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Friday, August 21, 2015

New Henrik Lundqvist Gothenburg Post Interview


The ice in Frölundaborg teeming with NHL stars.
Loui Eriksson is there. So even Viktor Svedberg, Carl Hagelin, Viktor Stalberg and Robin Lehner.
And the king himself understood.
Henrik Lundqvist.
Perhaps the greatest of them all.
New York Rangers goalie, just like the rest of the gang who plays small claims this afternoon, at home, on familiar ground to gather strength for the coming season.

A necessity.

- We always look forward to coming home. Whatever the weather, it is great to be here. Spend time with friends and family. Then it's another quiet here. Less traffic, less people, less safety. It goes down the heart rate a little, says 33-year-old when he left the ice, threw off the covers and trudged into the gym.

This is where we settle down.
On the floor - right between two weight training machines.

But I like the life over there too. I like to travel, train and play matches. In the beginning, it is nice to have a break, but then sees forward to it. Now in August it starts to come crawling, and early September is one really eager to drive igång.Vinnarskallen Henrik Lundqvist.

The season that is upon us, his eleventh of the world's biggest league.
2005 varåretdå he left Gothenburg and Frölunda for a life on the other side of the Atlantic.
Since then he has not only played the role of goalkeeper, but also become the king of the city that never said to sleep.
However, there is one thing that his left picking glove has not been able to capture. Stanley Cup.
Three of the last four years, the team's trip taken out of the semifinal stage.
Last year was the Tampa Bay Lightning that became too difficult in a seventh decisive match at Madison Square Garden. The loss still stings.

- It is clear that there are moments when you think about it. Frets. But there are moments when you think of the good stuff too. It goes up and down.

It is hoped that the season 2015/2016 will belong to him and the New York Rangers.
That they will finally manage to go all the way.
Given that the team is formerat in much the same way as last year ought dreams could become reality.

- There is not much missing. We are doing many good things, but in the final stage, we have not done our best games. You just have to make a similar season, but try to be a little better in the end.

So the goal this year ...

The question time not be completed before the answer comes.

- Is to win. We have the team to succeed. It's just that we take that last leap.

Henrik Lundqvist knows that he himself is an important piece of the puzzle for the team to succeed.
That's why he drives these ispassen in Frölundaborg. Therefore he in a minute will get to grips with barbells and dumbbells.

It's about getting in good phase for the season. So you feel both physical and mental balance.

You will be even more motivated when you are so close to success every year?

- It increases the appetite you want to be there again. They want to win. Everything goes out of it. At the same time it's about the journey there. You try to enjoy it too.

That last has come over the years.
He has had time to be 33 and emphasizes that he thinks in a different way than it was ten years ago.
Then burned the youthful enthusiasm and focus was solely on the future. On the next step.
Now he pauses frequently. Reflects more of the life he lives.

One should appreciate what you have and where you are. Very few people get involved with what you have always wanted to do. There, I feel lucky. At the same time it is important to look forward to new goals throughout tiden.

How long will you play there?

- The contract is for six years. I hope I can deliver there. I will be 39 when it expires. The goal is to play until I'm 40.

After the answer, the interview is over. Henrik Lundqvist says that it is time to return to training.
The season comes closer with every minute that passes.
Before we part, there is an issue that must be given the location we are in.

How are Frolunda this year? National championships?

- I always believe in Frölunda. That I must do.

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