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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Confirmed: Henrik Lundqvist is Engaged


Swedish goalie Henrik Lundqvist hero, 28, will marry. He surprised his girlfriend, Therese Andersson with a huge diamond ring and a surprise party. "It was a fantastic evening in every way," says hockey star. Since two weeks back, the New York Rangers goalie Swedish star Henrik Lundqvist engaged. According to Expressen's data, he planned everything with the utmost secrecy - to surprise his girlfriend Therese. And he succeeded. They've been together a long time but she suspected nothing yet, says a friend.
Henry is thought to have a phone call to Therese and asked her to put on a dress. He then sent a taxi that drove her to a small, romantic restaurant in New York which he subscribed. "She said yes immediately" It was evening, four days before Christmas.

"There were flowers planted everywhere and only the two where the whole restaurant," says Expressen's source. The ring that hockey star, gave to his girlfriend is, reportedly, a really big diamond ring. It is of white gold and completely covered with small diamonds and a giant diamond in the center, says the couple's friend, adding: She said yes immediately when he proposed. She was very happy. Suspect no evening did not stop there - but offered even more surprises for the now future wife Lundqvist.
Her hockey hero had really made an effort and secretly invited her closest friends - and flew them to New York. Therese had not suspected anything in advance, "says the friend. Henrik Lundqvist, who has previously been identified as the Princess Madeleine's new love, has now clearly shown that his heart belongs to the youth love Therese. When Expressen congratulate him on the engagement, he replies: Thank you. It was a fantastic night at all seen.

Thank you to reader Julie for the article

Congratulations to Henrik & Therese

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  1. Congrats to them!

    I am sincerely happy for them both. I'd love to see the details of the wedding as it approaches......

    It's about time they got married.LoL

    I love how he set up everything...and it was very romantic. Good for him.

    Side Note: I hate to tell you this But told ya So!I know you don't post rumors...but still