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Friday, July 15, 2016

More Photos of Henrik Lundqvist at Princess Victoria Day 2016


Photos of Henrik Lundqvist at Victoria Scholarship Day 2016


Henrik Lundqvist Talks Charity Work


New York Rangers and the national team's goalie Henrik Lundqvist is laureate when Victoria Scholarship awarded for the 38th time in succession - he is the only fifth hockey player to receive the award.

- Of course it is very flattering and fun. Obviously, I checked the list of past winners and it's a nice crowd, saying "Henke".

- There is a special price. Partly for its history, and for anyone who shares it.

Lundqvist has made eleven seasons with the Rangers and he has five more years left on the contract. 34-year-old has had a remarkable career so far (see box). He was appointed to the entire NHL's best goalie in 2012 and subscribed to the price which the Rangers most valuable player between 2007-2013. This year, however, the stop for the team is already in the first playoff round.

- It went up and down. We had high expectations but did not like the smoothness needed. But above all, we came across a very good team, Pittsburgh, who then won the Stanley Cup. It was disappointing the way it ended. Now the goal is to do even better next season. And win.

His sporting accolades are well known in Sweden. Less known are the recognitions he received in the United States for their efforts outside of hockey. Through its own Henrik Lundqvist Foundation and other organizations he has helped to attract attention and raise money for sick children, for their treatment and opportunities to be cared for at home with their families. He has done the same with school construction and improved education for children in poor parts of the Dominican Republic.

- There has been growing at a. When I came over to the US I was impressed by the people who put a lot of time, dedication and money to help others in New York. It was contagious. Then I had some experiences in Gothenburg before I went over there I felt that ... it went into the heart, somehow. You saw what different organizations did, saying "Henke", which also supports projects in previous hometown Gothenburg.

- The focus is on children, both physically and within the school grounds. I think it's fun to try to use the position I have, my name and the contacts I have in New York, to do good things.

Last year he was one of three players nominated for the NHL Foundation Award for his charity work. He was also one of four nominated as leading US television sports channel ESPN chose four athletes from the United States - and all its sports - the price Sports Humanitarian Award.

- It's just fun that people appreciate what you do. In a situation where you will be appreciated for charity work, the first thing you think of that attention may be drawn to the activity you are doing. Then to obtain the recognition is not nearly as important. But every time you get into a situation where you can spread what you do and get people on the train, so it takes occasions the opportunity to communicate what you are doing. There they have a pretty good role as a sportsman, when appearing in the media a lot.

Henrik Lundqvist Talks World Cup


The star goalie is the first hockey player to get scholarship since the brothers Henrik and Daniel Sedin, incidentally teammates with Lundqvist in the World Cup, it got five years ago.

- I feel honored, especially when I look at the list of the athletes who won the award in the past, says Henrik Lundqvist, who after the visit on Öland takes on pre-season training in earnest.

World Cup in Toronto is in focus. A special tournament that Henrik Lundqvist look forward.

- Fun to the tournament will be played in Toronto where hockey means so much. Interesting also that it is not only the world's top hockey nations who are with but also a Europalag and a North American U23 team. It will be a test case for us as hockeynation.Annan matter now
Henrik Lundqvist was included in the Three Crowns who played the World Cup in 2004, but this time will Lundqvist to get a completely different role.

- I was the third goalkeeper in the squad now and still played in the top division. But it was fun to be with and hang out with the big players like Sundin and "Foppa" and the entire league in the locker room, said Henrik Lundqvist.

The time Sweden went out in the quarterfinals against the Czech Republic.

Now the 34-year-old one of the team's leading players and he believes the Three Crowns have good opportunities in Toronto.

- I hope and believe of course that we can go all the way. We have an interesting team, especially on the reverse side. There are many talented players who have major roles in their club team, said Lundqvist, who kept running with tennis and in the gym during the summer holidays.

Would be more on ice
But the holiday is almost over for the Rangers goalkeeper.

