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Friday, July 15, 2016

New Swedish Henrik Lundqvist Interview


On Wednesday arrived Henrik Lundqvist to the Borgholm, Oland and for the first time ever. On Thursday morning got 24Kalmar meet this year's Victoria Scholarship holders.

- I am grateful that I got the price, it is a great honor and fun to get the price. I think that no matter what you are doing, it is nice to get appreciation, says Lundqvist
Why do you think you won this year, you've had better seasons before?

- I do not know, but we have fought hard for years. Just lagmässigt went well not as hoped but I still felt personally that it was a very challenging season for me. Considering how we played, I was very pleased with the full year to really last game in the playoffs, says Lundqvist, whose team New York Rangers went from the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If you compare New York with Oland, what is the difference?

- Hehe, I think it is reminiscent of Bastad and Bjärehalvön. Beautiful scenery and a great atmosphere. You feel that it is an area that lives up in the summer.

- We will stay until tomorrow (Friday). We should look around a bit and meet friends who are also here.

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