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Friday, July 15, 2016

New Henrik Lundqvist Interview; Charlise Lundqvist got to Meet a Real Princess


Victoria had this morning a secret meeting with Henrik Lundqvist.

New York Rangers big star was the home of the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel's private residence on Öland. Among the first of her 39 birthday.

- My daughter Charlise got to meet Estelle. She has dreamed of meeting a real princess. They played really well together, says Henke Expressen. It was of course special.

The evening takes place the official big star meeting.
Sweden's greatest-ever hockey goalie Henrik Lundqvist will then meet with the entire royal family at the sports ground in Borgholm when he gets this year's Victoria Scholarship.
But the Express can tell the real star meeting took place early in the morning on Öland. In great secrecy left Henrik Lundqvist central Borgholm in his Porsche Cayenne. With in the car were also family - wife Therese and their daughter Charlise.

It was collusive that Victoria and Daniel would be able to take her home in peace and quiet to sit down with Henrik Lundqvist and have a private chat. At home in their private villa Skönvik at Solliden Palace area. There will only close friends and family. Now even a star goalie.

- Yes, it was a fun meeting, confirms Henrik Lundqvist.
- Especially for the daughter Charlise. She is incredibly fascinated by princesses and we have told in a few days she'll get to meet a real princess.
- At home in New York, she has a lot prinsessdockor and is completely taken by Frozen. So it is very prinsessaker right now.

It became more than a princess:
The home of the Crown Princess was the other little princess:
- Yes, they met and played great!
- Nice to see that they got along so well, laugh Henke.

What were you talking about?
- Everything.
- Life, the children. There was so much to graze.
- Victoria and Daniel've traveled a lot and even been much in New York. It was fun and it was especially fun to see little girls play. Charlise has now really got to see and meet a real princess, says Henrik Lundqvist.

In the evening, he stands on stage in Borgholm and SVT when he becomes this year's Victoria Scholarship holders.
- I'm incredibly proud and happy to get me to join the crowd. It's a very impressive list of previous winners.
- A price I value highly.
But, Victoria, then? She celebrates its 39 years today. Henry was one of the first home of the birthday child this morning.
- I congratulated course.
What gave you?
- It must be the latter, he laughs

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