored on a shot from the point with 3 minutes 34 seconds left in the second. It ricocheted off Lehtonen’s right elbow and settled into the back of the net, giving the 23-year-old Karlsson his fourth goal and eighth point of the tournament.

Lehtonen finished with 23 saves. In the final 20 minutes, the Finns put eight shots on net to their opponents’ three as the Swedes went into the hockey version of a prevent defense. Selanne, a six-time Olympian who was hoping to add a gold medal to the bronze he won in 1998 and the silver in 2006, was on the ice when time expired. He bent over with his stick across his knees and absorbed the defeat.

“Of course, I’m disappointed,” he said.

The golden oldie set will be represented in the final by 41-year-old Daniel Alfredsson. Lundqvist turns 32 next month and acknowledged he felt older than his years. He struggled early this season for the Rangers, then settled down after agreeing to a contract extension. His improved play helped to vault the Rangers into playoff contention, and now he is lifting Sweden as well.

As the final seconds ticked off the clock Thursday, he allowed himself to exhale.

“Wow,” Lundqvist said. “What a feeling in that last 10 seconds. That’s the feeling you work for as an athlete. To know you’re going to get another chance at a gold medal is incredible.”


Henrik Lundqvist acted wall in the final stage .
But before Tre Kronor turnaround got star goalkeeper criticism.
Afterward, he acknowledges also his mistake at the Finnish -ahead goal in the middle period .
- I thought it would be icing and relaxed seconds , says goalkeeper star.
Finland dumped the puck deep into the Swedish zone .
And suddenly was the goal.
Olli Jokinen had found a minimal gap and coaxed into the puck behind Henrik Lundqvist , the Swedish star goalie who was criticized over the cheap backwards goal four minutes into the middle period.
Be avoided scapegoat
- Of course it is a painting, it is not a dangerous chance somewhere . From there , you can not score on Lundqvist. Of the 100 shots he takes it 99 times , said Sportbladets expert , Kristian Huselius .
Judgments The team did however not perceive that the puck ended up in the case and only after Finnish protests and long Video Preview approved target.
Tre Kronor turned around and won 2-1 and Henrik Lundqvist avoided becoming Swedish scapegoat.
"Where errors in the tank "
But he admits that it was a mistake behind the Finnish -ahead goal .
- Careless . I thought it would be icing and relaxed a second. But then I realized that it was not the icing and then I was a little wrong in the tank and position , then it's goals , saying " Henke " .
- It was frustrating. But the important thing is how we responded up after that. I'm happy and proud of it. I played my game and did not let that stop me . Even as teams , we raised us after that and scored two important goals , he continues.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview


Sweden got a day off while Slovenia won the eighth against Austria with surprisingly big 4-0.

Sweden face Slovenia in the quarter-finals already at 09.00 tomorrow morning .(Swedish time)

- We trained when they played today but saw little. They have speed and technical. Kopitar is their most important player absolutely . We must have respect for them , says Henrik Lundqvist to SVT.

The goalie and key player Lundqvist follow their carefully selected routines.

- I prepare not so much resistance. Viewing a little powerplay but focus on my game. It's important not to take it too easy, says " Trotter " .

It's your third Olympics. Is there a difference compared to before?

- You get the little perspective . Appreciate to be here and know how fast it goes, we will soon have been here for a week . It should not be so many chances. We're performing at your best , but I also try to enjoy and have fun . Then it's just gone, says Henke .

On a few occasions have you been annoyed with your runs:

- Haha, no, but hockey is a sport with emotions. There are high ceilings and goes both ways . It is almost the most important thing in this kind of tournament that we 're talking with each other and find their way. Everyone comes from different systems and different clubs . Then burn it to sometimes , we all want to win.

Entertainment Weekly Named Henrik Lundqvist One of the Hottest Athletes of the 2014 Winter Olympics


Henrik Lundqvist
Age: 31
Sport: Hockey
Team: Sweden
Fun Fact: The New York Rangers goalie is an avid guitar player who once rocked out to Guns 'n' Roses ''Sweet Child o' Mine'' on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. —Deven Persaud,,20344347_20784393_30098420,00.html#30098420

Monday, February 17, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Talks Sochi Accommodations


The uncertain security situation and unfinished stadiums and hotels dominated the preliminary talk of the Sochi Olympics .
Now, Tre Kronor players have been here a week and they pay tribute to the arrangement.
- I am extremely pleased. The set-up here is the best of the three Olympics I 've been on, says goalie Henrik Lundqvist .