- In early August will be full speed and I'll try to be more on the ice in the preseason the past year. I want to get as well prepared as possible, not only to the World Cup but also to a new season in New York.

He finished first goalkeeper in the Three Crowns - but takes nothing for granted.

- There are two good goalkeepers in the squad (Jacob Markström and Robin Lehner), but I'll prepare myself the best I can. It will be fun to meet all the players in the squad eventually, it's lovely guys. Slowly begin to think more and more in the season ahead, but so far there are a few vacation days left to enjoy.

New Swedish Henrik Lundqvist Interview


On Wednesday arrived Henrik Lundqvist to the Borgholm, Oland and for the first time ever. On Thursday morning got 24Kalmar meet this year's Victoria Scholarship holders.

- I am grateful that I got the price, it is a great honor and fun to get the price. I think that no matter what you are doing, it is nice to get appreciation, says Lundqvist
Why do you think you won this year, you've had better seasons before?

- I do not know, but we have fought hard for years. Just lagmässigt went well not as hoped but I still felt personally that it was a very challenging season for me. Considering how we played, I was very pleased with the full year to really last game in the playoffs, says Lundqvist, whose team New York Rangers went from the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If you compare New York with Oland, what is the difference?

- Hehe, I think it is reminiscent of Bastad and Bjärehalvön. Beautiful scenery and a great atmosphere. You feel that it is an area that lives up in the summer.

- We will stay until tomorrow (Friday). We should look around a bit and meet friends who are also here.

New Henrik Lundqvist Interview; Charlise Lundqvist got to Meet a Real Princess


Victoria had this morning a secret meeting with Henrik Lundqvist.

New York Rangers big star was the home of the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel's private residence on Öland. Among the first of her 39 birthday.

- My daughter Charlise got to meet Estelle. She has dreamed of meeting a real princess. They played really well together, says Henke Expressen. It was of course special.

The evening takes place the official big star meeting.
Sweden's greatest-ever hockey goalie Henrik Lundqvist will then meet with the entire royal family at the sports ground in Borgholm when he gets this year's Victoria Scholarship.
But the Express can tell the real star meeting took place early in the morning on Öland. In great secrecy left Henrik Lundqvist central Borgholm in his Porsche Cayenne. With in the car were also family - wife Therese and their daughter Charlise.

It was collusive that Victoria and Daniel would be able to take her home in peace and quiet to sit down with Henrik Lundqvist and have a private chat. At home in their private villa Skönvik at Solliden Palace area. There will only close friends and family. Now even a star goalie.

- Yes, it was a fun meeting, confirms Henrik Lundqvist.
- Especially for the daughter Charlise. She is incredibly fascinated by princesses and we have told in a few days she'll get to meet a real princess.
- At home in New York, she has a lot prinsessdockor and is completely taken by Frozen. So it is very prinsessaker right now.

It became more than a princess:
The home of the Crown Princess was the other little princess:
- Yes, they met and played great!
- Nice to see that they got along so well, laugh Henke.

What were you talking about?
- Everything.
- Life, the children. There was so much to graze.
- Victoria and Daniel've traveled a lot and even been much in New York. It was fun and it was especially fun to see little girls play. Charlise has now really got to see and meet a real princess, says Henrik Lundqvist.

In the evening, he stands on stage in Borgholm and SVT when he becomes this year's Victoria Scholarship holders.
- I'm incredibly proud and happy to get me to join the crowd. It's a very impressive list of previous winners.
- A price I value highly.
But, Victoria, then? She celebrates its 39 years today. Henry was one of the first home of the birthday child this morning.
- I congratulated course.
What gave you?
- It must be the latter, he laughs

Watch Henrik Lundqvist Receive the 2016 Victoria Scholarship


Click here to watch. Henrik appears around the 1:02:41 mark.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Photos of Henrik Lundqvist at his 2016 Swedish Goalie Camp


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