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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lundqvist Was Told to Improve Puck Handling Skills

From Ranger Rants:

“That’s the last thing Glen (Sather) told me before I went home (after last season),” Lundqvist said. “I have to be better around the net. It’s not so much making great passes, it’s touching the puck and stopping it so the defensemen can pick up speed.”

Lundqvist feigned mock anger that there was not a bonus clause in his contract that paid extra for assists.

“Next contract,” he said.

and from Larry Brooks:

The play on which Artem Anisimov beat Kari Lehtonen at 8:04 of the third off a Marc Staal feed began with Henrik Lundqvist 's power-play headman pass that went tape-to-tape over 125 feet. It marked The King's second assist in the last two games.
"I'm on a streak," joked Lundqvist, whose ability to move the puck has improved.
"The last thing Glen [Sather ] told me before I went home for the summer was that I have to be better around the net [handling the puck]," the goaltender said. "I don't know if I'm better passing the puck, but I'm better the way I place in the puck for the defense in our own end.
"I'm not always great, but I have more confidence."

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