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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist Reveals He Had Knee Problems This Summer



Saturday.  Landed at Landvetter morning with his wife Therese and daughter Charlise.
Sunday.   Took it easy, hanging out with family.
Monday.   I saw on TV how Frolunda lost to HV 71st
Tuesday.   Told in a filmed feature on Frölunda Web TV that he awaits with games in Frölunda. Saw on TV Sweden miracle turn to 4-4 against Germany.
Wednesday.  Trained in Frölundaborg, then checked into Frölunda training in the same arena.

He does not, but is still the best hockey player in Gothenburg right now.
Henrik Lundqvist, 30, Rangers player with the great Frölunda-heart.
GT met super goalkeeper in Frölundaborg and talked about the lockout, deed in Berlin and Julius Hudaceks miss.
Gothenburg. Frölunda fans yearn to see Henrik Lundqvist, 30, on the ice.
But after the opening of NHL conflict, an order to appear in New York come faster than anyone guessed just a few days ago.

- I have all the time in touch with my Ranger buddies, they keep me updated on developments, says goalkeeper.

NHL players Matt Duchene and Viktor Stalberg was on the ice.
But the biggest star was standing at the side of the rink and watched as Frölunda trained yesterday.
- I ran for a while on the ice in the morning with, among others, Loui Eriksson, says Henrik Lundqvist. I have to drive on ice to be ready when it kicks off.
Until Tuesday afternoon did not look good for the NHL, but bright for the fans who want to see the best Swedish hockey players in league ice toward the end.
Unraveling the details
The offer from the NHL club owners changed situation. A 50/50-delning of income opened for a faster NHL starter than pessimists believed.
Yesterday wanted Henrik Lundqvist does not say much about the changed conditions:
- It's good that something is happening, but I would first like to familiarize myself with the details before I can say what I think. We must, for example, to sort out what is income, where we and the owners had different opinions before.
Can be speedy passage
But if it dissolves quickly know "Henke" that it is only to pack and take to New York.
- If the lockout ends, it is crucial when training camp starts, he says. To this must all be gathered.
Stop your wife Therese and daughter Charlise left in Gothenburg if you stand?
- We have not talked about yet, I do not even know what it looks like in the next few days for me.
You previously said that you are very eager to play in Frölunda during the conflict. You announced jointly on Tuesday that in that case later this season, now maybe there will not be anything at all. How does it feel?
- I've thought about this every day recently, he says. To postpone games in Frölunda a while was a tough decision to make. But when it comes to playing with the Rangers if the lockout ends, there is no doubt, it is my employer and my top priority.
Many NHL years
In previous interviews, you have indicated that you are going to finish his career in the NHL, not to return to Frölunda. But after courtship in Scandinavium when you were here with Rangers and all resurrection all around you now - you can not imagine to finish with a couple of seasons in Frölunda?
- One should never say never, but I hope I have many years ahead of me in the NHL, says Henrik Lundqvist.
How is your physical condition, you did better from injury last season?
- Yes, we got some order on it, but this summer I had some knee problems that needed to be fixed. It was tough to just run rehab training, healing was accelerated in with cortisone and now it feels good.
You came home to Gothenburg to meet the family during the lockout. Have you had time for that?
- Yes. That's been great fun. We've spent time with my brother and his family, met with parents and Therese's family. It's been really good.
My brother Joel, yes. On Tuesday you saw him play you saw HV match on television. How does he look to you?
- He is working hard as usual. When he avoid injury, he is physically fit and heavy face. But he also has good understanding of the game and pretty good technique. I hope both Joel and Frölunda's sake that he does not have injuries this season.
You saw the same match Frölunda goalie Julius Hudacek make another mistake. Do you have any tips to offer?
- No, no. It's early in the season, then it's easier to make mistakes. But Hudacek played well in other respects, it is a good goalkeeper.
Guest of SvT's Hockey Night
Henrik Lundqvist will tonight be in SVT's Hockey Night in which he will talk both about the lockout and how Frölunda behaved towards Linköping.
He had, as a large part of the Swedish people, on Tuesday a great television experience when he saw the sign for Sweden to 4-4 against Germany in the Soccer World Cup qualifier.
- An absolutely amazing turnaround. It is difficult to understand how such works. But I know how difficult it is when you are playing well and leading large and baklängesmål start falling into. It's really hard to come back. You could see exactly how bad the Germans were.
- It was also fun to see a football game. I like Soccer, but it is not often there.

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