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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Was "Walking Around Like a Zombie" After Charlise Was Born

Happy 1st Birthday to Charlise Lundqvist!

Lundqvist: "I was walking around like a zombie"
Lundqvist for the first time after his daughter was born

Exactly one year ago changed the life of Henrik Lundqvist.
In the summer of P1 tells hockey goalie on the difficult decision to have children and the tough time afterwards.
- When I think of the future is very much about Charlise, he says.

For everyday is Henrik Lundqvist in goal for the New York Rangers in the NHL. It recently received his outspoken coach John Tortorella fired. Today, we learn about "King Henrik" let slip the tongue as easily.
In the summer of 2011 was Henrik and Therese Mr. and Mrs. Lundqvist on an island in the Caribbean. The newlyweds talked a lot about the future and something that always came back was a child issue. Many thoughts whirled in his head before they decided.
- Having children is an incredible decision, or it was, anyway it for us. How would I become a parent? How would my life change? Will my performance on the ice affected? Lundqvist says and continues:
- I've never been a person who loved children, I will honestly say. My siblings' children is one thing, there were bands directly, but strollers, baby screams on the town and in the elevators had never really appealed to me.
But the baby cry it would become. On July 10, exactly one year ago, it was time.
- When it began to tighten, I stood at the edge of the bed and tried to do my best to pep Therese. But my hejarklacksropande received not so good. "Shut up," she hissed, and managed all of its own, says 31-year-old.
"The Alarm"
At 20:33 was a pro hockey dad to daughter Charlie.
- The first hour felt unreal, so much adrenaline and happiness at once. But the first few weeks at home with Charlise really was a wake up call.
- I wonder what people are talking about when they say that everything is so wonderful. I myself walked around like a zombie and knew not what to do. The start was tough.
Future & Daughter
Lundqvist says he is very happy that burväktare New York Rangers and see a long career ahead of him, while he thinks about his daughter's one-year future years.
- When I think of the future is very much about Charlise and her life. Where is she going to grow up, go to kindergarten and school.

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