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Monday, October 1, 2012

Two New Henrik Lundqvist Head & Shoulders Commercials


I found two more Head & Shoulders commercials. Here they are:

Can anyone from Sweden translate these two for the rest of us? Thank you in advance.


  1. First one:
    Alex: Sophie Fahrman is the face of Sweden's fashion world here in New York. And you've chosen to live here in Meatpacking District.
    Sophie: That's right
    A: Why?
    S: The resturants, the mix of people...
    A: Excuse me! Henke! Sorry! Just..
    Henrik: Wait! It's the new one, Apple Fresh, Head and Shoulders, right?
    A: Yeah excuse me. I don't care, we don't care, our whole team do not care! We're here for two days and we have to get done with this thing!
    H: Yeah but I haven't seen Sophie in a long time and her hair is incredible
    A: That's great..

  2. Second:
    Alex: There's loads of things to do here in Central Park. For the more drastic people there is the amusement park over there. And I, who is more of a calm type of person, have chosen a bicycle taxi here in...
    Henrik: Alex!
    A: ... the car free...
    H: Alex! Wait. I'm all sweaty.
    A: Yeah...
    H: I' ve been running through half the city trying to find you! I forgot to give you this! The new one from H&S; Apple fresh, it's awesome. Here it's yours. This is nice.