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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Video Interview


Sweden got a day off while Slovenia won the eighth against Austria with surprisingly big 4-0.

Sweden face Slovenia in the quarter-finals already at 09.00 tomorrow morning .(Swedish time)

- We trained when they played today but saw little. They have speed and technical. Kopitar is their most important player absolutely . We must have respect for them , says Henrik Lundqvist to SVT.

The goalie and key player Lundqvist follow their carefully selected routines.

- I prepare not so much resistance. Viewing a little powerplay but focus on my game. It's important not to take it too easy, says " Trotter " .

It's your third Olympics. Is there a difference compared to before?

- You get the little perspective . Appreciate to be here and know how fast it goes, we will soon have been here for a week . It should not be so many chances. We're performing at your best , but I also try to enjoy and have fun . Then it's just gone, says Henke .

On a few occasions have you been annoyed with your runs:

- Haha, no, but hockey is a sport with emotions. There are high ceilings and goes both ways . It is almost the most important thing in this kind of tournament that we 're talking with each other and find their way. Everyone comes from different systems and different clubs . Then burn it to sometimes , we all want to win.

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