Sweden has two houses in the Olympic village and the population hockey players , curlers , skaters and figure skaters side by side.
Tre Kronor players live in pairs , some of which have houses , each with a bedroom , while others are sleeping in the same room. It's only goalie Henrik Lundqvist who have chosen to live for yourself:
" Everything has been great "
- Yes, I have a private room. I was thinking about it before ( the tournament ) , because I've lived myself for ten years now on all trips and tournaments. Or not at the Olympics , by the way , since I've lived with a few. But now I own this time so I can turn the light off when I want , haha.
Rangers goalkeeper likes to stay in Sochi has exceeded all expectations :
- Everything has been great , from accommodation to venue to food. There is nothing to complain about.
Henke takes the bus
Henrik Lundqvist has little to compare with. He was in Turin and Vancouver and is now making his third Olympic tournament :
- This is the best set up ( the event) I 've been through the three Olympic tournaments I 've been to. Fantastic, we are enjoying every day we come to the rink . We can bike to the food and the venue , you can have some their own schedule . In the other tournaments , there has been a lot of bus times and you 'll fit things. Now , drive their own schedule all the time. Very relaxing and it's very nice here too. No, I am extremely pleased how they arrange this , says Lundqvist.
The short distances from the Olympic Village to the venues will enable players to walk, cycle or take the bus to the games.
Cycling Swedish players in costume has been a common sight when the players come to the game. Henrik Lundqvist picked for the match against Latvia to take the bus :
- I like to sit on the bus and sit and think a bit before I get to the stadium, says Lundqvist.

Henrik Lundqvist Fine After Being Run Into By Erik Karlsson During Practice


Henrik Lundqvist became pååkt of Ottawa's stellar back Erik Karlsson on the day's training in Bolshoi training rink. Karlsson came in very high speed when he would catch up with Loui Eriksson and it ended with a sharp collision with Henrik Lundqvist, who was pressed into his own goal and was lying on the ice with Karlsson about it.
It took some nasty long seconds before they could trip on them.
- I " tåpickade " bit since I popped . There was no danger. It looked probably worse than it was , says Karlsson .
You had high speed?
- Yes, fortunately, considering I do not so much ... said Karlsson, who weighs 79 kg .
Henrik Lundqvist went after the violent pååkningen away to the rim and stood leaning forward and puffed out a long while. Coach Pär Mårts arrived and checked the situation with his first goalie in the Olympics.
- It's that kind of stuff happens all the time , no problem, says Mårts , that must have been incredibly relieved that Lundqvist was not injured .
The assistant team captain Daniel Alfredsson understood the whole situation and the seriousness of it.
- We can laugh about it now because it was not too serious , but I think everyone got scared , said Alfredsson.
- He ( Lundqvist ) took it like a man and you have to be honest I think that Eric was the one who took most upset by the hit.
Erik Karlsson has begun OS very strong with three goals and two assists in three games . In the training exercise, it was full speed ahead against Lundqvist in force .
- He 's either on or off. Nothing in between.
Reserve goalie Jhonas Enroth , who was great World Championship gold hero last spring , heard how the template when Erik Karlsson blew into Henrik Lundqvist .
- It's something you do not want to see. You do not want anyone to get hurt. They probably hoped that it was quiet , and luckily it was quiet.
Henrik Lundqvist completed the training but was not happy, which is an understatement.
- I arrived and said sorry , says Erik Karlsson.
New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist , along with Norway's Lars Haugen the only goalies in the Olympics who started all three group matches . Lundqvist has a save percentage of 93.59 and it gives him a sixth place in the rescue league. He's Tre Kronor key players.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview While Walking on a Mountain in Sochi


Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Real Reason Why Henrik Lundqvist Doesn't Bike to the Games in Sochi


Tre Kronor players cycle to matches.
All but Henke Lundqvist - he walks or takes the bus.
- I like to sit on the bus and think a little, says Lundqvist.
You may have seen pictures of what the Tre Kronor in suits players bicycles to the games in Sochi. There is nothing unusual in this OS - although other teams are way off in the nice weather.
But goalie Henrik Lundqvist has not yet caught on any bike image . The other day he walked into the arena and today he took the bus - alone.
- Today it was too far to walk , says Lundqvist and laughs.
- I like to sit on the bus and think a bit before I go to the rink. It's relaxing .
What are you thinking ?
- Match , and what to expect . I actually rode the morning warming , then I took the bus to the game.
"I have cycled "
So you have cycled ?
- Yes, I saw that Erik ( Karlsson ) said I needed training wheels , but I can actually ride .
What do if the Olympic village ?
- It's best "set up" I 've been on. It is fantastic . We enjoy every day we come to the rink . We BIKES to the food and the hall and one can have its own schedule.
Despite three straight wins is not Lundqvist completely satisfied with the tournament.
- There's more to take off , but I hope we grow with the tournament. It should not go flawless . Every game has been challenging for us and it's good for us to feel the hot air . We have got to fight our way to each victory. We do not expect any easy games.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Read Some More of Henrik Lundqvist's Samsung Olympic Diary


