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Monday, February 17, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Fine After Being Run Into By Erik Karlsson During Practice


Henrik Lundqvist became pååkt of Ottawa's stellar back Erik Karlsson on the day's training in Bolshoi training rink. Karlsson came in very high speed when he would catch up with Loui Eriksson and it ended with a sharp collision with Henrik Lundqvist, who was pressed into his own goal and was lying on the ice with Karlsson about it.
It took some nasty long seconds before they could trip on them.
- I " tåpickade " bit since I popped . There was no danger. It looked probably worse than it was , says Karlsson .
You had high speed?
- Yes, fortunately, considering I do not so much ... said Karlsson, who weighs 79 kg .
Henrik Lundqvist went after the violent pååkningen away to the rim and stood leaning forward and puffed out a long while. Coach Pär Mårts arrived and checked the situation with his first goalie in the Olympics.
- It's that kind of stuff happens all the time , no problem, says Mårts , that must have been incredibly relieved that Lundqvist was not injured .
The assistant team captain Daniel Alfredsson understood the whole situation and the seriousness of it.
- We can laugh about it now because it was not too serious , but I think everyone got scared , said Alfredsson.
- He ( Lundqvist ) took it like a man and you have to be honest I think that Eric was the one who took most upset by the hit.
Erik Karlsson has begun OS very strong with three goals and two assists in three games . In the training exercise, it was full speed ahead against Lundqvist in force .
- He 's either on or off. Nothing in between.
Reserve goalie Jhonas Enroth , who was great World Championship gold hero last spring , heard how the template when Erik Karlsson blew into Henrik Lundqvist .
- It's something you do not want to see. You do not want anyone to get hurt. They probably hoped that it was quiet , and luckily it was quiet.
Henrik Lundqvist completed the training but was not happy, which is an understatement.
- I arrived and said sorry , says Erik Karlsson.
New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist , along with Norway's Lars Haugen the only goalies in the Olympics who started all three group matches . Lundqvist has a save percentage of 93.59 and it gives him a sixth place in the rescue league. He's Tre Kronor key players.

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