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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Optimistic About Upcoming Season


Henrik Lundqvist is optimistic that the dispute between NHL players and owners will be settled. “I’m approaching it that it’s going to be good to go when it’s time to go,” the Ranger all-star goalie told us at Taste of Tennis on Thursday. “I’m practicing the same way and, mentally, I’m preparing for a normal season.” If a deal isn’t struck, there could be a lockout. “I think the biggest issues right now are revenue sharing,” Lundqvist continued, adding, “Teams are signing players to huge contracts, and at the same time they say teams are struggling and it’s just hard to put those numbers together.” Lockouts occurred during the 1994-95 and 2004-05 hockey seasons.

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Translated Henrik Lundqvist Aftonbladet Interview


Lundqvist: The first week I thought - How will this go?

The star of her newborn daughter, the quest for the Stanley Cup - and lockout threat

NEW YORK. NHL's biggest, toughest and most målfarlig forward stars have been trying for years.

But it took a little princess to bring King Henry disconcerted.

Her name is Charlise, she arrived six weeks ago and has turned upside down daddy goalkeeper icon existence.

- After the first day I was exhausted and wondered "how is this going?" But you get used to it after all, tells a happy smile Henrik Lundqvist during a long interview with Sportbladet about his new life, the Vezina Trophy triumph and the chances that he plays in Frolunda if there is a lockout.

It's a great year he has behind him, Henrik Lundqvist.

He had to return to Sweden and Frölunda with his New York Rangers, he became a TV star in the HBO series "24/7", he played the Winter Classic match before 47,000 spectators in Philadelphia, he carried his Blåskjortor until the conference finals, and was honored Finally Vezina Trophy - the price every year to the NHL's best goalie.

- Yes, that is genuinely a special season. It has never been more fun to play hockey, says the now 30-year-old crowd favorite at Madison Square Garden when we meet in New York, where he first spent a whole summer.

And yet:

The great reward, he received a month later, when the dust had settled and all prices were distributed.

This gave little Charlise and "King Henry" became a father for the first time.

- It's cool and exciting, your life will be different. But while there has been much like I expected. You must redirect their everyday life a little bit. I have been very spontaneous before, but now you have to manage their time in a different way.

Has there been emotionally overwhelming?

- It will be stronger and stronger for me. As the guy has not really the same bond as the mother and the first month we have not so much exchange of visitation. She does not even look at you, you get a blank stare. As my in the locker room after the loss, he he. But now it is come and as soon as you get a smile, it's very funny. The more time I spend with her, the stronger it becomes.

How has it gone to sleep then?

- Well, there have not been so good, ha ha. She has been very kind, but there is still much that must be fixed and trixas with, so after the first few days I was exhausted and wondered "how is this going to go."

- I am accustomed to sleep ten hours, that's what I need to not wake up grumpy. But it's a process, you get used to and we will find a solution even during the season.

You hear other players who become parents say that they suddenly have a different focus, such as forgetting losses quickly when they come home and meet her children. It sounds like a good thing for you ...

- He he, yes. it will be fun to see how people are affected. Hopefully I will be a better person and teach me prioritize the right things even more. Whether you like it or not I just had to drop things when you come home. Before, you could put himself in the first place all the time, now it is she who is the main priority.

The other nice price you got this summer, Vezina ... it meant too much?

- Yes, it did. To receive that price has long been a goal and a dream. It is a vote, and all might not think I deserved it, but enough people did it anyway.

And now all that remains is to win the Stanley Cup then?

- Yes, to get the win becomes more and more important. In the beginning when you come over here thinks most of yourself, you are so busy to even take a seat. I still focus on my own game, but I look at the same time broader and really want to win.

You seem to find yourself in a good location too.

- Yes, we are on the right track. We had a good season last year, has done the right things in the summer and are a better team now.

You have mainly acquired Rick Nash. Have you met him yet?

- Yes, it seems like a really good guy and he's excited to be here. He has been a top player on a team like Columbus and now he can get to a place like this team, on a much larger market.

Now it's just the question if there is any play at all. Lockout threatens.

- Yes, it's unfortunately so.

You have personally been involved in a couple of those meetings here in New York. How did it happen?

