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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Real Reason Why Henrik Lundqvist Doesn't Bike to the Games in Sochi


Tre Kronor players cycle to matches.
All but Henke Lundqvist - he walks or takes the bus.
- I like to sit on the bus and think a little, says Lundqvist.
You may have seen pictures of what the Tre Kronor in suits players bicycles to the games in Sochi. There is nothing unusual in this OS - although other teams are way off in the nice weather.
But goalie Henrik Lundqvist has not yet caught on any bike image . The other day he walked into the arena and today he took the bus - alone.
- Today it was too far to walk , says Lundqvist and laughs.
- I like to sit on the bus and think a bit before I go to the rink. It's relaxing .
What are you thinking ?
- Match , and what to expect . I actually rode the morning warming , then I took the bus to the game.
"I have cycled "
So you have cycled ?
- Yes, I saw that Erik ( Karlsson ) said I needed training wheels , but I can actually ride .
What do if the Olympic village ?
- It's best "set up" I 've been on. It is fantastic . We enjoy every day we come to the rink . We BIKES to the food and the hall and one can have its own schedule.
Despite three straight wins is not Lundqvist completely satisfied with the tournament.
- There's more to take off , but I hope we grow with the tournament. It should not go flawless . Every game has been challenging for us and it's good for us to feel the hot air . We have got to fight our way to each victory. We do not expect any easy games.

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