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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Inerview


Friday, February 25, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist & Fans Part Ten

ShareThis Disclaimer: All of these photos were found at public sites; however, if you are in any of the fan photos and you would like me to remove a photo for you, do not hesitate to tell me as I will surely take it down for you. Also, as always if you would like to submit a photo of yourself and Henrik to the blog do not hesitate to e-mail me or post the photo on The Henrik Lundqvist Blog Facebook page.

The following photo was submitted to the blog from reader Jennifer:

Thanks Jennifer!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Post-Game Notes & Reaction


* Henrik Lundqvist turned aside 27 shots, and is now 23-19-4 overall with a 13-10-1 mark on the road. He has now started in each of the Rangers’ last 29 meetings with the Devils, and has posted a record of 21-9-5 with a 1.85 goals against average, a .937 save percentage and five shutouts in 35 career regular season appearances vs. New Jersey.

From Ranger Rants:

“It’s disappointing not getting any points,” said Lundqvist, who stopped all but one of the Devils’ 28 shots - the exception being Ilya Kovalchuk’s breakaway at 8:18 of the second period. “It felt like they were really strong in the first two periods. In the third, we came out and played really well but it was not enough.

“It felt like they were the better team, for two periods at least,” Lundqvist added.

“They have so much more confidence,” Lundqvist said. “Defensively, they didn’t give us much. Their top players are playing better. And the bounce goes to the wrong player. Kovalchuk is playing well. I just tried to be patient (on the breakaway) but he just beat me with a good shot. It was under my glove and over my pads. It’s tough when he comes in with that much speed. In shootouts, they come in with less speed. But to face a guy like this at 100 mph, it’s a little different.

“They’re in the race,” Lundqvist added. “It’s unbelievable. But they’re in the race.”

Friday, February 18, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Robs Kopitar 2/17/11


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post-Game Notes & Reaction: Henrik Lundqvist Records His 200th Career Win


Henrik Lundqvist made 25 saves through regulation and overtime, and turned aside two of three shootout attempts to record his 200th career win. He is now tied with John Vanbiesbouck for fourth on the Rangers all-time wins list. Lundqvist improved to 23-18-4 overall, including a 10-9-3 mark at home.

From Rangers Report:

Henrik Lundqvist:

“They needed some luck to get back in the game there. It felt like we were really on them, especially in the third. But they kept working hard and got the bounces. So there’s not much to say. We responded in a good way, though.

“You score that second goal, they tie it. It’s pretty tough mentally when you work so hard the whole game and finally get that second goal. We responded again with the third one, and then again they come up with the tying goal. So mentally it’s definitely a challenge. But we did a good job. I thought we came out pretty good in the overtime as well, and we made some really nice moves in the shootout. So, another big one tomorrow and hopefully we can keep this going.”

“They work hard in the offensive zone. They rotate a lot and have guys going to the net a lot. Pretty skilled. Good power play too. This was a fun game to play. It felt like the crowd was into it, too. Just a great feeling to get two in a row here. We have another two big games here this weekend. I look forward to it.”

“I felt pretty good today. Those last two goals were tough bounces. I felt like my positioning was there and I saw the puck pretty well. They were good in getting people and bodies in front of me the whole night … but we did a good job and the PK was really good.”

“I think it’s a lot of relief to get out with the two points. When we scored the second one, we felt like we had it. When we scored the third one we definitely felt like we had it. They had some luck there on the two goals—the bounce (off) our guy and the third one hit my head and in. But you’ve got to give it to them. They worked hard, and we responded in a good way.”

On the shootout:

“I know if I do my job and stay focused we have a good chance to win. We have some guys that have some really good moves. It’s important. It’s huge for us to have guys that can score goals like that in shootouts, because (those are) big points.”