I find it hard to drop hockey altogether. Earlier I mentioned how important it is for me and other goalies being able to focus on the right things during the games . You have to have all the senses and turned on on the ice , I'm very focused and purposeful. I devoured entirely up of hockey and during the matches I go and into a bubble . Off the ice , it can almost be the opposite. Many perceive enough me as a little distracted and unfocused. I have been quite easy to forget things ... In this way differs from person Henrik hockey player Henrik . But how I am as a person also depends a lot on how it goes gameplay . If the team is in a slump , I ponder a lot on it . I find it hard to drop hockey altogether and I feel great responsibility for how the team performs. Much of the pressure comes from myself, and sometimes I have to remind myself that it is "only" hockey I do. Having the patience and confidence in their own ability , I think is very important for a hockey goalie , and how to handle adversity is crucial in many ways for how good you can be. Have a great day . We heard. / Henrik

I always listen to punk rock - even if it is not particularly good. To get in the right frame of mind on match day , I listen a lot to music. It's part of my preparation . Before the match , the locker room , I tend to listen to quite intense music . Punk -rock is a genre that I never listen to otherwise , but to kick start the adrenaline before a match is perfect. I do not listen to the text , it is more about the tempo and energy of the songs. Honestly I do not know where it comes from , but I've probably listened to about the same music for ten years. Often there will be bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41 passing in the headphones when I stretch or tape the stick. It has become a routine that I feel safe in simply . We heard. Have a great day . / Henrik

Sometimes it can be good to go on a setback early in a tournament . Olympics in Sochi will be my third Olympics . One thing I learned from the two previous races is that it can be good to grow into the tournament . The important thing is not to win the first game . The important thing is to win the final . In Vancouver 2010 , we played very good hockey in the group stage and were unbeaten for fifteen minutes . When the game then did not fit 100% against the Slovaks was the first time throughout the tournament , and all of a sudden we were knocked out. In Turin in 2006 , we got instead a wake up already in the second match against the Russians (0-5 ) and then we got the opportunity to correct and adjust the bits of the game that was not true. We became stronger after the loss . We started to play better , but more importantly , I think we came together as a group. OS is so intense, you have a very short time playing together as a team and therefore it need not be bad to go on an adversity early. In Turin, was it's reasonably cheap in the end :) Have a great day . / Henrik

New Henrik Lundqvist Sochi Video Interview + Pictures of his Arrival in Sochi


In one of the final plane with the NHL Players for Sochi were there including goalie Henrik Lundqvist with and he looked rude fresh. He was excited about the tournament.

He must have found a shower on the planet, says an astonished Alexander Steen, who was exhausted , SVT Sport .

- It was nice to come here and see how everything looks. They 've charged for this for months and it has gone well with the team (NY Rangers) in the last four , five weeks , said Lundqvist after landing and think that the trip went perfectly.

- It was very well organized and most 're accustomed to long flights, so there has not been any problems , says Henke and highlights that the team goes for gold.

- We definitely have a chance at the gold, says strikes Henke fixed before going off on training directly , something he welcomes .

- We will of course do not get as many chances to play us together and we have to adapt to the larger rink. Now I will hone in on the details. But it is the focus and not make this too big, says Henke .

Tre Kronor enters the tournament on Wednesday evening Swedish time (18.00 ), against the Czech Republic.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview + Notes


Henrik Lundqvist made 26 saves through regulation and overtime, and stopped two of three in the shootout, to extend his winning streak to five games (5-0-0, 1.77 goals against average, .940 save percentage during the streak). He improved to 22-18-3 overall with an 11-7-0 mark on the road this season. Lundqvist is now two wins away from the 300th of his NHL career, and three wins shy of Mike Richter’s franchise record of 301 career victories.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Is Coaching in Henrik Lundqvist's Future?


Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist has not had much opportunity to meet Avalanche coach Patrick Roy, a Hall of Fame netminder with both the Canadiens and Colorado.

And while there weren’t many NHL games on television when he was growing up in Sweden, Lundqvist does remember seeing highlights during Roy’s career and being impressed with how hard Roy competed.

“I think that stood out, he competed really hard,” Lundqvist said. “That’s what I really liked about Patrick - and Dominik Hasek – just his style. I tried out in practice what I saw them do in games.”

Lundqvist has elements of Roy’s butterfly style in his goaltending technique but said, growing up in Sweden, he was taught to be more of a stand-up goalie.

“The butterfly style is not big in Sweden,” Lundqvist said. “I’m kind of mixing the old and the new. Between 13 and 17, that’s when I got my style. But when I started, they wanted me to make the saves with my skate, not my pads. It was old school.”

But can Lundqvist ever see himself transitioning to coaching, like Roy did - first as GM/coach of the Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League - once his playing career ends?

“That’s so far away, I haven’t thought about it,” said Lundqvist, who turns 32 on March 2.

But Lundqvist believes goalies should and do make good coaches because they are seeing the entire ice rink in front of them. Sort of like catchers in baseball, who historically have made some of the best managers.

“We see the game a lot,” Lundqvist said. “A lot of goalies have an understanding of what’s going on.”

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Full Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Fan Forum 2014 Interview


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Addresses Early Season Critics; Says New Pad Size Helps Him


Henrik Lundqvist was decked out in his full Team Sweden regalia for the Rangers’ practice on Monday. That included NHL-sized pads the goaltender will wear in the Olympics, even though IIHF and IOC rules would permit him to play with larger-sized equipment.
“I prefer these,” said Lundqvist, who will be in nets for the Blueshirts Tuesday night when the Avalanche visit the Garden. “I’m able to move more easily.”
Lundqvist then dropped to the locker room floor and brought his sky blue-and-yellow-trimmed pads together in a display of how he covers the five-hole. He scoffed at those who had attributed his early difficulties to the approximately 2-inch reduction in pad length coupled with enhanced enforcement by the NHL this season.
“The people who said that the pads were the reason I was not playing well, or said I’d been good before because I’d been cheating, maybe I’d care if they weren’t ignorant about the game and the position,” Lundqvist told The Post.
“You close your pads at the knees, not at the tops. The way I play, staying back and then moving across, the change has actually helped me.”
Yes, the Rangers are a more cohesive unit, and yes, the Blueshirts have settled into a structure in which their roles are clearly defined, but Lundqvist’s return to elite form in 2014 from wherever he had been for most of the final month of 2013 is the primary reason for the club’s climb in the standings to second place in the Metro Division.
Lundqvist will enter the match against Patrick Roy’s Avalanche having allowed two goals or fewer in nine of his last 10 starts, a stretch beginning Jan. 8 in Chicago, through which he has recorded a 1.50 goals-against average and .951 save percentage.
Following a brilliant performance in Friday night’s 4-1 victory over the Islanders, The King referred to how his focus was back where it should be.
“When you’re losing, you tend to focus on things that don’t really matter,” he said.
After Monday’s practice, he clarified what he had meant.
“When you’re struggling, you go into the game thinking, ‘I have to do well; I have to win the game,’ but that is counter-productive,” Lundqvist said. “What really matters is what you have to do to stop the next shot. That’s where you have to be focused.
“I always say that you can’t worry about the end result, but that’s what I was doing. If you do that, you’re never going to get there.
“Sometimes, you can’t help yourself. You want to win so badly, you want to win every game, but you can’t put the kind of pressure on yourself when you go into a game thinking, ‘I have to win.’ That’s what I found myself doing.”
Lundqvist said he studied video in December, “and went back to the basic stuff.”
“It starts with a good mental outlook; it’s not just going to happen,” he said. “You have to do the right things in practice for it to turn around.”
The Rangers’ final two games before the Olympic recess are back-to-back on Thursday and Friday, home against the Oilers before the following night’s match in Pittsburgh. Coach Alain Vigneault suggested he is more likely than not to give Cam Talbot a start in one, even though he knows, “Hank likes to play back-to-back.”
Vigneault also said Lundqvist’s workload in Sochi will factor into the Rangers’ goaltending rotation when the schedule resumes with three games in four nights beginning Feb. 27.
“I expect him to play a lot and I expect him to come back as one of the later guys [before] we start,” the coach said. “Cam’s going to get some work coming out of the Olympics.”
Which Lundqvist — whose Team Sweden is coming off a disappointing fifth-place finish in 2010 after having won the gold in 2006 — will play in NHL-regulation pads.

