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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Exclusive Behind the Scenes Henrik Lundqvist Head & Shoulders Photos


Anna said...

First video:

"I think Swedes care quite a lot about what they wear, compared to Americans for exemple, they are more about comfort while Swedes have more style. When it's about hair I think Swedes style their hair more than Americans do. So it goes the whole way, clothes and then hair. I'm actually not really good to my hair, use a lot of caps and my helmet isn't so good either for the hair, it gets damaged by it. And often I have products in my hair while I have my helmet on so it doesn't get to breath well. But that makes it even more important with a good shampoo. I try to wash it with shampoo a couple of times a week. We shower quite often because of trainings and games, maybe 2-3 times a day, but I don't use shampoo everytime. And I have cut down a little on the wax, when I was younger I used a lot but now I try to be a little more careful with my hair. I don't change style, as you've seen it looks kind of consequent. For some years ago it was more styled maybe, more products in it and I tried to do it with some flow. Hair catastrophes? When I was younger, my sister cut my hair once. That wasn't super good. Looked like I had put a pot on my head. But the good thing about hair is that it grows out quite quickly."

On if he's had 'hockey hair' : "not really hockey hair but I kind of head a little mohawk and a little longer in the back, it was very styled. Too styled. But we all go through such periods in life."

"The first I think about in the morning is probably 'Did I oversleep?'. I almost ALWAYS come rushing into the rink a little late because I like to sleep as much as I can. So I often look at my phone and see 'ok I have time to get dressed and run to the car'. That's the only thing I think about under a season."

"The important thing is that you feel confident in how you appear. Some people can look good even though they are badly dressed or with bad hair because they feel comfortable about it. So it's more about feeling comfortable and be selfconfident about how you dress and look, more than about having a certain style, I think."

How it is to live as a hockey pro?

"It's really fun. I never thought it would be this much fun. You put a lot of pressure on yourself and get a lot of pressure from others so sometimes it's hard to relax and you suffer a little more than you wish you would when it's not going well. But how we live as people, we get payed well, we travel in a good way, we live in a good way, I am lucky that I live in a good city. I feel really good there. It's the mix of all that, I think I'm living a dream, I live the life I've always wanted to live. It's exactly there I want to be."

Second video:

"It feels good to work with head & shoulders. It's a good brand and I wear a lot of caps and helmets so it's important to have a good shampoo and make sure my head is clean and I don't get dandruff that itches so it's an easy choice for me."

And at the end he says 'I take the right decision'.

Thank you, Anna!

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