On how he feels since the Devils game:

“Two wins, obviously you feel a lot better. My game is coming. I had a couple of games where I didn’t play that great, but it was over almost three weeks. It felt like a long time, but it wasn’t that many games. So sometimes you feel like you overreact because you’re not playing that much. But it feels good to be in there now and get minutes and help the team get wins. You’re more relaxed and it’s easier to play.”

On his 200th win:

“Yeah, it’s a great feeling to reach that. It’s a milestone for me, and I’m happy I’ve been able to be here for almost six years now, and I just hope I get the opportunity to stay here and get another 200, but we’ll see. I’m very happy I reached that. It’s a sign that I’ve been part of good teams over the last couple of years and I’ve been able to play a lot, too, so I’m happy.”

Henrik Lundqvist at Casino Night 2011


The biggest-ticket item was a Henrik Lundqvist autographed NHL All-Star jersey, which brought in $6,400 for Garden of Dreams. Lundqvist proudly displayed the jersey throughout the bidding and posed for a picture with the winner. A signed Lundqvist Heritage jersey went for an additional $4,000 at auction just moments later.

One of the most entertaining aspects of Casino Night is the opportunity to see all of the Blueshirts dressed to the nines in their tuxedos.

"Some of these guys you don't see in a tux that often," said Lundqvist, who is known for his fashion sense. "It's always fun to meet all the guys with their families and also to meet the fans. I really enjoy it. It has been fun every time I have been a part of it."

In addition, a group of players' wives and significant others compiled baskets of "favorite things" unique to each player. Baskets for Sauer, Callahan, Dan Girardi, Lundqvist, and Erik Christensen were on display. Lundqvist's basket included everything from an NHL All-Star jersey to a selection of Swedish candies.

Were you there? Did you meet Henrik? If so, you are more than welcome to send me any pictures or stories you might have and I will post them here for you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist’s Goal: For Tiny’s to Open in a Couple of Weeks


Last week, DNA Info brought word that Community Board 1 approved an upstairs bar and seating at Tiny’s, the restaurant that Matt Abramcyk and Sean Avery of Warren 77 are opening with Avery’s New York Rangers teammate Henrik Lundqvist. Yesterday at the N.Y. Rangers Casino Night at Gotham Hall, Lundqvist told us the restaurant may open in a couple of weeks. “The plan was to open earlier,” he said, “But we had to do some more work. It’s a very old building.” Lundqvist, who says he’s “not a big restaurant guy,” told us he got involved after some conversations with Avery because “I really trust Matt Abramcyk, who’s the brain behind it.” So has it been difficult opening a restaurant during the Rangers season?

“I leave all that to Matt,” he said. “I’m going to enjoy it once it’s done, but right now I’m not thinking about it. It’s a side thing, and when it’s done I can go there with my friends and enjoy it.”

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Henrik Lundqvist Head & Shoulders Photos; Henrik Lundqvist Steiner Sports Last Licks Signing Has Been Postponed


I found another Henrik Lundqvist Head & Shoulders ad on the photographers website, which is:

The photographer is Ida Brekke.

I screen capped some photos of his commercial as well:

Also, it seems that Henrik's recent slump (and perhaps the Knicks game sighting with Justin Bieber) may have caused Torts to tell Henrik to lay-low off the ice for the rest of the season. He was supposed to be appearing at Steiner Sports' Last Licks store at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Feb. 16th. However, that appearance has been postponed to at least April. I will keep you updated on an official date and time when it becomes available.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview


Friday, February 11, 2011

More Details About Henrik Lundqvist's Restaurant Emerge


The Swedish hockey player is working with teammate Sean Avery and local restaurateur Matt Abramcyk to launch the new TriBeCa bistro, called Tiny's, a publicist confirmed to DNAinfo.
But the project has hit a few setbacks, Abramcyk said at a meeting this week. Construction on the landmarked three-story building at 135 W. Broadway took more time and money than any of the partners had expected, because the structure was in such bad shape, Abramcyk said.
"We basically rebuilt the entire building from top to bottom," Abramcyk told Community Board 1 Wednesday night.
To make up for the extra expenses, Abramcyk is applying to add a bar and 19 seats to the building's second floor, bringing the restaurant to 59 seats total, so that it will be financially viable, he said.

