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Monday, February 10, 2014

Read Some More of Henrik Lundqvist's Samsung Olympic Diary


I find it hard to drop hockey altogether. Earlier I mentioned how important it is for me and other goalies being able to focus on the right things during the games . You have to have all the senses and turned on on the ice , I'm very focused and purposeful. I devoured entirely up of hockey and during the matches I go and into a bubble . Off the ice , it can almost be the opposite. Many perceive enough me as a little distracted and unfocused. I have been quite easy to forget things ... In this way differs from person Henrik hockey player Henrik . But how I am as a person also depends a lot on how it goes gameplay . If the team is in a slump , I ponder a lot on it . I find it hard to drop hockey altogether and I feel great responsibility for how the team performs. Much of the pressure comes from myself, and sometimes I have to remind myself that it is "only" hockey I do. Having the patience and confidence in their own ability , I think is very important for a hockey goalie , and how to handle adversity is crucial in many ways for how good you can be. Have a great day . We heard. / Henrik

I always listen to punk rock - even if it is not particularly good. To get in the right frame of mind on match day , I listen a lot to music. It's part of my preparation . Before the match , the locker room , I tend to listen to quite intense music . Punk -rock is a genre that I never listen to otherwise , but to kick start the adrenaline before a match is perfect. I do not listen to the text , it is more about the tempo and energy of the songs. Honestly I do not know where it comes from , but I've probably listened to about the same music for ten years. Often there will be bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41 passing in the headphones when I stretch or tape the stick. It has become a routine that I feel safe in simply . We heard. Have a great day . / Henrik

Sometimes it can be good to go on a setback early in a tournament . Olympics in Sochi will be my third Olympics . One thing I learned from the two previous races is that it can be good to grow into the tournament . The important thing is not to win the first game . The important thing is to win the final . In Vancouver 2010 , we played very good hockey in the group stage and were unbeaten for fifteen minutes . When the game then did not fit 100% against the Slovaks was the first time throughout the tournament , and all of a sudden we were knocked out. In Turin in 2006 , we got instead a wake up already in the second match against the Russians (0-5 ) and then we got the opportunity to correct and adjust the bits of the game that was not true. We became stronger after the loss . We started to play better , but more importantly , I think we came together as a group. OS is so intense, you have a very short time playing together as a team and therefore it need not be bad to go on an adversity early. In Turin, was it's reasonably cheap in the end :) Have a great day . / Henrik

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