Henrik Lundqvist Post-GameVideo Interview + Notes


Henrik Lundqvist made 27 saves to extend his winning streak to four games (4-0-0, 1.50 goals against average, .950 save percentage during the streak), and improve to 21-18-3 overall with an 11-11-3 mark at home this season. He has held opponents to two goals or less in 10 of his last 11 games (9-2-0, 1.46 goals against average, .952 save percentage, and one shutout over the span), and is 11-3-1 with a 1.85 goals against average, .940 save percentage, and one shutout in his last 15. Lundqvist is now three wins away from the 300th of his NHL career, and four wins shy of Mike Richter’s franchise record of 301 career victories.

Watch Henrik Lundqvist Just Rob Everybody (Vs. Colorado) 2/4/14


Sunday, February 2, 2014

King Won't Bring Court to Sochi


By Larry Brooks

Team Sweden’s security blanket that goes by the name of Henrik Lundqvist has concerns over security in Sochi, but that’s not the only reason the royal family won’t be accompanying the King to the Olympics.
“It is a few different things,” Lundqvist told Slap Shots on Friday night. “Security is one of them, but I don’t know how things are going to be set up for families over there.
“So I’m not going to have anyone there with me. I think it is better that way.”
The NHLPA has not issued any broad-based advisories to its membership, and there is no unanimity on the matter, but several agents and players have said the union, citing a lack of suitable hotels and accommodations outside of the Olympic compound where the players will be housed, is recommending families don’t make the trip.

Watch Henrik Lundqvist Play Ice Football at Rangers Practice


Henrik Lundqvist Wants Denver to Win the Super Bowl


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Read Even More of Henrik Lundqvist's Samsung Olympic Diary


Being a goalie is about taking the right decisions under high pressure. To become a really good hockey goalie , I think you have to have the ability to focus on the right things. Obviously you need the physical and hockey technical features too - a quick pick- glove can be the difference between a win and a loss. In the longer term, however, I believe that the understanding of the game and ability to concentrate is more important qualities . If Alexander Ovechkin will be free and I go right when he goes left player , no matter how fast, strong and agile as I am . Whether I succeed in my job is very much about decisions and the ability to take the right decisions under high pressure. Sometimes those decisions are obvious and you can almost see events ahead of them before they happen . When one is in really good shape and within a flow can be felt before the game that the opponents really have to do anything special to get the hole in one . It's a great feeling . Right now, both me and the team in New York inside a good period , and though there remain some games before I go to Sochi , I feel very excited and pumped up for the Olympics. It will be really fun to put on Tre Kronor jersey again . Have a great day so far. We heard. / Henrik

A typical workout. The training usually starts at 11 am and I usually take place around 9:45 to prepare me , change clothes and talk some shit with his team mates . Before I go out on the ice , I always make sure to stretch through the body properly and we goalies usually start isträningen about 20 minutes before the rest of the team get going. Then going on the main workout for an hour , but it also happens that I remain a little while after regular exercise . Then I might run some extra exercises with my goalie coach , depending on the match schedule looks like it may even happen that I go into the gym and run some light physical training . Given that the games are played so tightly during the season (basically every other day) , it is not about some longer sessions without trying to keep them short and intense with high quality. Recovery and rehabilitation is also very important . Before and after training , those who have small flaws massages , and some even like to unwind between hot and cold baths after a tough session. It is an effective method that speeds up the recovery process of the muscles so that they are fresh and awake when it's time for the match. There was little about how a normal training may look for me. Talk to you soon . / Henrik

Before the Olympics it becomes much mind games in training . Obviously it has started to talk a bit about the Olympics here in New York. The closer the races you go, the more snackas it . Right now I do not know exactly how many in the squad who are current but I remember how it was before the Turin 2006. When we were ten players who were going to the Olympics, and the final weeks before you went away , it was very mind games in training . But that's just fun, it belongs to. OS is clearly a big deal and everyone looks forward to it over here in the NHL. I hope the form continues ... Heard again soon. / Henrik