Abramcyk, who did not mention the hockey star partners during his presentation on Wednesday, said he named the establishment Tiny's for the size of its diminutive, pink-painted building, which previously housed Vietnamese restaurant Hoi An.
The restaurant will serve light, modern American food with Italian influences, including a Tiny's Burger with pickled beets, a fried egg and blue cheese, and Long Island Blackfish with celery root puree, sunchokes, new potatoes and carrots, according to a preliminary menu.
Tiny's also plans to tap into the neighborhood's bustling lunch crowd, offering sandwiches with house-made cold cuts for under $15, Abramcyk said.

Cocktails on the preliminary menu include a Hemingway Daiquiri with white rum, maraschino liqueur, fresh grapefruit and lime, and a White Lady with muddled strawberries and champagne.
CB1's Tribeca Committee gave advisory approval Wednesday to the liquor license alteration, which will allow for the extra seating.

Read more:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

For All the Guys Who Want to Dress Like Henrik...


You can work with his clothier:

To make an appointment with Jessica Peters, Astor & Black clothier to Sean Avery, and Henrik Lundqvist, both of the New York Rangers, email

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Pictures From Montreal


These were taken before the last Rangers- Canadians game in Montreal.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Revealing Henrik Lundqvist Interview from 2004 (Henrik not his real name?)


Thank you to reader Anna for finding and translating these interviews with Henrik from 2004 and 2003. They were quite revealing. Apparently, Henrik's real name is actually Bjorn Henrik Lundqvist. Anna explained to me that in Sweden it is quite common for people to use their middle names instead of their first name. I was pretty shocked. I think we can all agree that Henrik suites him better than Bjorn. Anyway, Henrik also revealed that he almost left Frolunda to come to the Rangers a year early which I did not previously know. Read on for more, I highlighted some of the things I found interesting:

”I am incredibly irritable”

Frölunda’s Henrik Lundqvist about not making it to the World Cup team, buying an appartment in Manhattan – and his new band.

He sits on a gold coloured couch and talks about his last encouter with a hockey journalist from New York.
- She asked how I would cope living in New York. “What,” I answered, “I live in Gothenburg. If you’ve lived in Gothenburg you can cope with anything,” tells Henrik Lundqvist and grins. And the black boots he’s wearing are cockier and more pointy than ever.

A big interview with Frölunda’s and Tre kronors Henrik Lundqvist is almost never a problem. “I don’t do anything during the days anyway,” he says.

(The interviewer meets an older player outside the dressing room and they look at a picture of him in ’87. The interviewer tells the player that the Lundqvist brothers went to kindergarden then. The player says he just got ten years older hearing that)

Henrik Lundqvist laughs loudly when he gets to hear the story. “1987, I was 5 then and they used to freeze water in a sand box so we could play hockey,” he tells. “But I didn’t start playing hockey in Järpen before I was eight, in 1989 (note: not my fault, apparently Henrik thinks he was 8 in 1989).
That tells us how young Frölunda’s star goalie really is. But aged 22, he is Swedish hockeys future and the biggest goalie talent in decades.
He didn’t get a place in World Cup though, where he wasn’t picked by Hardy Nilsson and had to watch Tre Kronor from the audience. “I prepared really well with extra early personal ice training, before the others in Frölunda. Those were quite tough trainings. So of course I was hoping to play,” says Henke. “But I wasn’t in good shape before the end and that was too late.”

People say you should have played and then Hardy Nilsson would still have had his job?
“That’s just a silly afterwards thing, I completely understand they put in Tellqvist, he looked hottest during the trainings. That we lost wasn’t his fault, it was the whole defense that was wide open. We shouldn’t even talk about the game against Czech Republic.”

