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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Henrik Lundqvist Wants Rangers to Open Next Season in Sweden

Rangers are one of six clubs that NHL management contacted to see if they are interested in starting the season 2011-12 in Europe.
NHL boss Gary Bettman said to SPORT-Expressen that a definite answer will in a few weeks.
- We have contacted a number of clubs and have some thoughts on which team we want to have with us to the Premiere Games autumn 2011. Now a some questions answered, like where, when and which teams are going, "said Bettman.
"Would really fun"
For Henrik Lundqvist, it would be special to bring the Rangers to Sweden, where there can be talk of games in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
- I have so many great memories from Gothenburg and Scandinavium, so it would of course be extra fun if it was a match there, "says Henke.
He was with the NHL Premiere in Prague, Czech Republic, the fall of 2008 when Rangers met with Tampa Bay where.
- It was a fun experience, which I would do if. We'll see what happens in the end. Funny how any time if it matches in Sweden, regardless of what city.
2.27 goals against average
Henke is hot as usual in the New York Rangers, where he has zero six times this season.
He is third in the league goalie in the best save percentage of 92.7 and sixth in the league on goals against average per game.
Henkes figure is 2.27.
The other clubs who have received a request from the NHL lead to open next season in Europe, Anaheim, Buffalo, Edmonton, Los Angeles and Washington.
That Washington with Alexander Ovechkin would play in Russia - Moscow and / or St.. Petersburg - deemed to be granted.


  1. Would be great if they could play in Sweden, there's been a lot of talk about that the past few days. Would HAVE to be at that game.
    In this article they write that the Rangers have started talking to SKA St. Petersburg for a training match. That's an infamous Russian hockey team that is known for doing nothing but fighting. Last year it ended up in 5 game penalties when they played against the Hurricanes, ridiculous. Would like it much better if they play a game against Frölunda - that would be classic - or any other Swedish team.

  2. Thanks for the Credit Rose : )

    In other news and who's.......No offence to Frolunda players(Or Swedes in general) but that match would go in favor of the russians.
    just my opinion.

    I'm judging by a few games I watched in the past....

    I would definatly watch this game.....somehow

  3. I WAS KIDDING B4......LoL