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Monday, February 17, 2014

Henrik Lundqvist Talks Sochi Accommodations


The uncertain security situation and unfinished stadiums and hotels dominated the preliminary talk of the Sochi Olympics .
Now, Tre Kronor players have been here a week and they pay tribute to the arrangement.
- I am extremely pleased. The set-up here is the best of the three Olympics I 've been on, says goalie Henrik Lundqvist .

Sweden has two houses in the Olympic village and the population hockey players , curlers , skaters and figure skaters side by side.
Tre Kronor players live in pairs , some of which have houses , each with a bedroom , while others are sleeping in the same room. It's only goalie Henrik Lundqvist who have chosen to live for yourself:
" Everything has been great "
- Yes, I have a private room. I was thinking about it before ( the tournament ) , because I've lived myself for ten years now on all trips and tournaments. Or not at the Olympics , by the way , since I've lived with a few. But now I own this time so I can turn the light off when I want , haha.
Rangers goalkeeper likes to stay in Sochi has exceeded all expectations :
- Everything has been great , from accommodation to venue to food. There is nothing to complain about.
Henke takes the bus
Henrik Lundqvist has little to compare with. He was in Turin and Vancouver and is now making his third Olympic tournament :
- This is the best set up ( the event) I 've been through the three Olympic tournaments I 've been to. Fantastic, we are enjoying every day we come to the rink . We can bike to the food and the venue , you can have some their own schedule . In the other tournaments , there has been a lot of bus times and you 'll fit things. Now , drive their own schedule all the time. Very relaxing and it's very nice here too. No, I am extremely pleased how they arrange this , says Lundqvist.
The short distances from the Olympic Village to the venues will enable players to walk, cycle or take the bus to the games.
Cycling Swedish players in costume has been a common sight when the players come to the game. Henrik Lundqvist picked for the match against Latvia to take the bus :
- I like to sit on the bus and sit and think a bit before I get to the stadium, says Lundqvist.

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