But you must have been dissappointed about not making it to the team?
“Of course I would have liked to play, but I was never extremely dissappointed.”

Thanks to the lockout in the NHL there’s a lot of focus on Elitserien, even in Northern America. According to hockey journalists in New York people think you’re going to be a superstar even there – if the media doesn’t eat you!
Henrik laughs surprised.
“They say that? Then it might be good that I’m getting used to that here at home.”

But you don’t think about NHL?
“Not at all. Only when you bring it up, I start thinking about it. Me and Therese have talked about how it would be to maybe move there and play for the Rangers. Today it’s five minutes to the arena, there it’s an hour or two between MSG and the new training facility outside the city. How will that be in traffic?”

So you’re dreaming about a four bedroom appartment in Manhattan now?
“Rather a one room (appartment without bedroom) appartment, with those rents they have. We could probably not afford more.”

But it could be tough for Therese, as a hockey wife when you are on road trips?
“Yes, we’ve talked about that it could get tough. We’d probably have to make sure to live in a good place, because she wouldn’t get a work permit and would be home quite a lot. But right now it’s Frölunda that matters!”

You were close to leaving Frölunda last summer?
“I was quite focussed on that for a long time, but then Rangers took a long time with it and the contract got messy. And then Frölunda wanted to get payed for letting me go and... yes, it was quite a lot of money, and then I felt one day that no, I wasn’t mature enough, I wasn’t ready, I’m not finished in Frölunda. I’m staying.”
“The day after that decision I travelled to the USA and Mexico with Therese on vacation and it just felt like the right decision. I feel good in Frölunda.”

You play almost all games. How worn out are you now, after a third of the series?
“Physically it’s no problem, I have energy. But mentally it can be tougher. If you’re not hundred procent present on the ice it goes wrong immediately.”

Have you experienced that?
“Yes, several times. It happens that I take the wrong decision, that it doesn’t go smoothly, that I get too aggressive or maybe go down too early on the ice. Sometimes a puck goes in and I think ‘Why did I do that, I wouldn’t have done that during a training.”

You’re known for loading/preparing quite hard before games, and get really moody?
“I have always loaded, but now I play so much I don’t do it as intensively as before. I listen to music and see pictures in my head, but now it’s only one hour instead of three.”

What about the mood?
“I am incredibly irritable, already in the morning. If someone annoys me I snap immediately. Or if someone shoots me on my mask during the warm up, I get really pissed and start swearing at the guy... even though I know that such things happen.”

Sorry to ask a stupid question, but you never get to sit and rest during a game. How hard is it actually to stand so focussed for such a long time on the ice?
“You crouch and rest after whistles or when the puck is on the other side. Look into the audience after whistles. It’s ok.”

And then you switch on, when they attack?
“Yes, then everything is on, then I just see the puck and my only thought is ‘I will get that puck.’ But I’m trying to teach myself to see the larger picture, to see what’s on the other side, kind of. Sometimes I’m too focussed on the puck.”

Us hockey reporters get some mails about that your pads should be measured. Has that been done?
“Yes, the league measures all and mine are good. I could even have had a centimeter wider.”

But you have less now than before?
“A little, maybe. A little shorter. But they’re thinking about taking off five cm in NHL, so...”
“Pads are always meassured, especially during championships. Greet your readers that mine are good!”

You’re quite good at avoiding talking about your private life with Therese?
“Yes, there’s no reason to talk about that. I hate reading such things in magazines myself.”

You could have let her join you on the picture we took of you?
“She’s at work.”

“At a kindergarten.”

Does Frölunda have groupies?
He laughs again.
“There is a group of girls you recognize now, when they ask for an autograph for like the twentyfifth time. But groupies... I don’t know.”

Anything else? Tell us something fun!
“We have started a band! It’s me and Joel and the juniors Kalle Olsson and Björn Gustafsson. We practice once a week. I’m on guitar, Joel drums. But it sounds soso...”

