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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Henrik Lundqvist Thinks Next Season Will Be Awesome


Henrik Lundqvist faces a season with a new coach, new dreams for the Stanley Cup and a dream of a new Olympic gold.

Henrik Lundqvist was one of the brightest stars when SOK arranged the traditional press conference with the Three Crowns of the Sochi Olympics in February.

For he explains his thoughts about the upcoming Olympics, the season went on and his new head coach of the NY Rangers, Alain Vigneault.

Many see Henrik Lundqvist as perhaps the most important player next season, both in his club team New York Rangers and the Tre Kronor. During the last lockout season, the club had high expectations after being acquired, among others, Rick Nash of Columbus. But after riding out already in the quarter finals against finalists Boston Bruins got coach Tortorella not continued confidence but was replaced by Alain Vigneault of the Vancouver Canucks.
- It will be a bit special situation with a new voice in the booth, and it will be a different atmosphere at the rink. I had a very good time with Tortorella as coach. While you develop a lot of new coaches who see things differently. I've heard a little bit for other players who have had Vigneault, and they are positive so it will be exciting, says Lundqvist to

What was that you did not reach all the way last season?
- I do not know if I can point to any specific reason, but we had absolutely material to win the Stanley Cup, but there is much to be consistent, and I do not think we performed well enough in the beginning of the season. We lost too many players that filled important roles in addition to the plan for the season. Then we were too uneven. We played great hockey at times and then play lousy the next game.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
- It will be a very exciting season. We have a new coach and a very good team, so you just have to find top form in time for the playoffs. Then we also play against the New York Islanders at Yankee Stadium, which will be an incredible experience. In addition there will be a Olympic tournament, so the season is going to be awesome.

How do you see the Tre Kronor chances in the Olympics?
- We have teams that go all the way. But it's very small margin that decides. Have we all roles and details ready and play their best in the playoffs, it will be good, but we can not take anything for granted.

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