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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Henrik Lundqvist Hasn't Ruled Out a Return to Frolunda When his NHL Career is Done


Henrik Lundqvist
Age: 33 years
Position: Goalkeeper
Family: Wife Therese and her daughters Charlise, 3, and Juli, six months
Current club: New York Rangers
Contract: 2020/2021
Heaviest qualifications: National Championships 2002/2003 and 2004/2005, the Olympic gold medal in 2006, the Vezina Trophy 2011/2012

Henrik Lundqvist ABOUT ...

... Summer in Gothenburg:
- Always nice to come to Sweden, see friends and family. Everything is a little quieter here. Now the good weather this year has not been great - but you should probably not whine too much.

... Longing for the Stanley Cup:
- To win it - that's what I work for every day. It would be infinitely large to get the win with the Rangers, unbelievable.
.. Love to Frolunda:
- It's like my club here at home - no question about it. I will always feel extremely strongly Frolunda - and always try to follow the progress of the team.

... His charity work:
- It feels good to be able to help when people are in tough situations. Often it is difficult, but inspiring at the same time, to meet, for example, sick children and their families.

... Build up for the next NHL season:
- I've been practicing quite a bit in Gothenburg - and with Michael Lehner (goalkeeper coach), but also with other Swedish NHL players. Now it was even three ice sessions with Frölunda.

GOTHENBURG. Wednesday Henrik Lundqvist went home to New York to reopen the hunt for the Stanley Cup.
Superstar left Gothenburg with a number of training sessions in the back - with Frolunda.
And the now 33-year-old World goalie does not rule out a future return to the club where he got his big break.
- There is much to record and reconcile in such a situation - but I am not close any doors. We'll see, 'he says in a major interview with GT.
He has led his New York Rangers in five finals in a row.
Three of the last four seasons has at least reached the final of the Eastern Conference - and immediately came to 2013/2014 when the club from Manhattan had defeated the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup finals.
Last Wednesday left the Rangers star goalie Henrik Lundqvist Göteborg after two months of vacation in Sweden to reopen the hunt for him the most coveted trophy.
May be the Rangers turn
When the NHL season kicks off in early October, it will be "Henkes" Eleventh in the world's best league - one of the world's best players.
- I really hope that it might be our turn now. We have stumbled at the finish line several times, it feels like - but have retained the carcass, which I think is important, says Henrik Lundqvist to GT.
The Swedish superstar, who among other things has both Olympic and national championships on the merit list and that he 2011/2012 were awarded the Vezina Trophy as the NHL's best goalie, went last season on a nasty injury after receiving a shot in the neck - and was forced to rest for a longer period.
Lundqvist, however, came back, made a strong endgame - and will now be fully restored.
Worked with his old trainer
During the summer in Gothenburg, he has been training hard for the upcoming season together with his old goalkeeper coach Michael Lehner and other Swedish NHL players.
Among others, Viktor Stalberg - although he had earlier in Frölunda - that relatively recently signed for Rangers.
- We know each other since long, been seen and practiced together, so it will be really fun to get him to New York. I am really looking forward to, says Lundqvist, who for the coming season gets new competition from Rangers Kassen by Finnish 26-year-old Antti Raanta, but also former Frolunda goalkeeper Magnus Hellberg, who, however, by all indication will play in Farm Team Hartford Wolf Pack.
- We go to camp just over a month - and then it is up to the evidence if it should be allowed to stand. You can not be sure of anything. It is about giving everything, so you get to see how things formed, says Lundqvist and continues:
- Raanta to be very good - but we have not met yet. It will be fun to get to know him.
Was on Frölunda trainings
Training with other NHL stars are all very well - but when Frölunda invited "Henke" to train with them so he accepted.
In total it was three ice sessions with the club where Lundqvist for over ten years ago got her really big break.
- It was actually mostly a fun thing. For me it was good in that Frölunda trainings had more pace and intensity than what it was when we drove just a couple of old men, he says.
But the now 33-year-old superstar do not think the Indians got so much benefit from his involvement.
- Well, they are so far ahead of me. Our season in the NHL begins after a few weeks later than this at home. I really did not intrude, but it was a fun thing, says Lundqvist, who has never been known to be neither cocky or boastful.
How was it to play with - and against - her brother Joel again?
- It is always special. He was charged and tried pressing where the puck first position he had.
Always wins over brother
When the twins at the few contexts set against each other, Henrik has always been the one who passed victorious from the battle between them. So far, Joel has not found the right behind his brother.
- It is important. I remember the first shot this summer, he was just a few centimeters from pulling it straight in my head, saying "Henke" and laughs.
His current contract with the New York Rangers extend over the season 2020/2021, which means that Lundqvist is 39 when the contract expires.
Many Frölunda Supporters dreaming already of seeing the profile end his career where it began in earnest - in Gothenburg and Frölunda.
- There is much to record and reconcile in such a situation - but I am not close any doors. We'll see - but it's about feeling good both physically and mentally in such a position. Should I play in Sweden, I would be able to deliver as well. It will fester little, says Lundqvist and points out that he also has a family to take into account.
Do not really know what home
His wife Therese and her daughters Charlise, 3, and Juli, more than half is an invaluable part of his life.
- It is difficult to know yet how it looks with the school, the children's friends, and so on for six years. We have not decided yet how we're doing after this contract is over or when I have finished playing, telling the Rangers goalkeeper.
- Both I and Therese has spent most of our adult lives in New York. At the same time, it is nice to come home to Sweden every summer. It's a bit quieter - and both family and many friends are here. It is difficult to say what is the home to us, he says.
"Is my club"
Despite the ongoing season hectic schedule and all Lundqvist engaged in by the side of hockey in the form of charity, klädesmärket Bread & Boxers and much more, so try to father of two constantly keep track of how it goes for Frölunda.
- It's like my club here at home - no question about it. I will always feel extremely strongly Frölunda, he says.
- It may be that I watch how it goes online, or am I talking with his brother. Then you would get some "inside information" also says Lundqvist smilingly.
How great would it be to get to the Stanley Cup in Gothenburg?
- Yes, my God - it would be fantastic. To win it - that's what I work for every day.

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