Do you play hard covers?
“No, it’s mostly some Lars Winnerbäck, Gyllene Tider, Green Day... Easy to sing and easy to play.”

Any band name?
“No. That’s how new we are, we don’t even have a name.”

I’m probably going to write that the couch you’re sitting on is of gold colour.
Henrik Lundqvist doesn’t answer, but grins again.

This is Henrik

Name: Björn Henrik Lundqvist
Age: 22
Born: 2 march 1982 in Åre
Family: Living together with Therese
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Shoe size: 44
Lives: Appartment in Gothenburg
First club: Järpens IF
Started playing hockey: 8 years old
Other teams: Rögle BK
Glove hand: left
Own homepage: No. (“Me and computers? I don’t think so”)

Henrik about...
...Fast cars: I don’t know anything about cars, but I like driving those that go fast. I drive a BMW myself.

...Cooking: Don’t know anything about that either. I’m not interested in cooking whatsoever, and I don’t have to care about it because my girlfriend Therese is such a good cook. I cut the vegetables. And I eat porridge every time we have home games.

...Nisse Ekman (A guy who skated into him really hard once): He’s great, we hung out a bit during World Cup. But you’re thinking about the hit last season. That is passed us now. But we talked about it when I met him and his girlfriend, who is from Gothenburg.

...George Bush: My sister Gabriella lives in the USA and she would really have preferred seeing John Kerry win, but I’m undecided. Although Bush would probably gain from being less offensive on certain subjects.

...Pointy boots: I love boots!

...Golf: I have handicap 21, so it’s crawling downwards (?). I ended my season with a new set of golf clubs, but during the second last game I ruined a club by throwing it straight into the woods and it hit a tree quite badly.

...Journalists: Most of them are pretty nice and are just doing there jobs. But it’s happened that someone calls me late, late in the evening, without any excuses and that really bothers me. But I don’t read everything they write, especially not after a bad game, then I don’t even open the newspaper.

Some short questions from another interview in 2003:

Do you have any phobias?
“That must be a spider phobia. (smiles) I really hate spiders, it’s the worst thing I know, spiders and snakes.”

What would you say is typical for Henrik Lundqvist?
(Long silence) “I would have to say egoistic then, really badly (laughs). No, but I think a lot about myself, that I should have it good all the time, yeah but it is like that really (laughs). It’s both good and bad, I mean it’s clear you have to think about yourself, you only live once and you should make sure to live well then. At the same time it wouldn’t hurt to think about others either (laughs).
That’s quite a big difference between me and my brother. He thinks about others more than I do. But it has become like that with me standing in goal also. You almost need to be a little ego because you’re so alone out there. If you stand there thinking about others it doesn’t work. It’s like, only you who has to do it so it’s kind of easy to take that frame of mind with you outside of the rink too, a little at least.”

But is it something you’re trying to work on?
(laughs) “Yes I guess it is. (silence) or well it’s mostly my girlfriend who thinks I should work on it, on not being so self centered.”

Saturday, February 5, 2011

HQ Photos of Henrik Lundqvist & Justin Bieber at Knicks Game


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview


Even More Photos of Henrik Lundqvist & Justin Bieber at Knicks Game (And Chris Rock Too)


Henrik Lundqvist Courtside Video Interview


This took place prior to Justin Bieber's arrival.

More Photos of Henrik Lundqvist & Justin Bieber at Knicks Game


Henrik Lundqvist & Justin Bieber at Knicks Game Video


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Attended Knicks- Mavs Game at MSG


He was interviewed during the game. If I find the video, I will post it. Later on in the game, Justin Bieber sat next to him. Hence, this photo of Justin Bieber eating a hot dog while sitting next to Henrik Lundqvist.

Henrik Lundqvist Post-Game Video Interview


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Post-SuperSkills MSG Video Interview