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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Swedish Radio Show Same Same But Different Video Interview


Here's a translation of this interview from reader PA:

The radio show isn't called "Same same but different", it's kind of a quiz they're doing and the video is only featuring that quiz, the whole interview is longer. The radio show is called Mix Megapols Morrongäng (Mix Megapol's Morning crew). Anyway in the quiz the hosts say local things that are typical of Gothenburg, and Henrik is supposed to say what the equivalents are in New York. So he's not necessarily saying that he likes all those things..

-Oves Gatukök-Pop Burger: "Mini hamburger place, extremely tasty late at night"-

Blåvitt(or IFK Göteborg, football/soccer team)-Giants: "The american football team"

-Kexchoklad(chocolate bar) "Well... great... I never buy such things..uhm..we'll skip that"

-Marsstrand-Hamptons-Mamma Scans

Köttbullar(meatballs) or fast macaronies-Chicken Wings: "That's so typically Swedish, typical American is Chicken Wings. If I think about an American, I think about gooey Chicken Wings...Host: One buys that on Kentucky fried chicken?
HL: At any bar
Host: But if you're making it at home, the kids are hungry and it should take 5 minutes? Macaroni and cheese?
HL: Then they probably take a bag home, and heat it in the micro oven.
Host: No one cooks anything" -
Morrongänget- Z100 morning crew: "There is an equvalent, what are they called...but I actually listen to them
Host: The Z100?Yes, exactly. Look how much you know"
-Bolibompa(tv show for kids) - ? :
Host:"Or maybe you're not in the children world ye
tNo.. But it will probably come. We'll have to find out about this"
-Pebben(PJ Axelsson) - ? : "Pebben?! There is no equivalent"
-Azaleadalen-Central Park

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