- Everyone is involved, we want to be updated and know what is happening. We have our views and find it difficult to understand how the owners look at things. Their first bid was immediately embarrassed. The league is going well, revenue has increased tremendously over the past seven years. Yet they want us to go back to 2004 levels. I can not get it together.

That kind of detail you feel the standards if it gets into the question, but how do you explain to a public that may not be familiar with and just see that there are people who are very good as quarrel?

- It is very difficult, it is a sensitive issue. I understand that people can question whether we really deserve all this money, but this is more about right and wrong and it never feels good to be utilized. And those who say that we have a lot of money to get involved with our hobby do not really understand what we are going through.

If it gets lockout then, you come home to Frölunda then?

- I told my brother to keep me updated on what is happening at home, but they have not quite decided what to do, and it must feel good for them too. You do not want to got there and ask something organizationally and then dragging. But if there is gambling in Sweden is definitely just Frölunda apply.

Thank you to reader Johan for sending me this article!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Video Twitter Q & A


Henrik Lundqvist at 2012 Taste of Tennis at the W New York


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Radio Show Same Same But Different Video Interview


Here's a translation of this interview from reader PA:

The radio show isn't called "Same same but different", it's kind of a quiz they're doing and the video is only featuring that quiz, the whole interview is longer. The radio show is called Mix Megapols Morrongäng (Mix Megapol's Morning crew). Anyway in the quiz the hosts say local things that are typical of Gothenburg, and Henrik is supposed to say what the equivalents are in New York. So he's not necessarily saying that he likes all those things..

-Oves Gatukök-Pop Burger: "Mini hamburger place, extremely tasty late at night"-

Blåvitt(or IFK Göteborg, football/soccer team)-Giants: "The american football team"

-Kexchoklad(chocolate bar) "Well... great... I never buy such things..uhm..we'll skip that"

-Marsstrand-Hamptons-Mamma Scans

Köttbullar(meatballs) or fast macaronies-Chicken Wings: "That's so typically Swedish, typical American is Chicken Wings. If I think about an American, I think about gooey Chicken Wings...Host: One buys that on Kentucky fried chicken?
HL: At any bar
Host: But if you're making it at home, the kids are hungry and it should take 5 minutes? Macaroni and cheese?
HL: Then they probably take a bag home, and heat it in the micro oven.
Host: No one cooks anything" -
Morrongänget- Z100 morning crew: "There is an equvalent, what are they called...but I actually listen to them
Host: The Z100?Yes, exactly. Look how much you know"
-Bolibompa(tv show for kids) - ? :
Host:"Or maybe you're not in the children world ye
tNo.. But it will probably come. We'll have to find out about this"
-Pebben(PJ Axelsson) - ? : "Pebben?! There is no equivalent"
-Azaleadalen-Central Park

Henrik Lundqvist Video Interview/Sneak Preview of New Website


Henrik Lundqvist from jeremy zander on Vimeo.

If this video is any indication of what is to come on his new website, I'm excited..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gold Medal Winner Henrik Lundqvist Attended Garden of Dreams Event Yesterday


Henrik & Carmelo Anthony of the N.Y Knicks.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Attended 9th Annual Esquire Apartment Event in Dumbo

Here are some pictures I just found from an event Henrik & Brad Richards attended during last season in Brooklyn.


Brad Richards and Henrik Lundqvist attend 9th Annual Esquire Apartment - The ClockTower in Dumbo on October 13, 2011 in New York City.

Henrik Lundqvist Summer Video Interview Part 2


 This was a great interview. I'm so happy Henrik spoke about the time he waved to the fans who were chanting his name at the Garden. I don't think too many people remember he did that. I distinctly remember him doing that and aside from his obvious stellar play, that was the thing that endeared me to him. I had been watching hockey since I was six years old and had never ever seen a goalie wave to the fans during a game. I thought it was awesome he acknowledged them like that. I would love to see him do that again one day, but I know he is extremely focused during games so it probably won't happen again. Anyway, I have been searching for Henrik's wave on YouTube for years but I have never found it. If anyone out there comes across it, please send it my way so I can post it on the blog. Thanks in advance. I also think he gave a very honest and thoughtful response to the fatherhood question, as well as giving us the correct pronunciation of Charlise.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Doesn't Like Cotton Candy


Henrik Lundqvist Summer Video Interview Part 1