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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Henrik Lundqvist at Brad Richards Charity Event

Before Henrik left for Sweden he attended Brad Richards charity event at Hotel Chantelle. I was unable to find pictures of the event until now. Check them out, along with an article about it below:

Henrik Lundqvist slipped into Hotel Chantelle on Tuesday night, downtown on Ludlow Street off Delancey, approximately 45 minutes later than most of his Rangers teammates.

The goaltender named "Most Stylish Athlete" by the Style Network in September did not disappoint, wearing a sleek suit and his trademark grin, as he stepped onto the red carpet – actually, it was blue. It turned out he was only late because of a jam session with his band, The Noise Upstairs, which includes tennis legend John McEnroe.
Not a recording session, Lundqvist said, grinning.

"Nice of you to show up, Hank!" Rangers captain Ryan Callahan joked as the rest of the guys funneled in for a group shot in front of the flashing cameras.

Here was New York's team, Manhattan's own, off the ice because of an NHL lockout but out in the community, supporting teammate Brad Richards at his inaugural Wines of the World fundraiser to benefit the Brad Richards Foundation.

Eleven Rangers, including Richards, attended the event at the classy downtown nightclub, doing what they can since they're not allowed by the NHL to do what they do.

"It doesn't matter where you're playing, I think a lot of players feel like they have an opportunity to get a message out and to help out just by using their status," said Lundqvist, a Hell's Kitchen resident whose band played a charity concert at The Canal Room in February. "He can invite a lot of fans and raise money for a good cause because he's Brad Richards, and I think coming from Sweden, this was something I wasn't really used to. I mean I did some charity work, but coming here really opened my eyes in terms of charity work and how much I can do. I'm really impressed by how the Rangers do it with Garden of Dreams, how much time they put in, but also people who have 9-to-5 jobs, they put in a lot of effort to raise money for charities as well. And I think it's impressive."

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