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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist WWS Goteborg Interview


Henrik Lundqvist - Soon King in New York again?
WWS got a brief comment on the lockout of Rangers star

There is something special about a real star. They spread a special aura around him, so it was perhaps not surprising in these lockout times that all eyes were drawn to a 30-year-old goalie in civilian clothes. Especially after yesterday's new promotional offer from the NHL owners. Though it will take a few days before the players can provide information, must first lusläsas everything in minute detail.
- When you get this kind of bid will show the digits one thing. But then you have to put yourself in the details, too, and understand what it means in practice, says Henrik Lundqvist to the Wild West Support.

Everything was as usual in Frölundaborg, but not really. Beside the rim was in fact the world's best goalkeeper and watched his old team skated to sweat on the ice.
- It is clear that you are craving. They are always eager to play hockey. I was here and drove in the morning now, I try to keep going. We'll see what happens here in the next few weeks.
his means, of course, the uncertain NHL lockout, which the owners by Garry Bettman said that left a new offer to the players last night.
- I have not had time to familiarize myself with it, I will call a few players in the afternoon over there and see what the situation looks like. Fifty / fifty it's said, but since we have been at odds about how to calculate income. That's where we have a conflict, 50/50 may not be 50/50 if you can not agree on what counts as income.
The defendant in wage conflict is playing slot NHLPA and the New York Rangers representative is none other than "Henkes' goalie colleague.
- Now we have Martin Biron, so he has sent out some information. I will probably take and call him today, he says with a fiendish smile.

What do you think about the situation right now?
- I do not know, I need to know the details before I get a feeling but it is at least a step in the right direction, they come with a new proposal and get the ball rolling. It has been a little out of an impasse here last. It is good that there is some form of action.
If the NHL really set the ball rolling and do what the Swedish football team did in the second half in Berlin yesterday - a late pickup - dumps "Henke" that it will probably take a little bit into the november before the NHL season event could be triggered .
- It is the earliest, it takes a course a couple of weeks in this case. It takes a week to get track of all the paperwork and stuff, then it becomes the camp is very intense and shorter than usual. November is the earliest.
Same thing, if the conflict drag out even longer time then it will also be a while before all thirsting Frölunda Fans in this case, see him in Scandinavium again.
- It was, as I said yesterday, I keep it open and get to follow the developments happening before I really committed myself and I commit myself to anything.

The best Gothenburg so far, it's the weather?
- Haha, I have not seen the sun yet. But I was set to previously. It is clear that the best thing is to meet family and friends, hang out in town and the daughter also get to meet Joel's children - cousins.

It's a little luxury for you as a hockey player to be able to get some time in the fall for once?
 Should there be an end sometime so fit anyway this year quite well. I've had a good summer and can spend more time with my daughter, which of course means a lot.

But at the same time, there must be a bit frustrating when you are at the peak of their careers, not to be out on the ice and play?
- Absolutely, it's clear that you want to play. Especially as we have a good team this year in the Rangers. We feel we can do something special, and then want to not sit on the side. I have always believed and hoped that we would agree on time, now we did not do it but I still hope that we will reach a solution soon.

No wonder, the world's best goalkeeper will of course play in the best league - whatever Frölunda heart says. WWS ask him what it was like to lift Veniza Trophy last spring - the award for the NHL's best goalie and 30-year-old burst into a glorious "Pepsodentsmile".

- There were a lot of emotions, definitely. I've been nominated four times and felt that out of the four times, so this was my biggest chance. It was my best year. Now, we went the long way with the Rangers as well, even though no playoffs included in the assessment. It was fun, it's something you've dreamed about and had the goal ages.

Next goal, it must surely be to win the Conn Smythe Trophy (playoffs price for best player)?
- Haha. Yes, take it to the next level. We'll see, but it's certainly my goal is to go all the way.
Finally, Joel get the many questions about you, but what you say about Joel in Frölunda?
- I think he's doing a great job, it is clear that he feels a lot of responsibility as captain and how it goes for the team and for the club. I know how much he cares and is committed to the club. Since his game, I think he is doing really well there too. It has been really fun to see these matches.

We are a bit surprised that he did not fit in Dallas?
- He could play there, there is no doubt about it. It's about playing for a coach who believes in and put one in the right situations. That's what it's about, there are many players in the Elite League that could play in the NHL if you get the right confidence and end up with the right players. You get a role that suits you. We'll see if he stays in Gothenburg, but he likes the very well where he is now, and with life and Frölunda.
The only question is whether Frölunda leading chariot is joined by his goalkeeper brother in winter. It is simply to do as "Henke" wait and see ...

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