My biggest childhood dream was to play for Tre Kronor . The atmosphere and environment of the Olympic village is very special . For two weeks athletes from around the world in one place , and all have been training very hard to perform in that particular moment . It 's hard not to get carried away and be inspired by it . Sochi 2014 will be my third Olympics. I have some experience of playing large venues , but the OS still feels very big . To represent his country in an Olympic Games is perhaps the finest thing you can do as an athlete , and my biggest childhood dream was to play for Tre Kronor . Today I feel so proud every time I get to pull on my national team shirt. I very much look forward to Sochi. It feels that it is approaching . Have a great day . / Henrik

I did 120 sit-ups - you can do more ? These are my results on the four remaining Ideas exercises. Challenge me and the other athletes in the Samsung Galaxy Team ! Maxlöpning : 1.4 km Now in season , it will be said that less of the pure physical training but during the "training camp" in the preseason we drive basically just strength and conditioning . Lactic acid training in the form of interval training on the bike is common, and during leave in the summer I like to play tennis which is also very demanding condition . I did the exercise Maxlöpning in the app and got 1.4 miles in 5 minutes. Max speed : 30.2 km / h Speed ​​is partly an innate characteristic , but of course one can improve a lot by training. In summer it will be much leg exercises at the gym and a good exercise that I think gives the result is deep squats . I tend to do more static squat where I go down deep and hold for a few seconds before I push off properly - just to get with an explosive moment . I came up to 30.2 km / h when I tested the app exercise. Are you faster than me ? Sit- ups: 120 pcs As a hockey goalie , I need a really strong core muscles in order to perform at peak level , but also to avoid injuries. Back, stomach and hips are all important elements to keep in shape during the season and to train the muscle groups I often do sit-ups on medicine ball - it takes good and is also easy on the back. When I tested the app , I did 120 repetitions. Challenge Me ! Lung capacity : 17.2 sec In summer it becomes like I said a lot of interval training with the aim of increasing oxygen uptake , but when it comes to cardio , I feel that the best is the one I get on the ice during practices and games . I think a lot of that to train in a way that they enjoy - then it is easier to push himself to the max. Good Luck! / Henrik

Challenge me in the Samsung Galaxy Team app ! You have probably downloaded the app? Through it you can challenge me in eight different exercises. Here are some results ... Reaction: 114 ms For me as a goalkeeper , reactivity is extremely important , and it's a trait that one can train just like everyone else. Before the matches till I tex juggle and I have also used a so-called "light board" in which to respond as quickly as possible on lights that turn on and off . At the beginning of the season , it always feels like the pucks going very fast and it usually takes about a week before we had been used . It is a träningssak simply . Try exercise reaction in the app and see if you can beat my 114 ms ! Hunter Standings : 5:48 min During a season , it becomes less pure strength training because of the intensvia game schedule . If I feel fresh , I sometimes run a little phys after the games . Otherwise, the isträningen good in itself, and when you stand in the correct position , the legs are basically at 90 degrees - just as in the hunting stand. When I tested the exercise in the app , I held out for 5 minutes and 48 seconds. Push-ups : 58 pcs Although bone is the most I train , I also very useful to be strong in the chest, arms and shoulders. Here in the U.S. you drive generally more with one's own body as a tool and when I train upper body gets it right a lot of push-ups. It seeks also to weave together muscle groups and exercises while you work out and we can for example run a squat combined with a shoulder press instead of splitting the legs , trunk and arms in different exercises. I have done 58 push-ups - are you stronger? Endurance: 6:45 min It is important not to forget the shoulders and shoulders while you work , but like with hunting stand is all this exercise very much about the psyche and obstinacy . My record is 6 minutes and 45 seconds. Good Luck! / Henrik

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Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview & Notes


Henrik Lundqvist posted his 20th win of the season with a 38-save effort, and improve to 20-18-3 overall with a 10-11-3 mark at home this season. He has held opponents to two goals or less in nine of his last 10 games (8-2-0, 1.50 goals against average, .951 save percentage, and one shutout over the span), and is 10-3-1 with a 1.91 goals against average, .938 save percentage, and one shutout in his last 14. Tonight was the 11th time this season he posted 30 or more saves, and is now 8-2-1 with a 2.26 goals against average, .939 save percentage, and one shutout in those contests. Lundqvist is the only goalie in the league with an active streak of nine straight 20-win seasons. – Lundqvist is now four wins away from the 300th of his NHL career, and five wins shy of Mike Richter’s franchise record of 301 career victories. Lundqvist’s appearance tonight was the 553rd of his career, moving him into a tie with Tiny Thompson for 50th on the NHL’s all-time goaltender appearances list.

Henrik Lundqvist Robs Josh Bailey 1/31/14