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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Read Even More of Henrik Lundqvist's Samsung Olympic Diary


Being a goalie is about taking the right decisions under high pressure. To become a really good hockey goalie , I think you have to have the ability to focus on the right things. Obviously you need the physical and hockey technical features too - a quick pick- glove can be the difference between a win and a loss. In the longer term, however, I believe that the understanding of the game and ability to concentrate is more important qualities . If Alexander Ovechkin will be free and I go right when he goes left player , no matter how fast, strong and agile as I am . Whether I succeed in my job is very much about decisions and the ability to take the right decisions under high pressure. Sometimes those decisions are obvious and you can almost see events ahead of them before they happen . When one is in really good shape and within a flow can be felt before the game that the opponents really have to do anything special to get the hole in one . It's a great feeling . Right now, both me and the team in New York inside a good period , and though there remain some games before I go to Sochi , I feel very excited and pumped up for the Olympics. It will be really fun to put on Tre Kronor jersey again . Have a great day so far. We heard. / Henrik

A typical workout. The training usually starts at 11 am and I usually take place around 9:45 to prepare me , change clothes and talk some shit with his team mates . Before I go out on the ice , I always make sure to stretch through the body properly and we goalies usually start isträningen about 20 minutes before the rest of the team get going. Then going on the main workout for an hour , but it also happens that I remain a little while after regular exercise . Then I might run some extra exercises with my goalie coach , depending on the match schedule looks like it may even happen that I go into the gym and run some light physical training . Given that the games are played so tightly during the season (basically every other day) , it is not about some longer sessions without trying to keep them short and intense with high quality. Recovery and rehabilitation is also very important . Before and after training , those who have small flaws massages , and some even like to unwind between hot and cold baths after a tough session. It is an effective method that speeds up the recovery process of the muscles so that they are fresh and awake when it's time for the match. There was little about how a normal training may look for me. Talk to you soon . / Henrik

Before the Olympics it becomes much mind games in training . Obviously it has started to talk a bit about the Olympics here in New York. The closer the races you go, the more snackas it . Right now I do not know exactly how many in the squad who are current but I remember how it was before the Turin 2006. When we were ten players who were going to the Olympics, and the final weeks before you went away , it was very mind games in training . But that's just fun, it belongs to. OS is clearly a big deal and everyone looks forward to it over here in the NHL. I hope the form continues ... Heard again soon. / Henrik

My biggest childhood dream was to play for Tre Kronor . The atmosphere and environment of the Olympic village is very special . For two weeks athletes from around the world in one place , and all have been training very hard to perform in that particular moment . It 's hard not to get carried away and be inspired by it . Sochi 2014 will be my third Olympics. I have some experience of playing large venues , but the OS still feels very big . To represent his country in an Olympic Games is perhaps the finest thing you can do as an athlete , and my biggest childhood dream was to play for Tre Kronor . Today I feel so proud every time I get to pull on my national team shirt. I very much look forward to Sochi. It feels that it is approaching . Have a great day . / Henrik

I did 120 sit-ups - you can do more ? These are my results on the four remaining Ideas exercises. Challenge me and the other athletes in the Samsung Galaxy Team ! Maxlöpning : 1.4 km Now in season , it will be said that less of the pure physical training but during the "training camp" in the preseason we drive basically just strength and conditioning . Lactic acid training in the form of interval training on the bike is common, and during leave in the summer I like to play tennis which is also very demanding condition . I did the exercise Maxlöpning in the app and got 1.4 miles in 5 minutes. Max speed : 30.2 km / h Speed ​​is partly an innate characteristic , but of course one can improve a lot by training. In summer it will be much leg exercises at the gym and a good exercise that I think gives the result is deep squats . I tend to do more static squat where I go down deep and hold for a few seconds before I push off properly - just to get with an explosive moment . I came up to 30.2 km / h when I tested the app exercise. Are you faster than me ? Sit- ups: 120 pcs As a hockey goalie , I need a really strong core muscles in order to perform at peak level , but also to avoid injuries. Back, stomach and hips are all important elements to keep in shape during the season and to train the muscle groups I often do sit-ups on medicine ball - it takes good and is also easy on the back. When I tested the app , I did 120 repetitions. Challenge Me ! Lung capacity : 17.2 sec In summer it becomes like I said a lot of interval training with the aim of increasing oxygen uptake , but when it comes to cardio , I feel that the best is the one I get on the ice during practices and games . I think a lot of that to train in a way that they enjoy - then it is easier to push himself to the max. Good Luck! / Henrik

Challenge me in the Samsung Galaxy Team app ! You have probably downloaded the app? Through it you can challenge me in eight different exercises. Here are some results ... Reaction: 114 ms For me as a goalkeeper , reactivity is extremely important , and it's a trait that one can train just like everyone else. Before the matches till I tex juggle and I have also used a so-called "light board" in which to respond as quickly as possible on lights that turn on and off . At the beginning of the season , it always feels like the pucks going very fast and it usually takes about a week before we had been used . It is a träningssak simply . Try exercise reaction in the app and see if you can beat my 114 ms ! Hunter Standings : 5:48 min During a season , it becomes less pure strength training because of the intensvia game schedule . If I feel fresh , I sometimes run a little phys after the games . Otherwise, the isträningen good in itself, and when you stand in the correct position , the legs are basically at 90 degrees - just as in the hunting stand. When I tested the exercise in the app , I held out for 5 minutes and 48 seconds. Push-ups : 58 pcs Although bone is the most I train , I also very useful to be strong in the chest, arms and shoulders. Here in the U.S. you drive generally more with one's own body as a tool and when I train upper body gets it right a lot of push-ups. It seeks also to weave together muscle groups and exercises while you work out and we can for example run a squat combined with a shoulder press instead of splitting the legs , trunk and arms in different exercises. I have done 58 push-ups - are you stronger? Endurance: 6:45 min It is important not to forget the shoulders and shoulders while you work , but like with hunting stand is all this exercise very much about the psyche and obstinacy . My record is 6 minutes and 45 seconds. Good Luck! / Henrik

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