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Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Swedish Henrik Lundqvist Interview


NEW YORK. Henke Lundqvist change lyxlägenheten in New York - at an even greater.
The six rooms with roof terrace no longer accommodates the family.
- A little more space would not hurt, he says.
Henrik Lundqvist is back in New York. He landed in Wednesday and has already been time to play a charity match in tennis along with newfound friend John McEnroe.
The heavy loss against the LA Kings, he has put behind him after a great summer in Sweden, the batteries are charged and he feels rested. But it took time, he says.
- The first week after you lost is always emptiness. You're so used to having routines, every day up to the rink. Do you take that feeling plus you have been so close to winning something ... But then you start to appreciate all the good moments with the team on the way there. It was actually very many.
The last few weeks he has been training hard, and yesterday he was back at Rangers Training Center in Tarrytown, even though it's a whole month left to pre-season mode.

The move is in progress
Henrik Lundqvist has many years left on his contract with the Rangers and has repeatedly told how good he thrives in New York but in the summer, he suddenly put the apartment in trendy Hell's Kitchen, on Manhattan's west side, for sale causing many to wondering what stood on.
And a move is definite at the time, he confirms. For an area that suits the family with his daughter Charlise, 2, and his wife Therese better.
- We will not move until next year so planning is quite far forward, he says.
The apartment is now for sale has six bedrooms, three bathrooms and a roof terrace of 93 square meters with bar, tv and hot tub - and a great view of Manhattan. Agent images also reveal floor-to-ceiling windows, a communal gym in house and all the amenities you can imagine.
- Things happen, the family grows, then we need a little more room. We have a lot of family and friends who want to come and visit also says Henke Lundqvist.

"We grew out of it"
While it has been difficult to tear oneself apartment that felt like a dream home:
- I have still been living in the apartment for six, seven years and enjoy it very much. We said it when we moved in here that we will stay the rest of the time in New York but now we feel that we grow out of it.
It almost sounds like there are more children at once?
- No, it is not. But from the time we bought it to today, it is the difference between the family and when friends come over had a little more space does not hurt, if you have that opportunity.
Lundqvist bought the apartment in 2008 for $ 3.9 million. Now it is up for sale for $ 6.5 million, equivalent to 45 million.

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