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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Post-Game Notes & Reaction

-Henrik Lundqvist stopped 38 of 41 shots, including the last 28 shots he faced, and is now 19-14-3 overall with a 12-7-1 mark on the road. Lundqvist has posted a record of 12-6-2 with a 1.77 goals against average, a .937 save percentage and four shutouts in his last 20 games.

Things really heated up on the ice, though, late in the second, and Lundqvist threw himself, literally and figuratively, right into the mix. Extremely upset after Max Pacioretty crashed into him and knocked him into the back of the net on a rush with 2:13 to play in the middle period, Lundqvist pounced on top of Pacioretty and began throwing punches with his right hand.

Players from both sides jumped into the wild melee, and after a long scrum Lundqvist eventually emerged without his facemask on. Known for his intense, though very calm, demeanor on the ice, Lundqvist clearly had had enough of being on the receiving end of physical play. At the same time, he showed his teammates that he had far from quit on this game.

“I just felt like he didn’t try and stop at all,” said Lundqvist. “Usually I stay pretty calm, but it’s kind of hard to stay calm in this building because your emotions fly, especially when he doesn’t stop. It just happened.”

Tortorella had no issues with what his goalie did.

“I loved Hank doing that,” said Tortorella. “I loved his emotion.”|NYR|home


  1. i wanna complain because it's my team he did it against but ive played goal for 20 years and know what its like to lose it in the heat of the moment......

  2. I`m from MTL and a habs fan but I felt really ashamed yesterday. The fans taunting Henrik was just annoying, I really respect his will to fight and his passion for the game.

  3. I love his passion. You can always tell he cares about winning. There's only so much a person can take. It's the first time I have ever seen Henrik defend himself like that and I've been following him since he was a rookie. It was about time, though. Unfortunately, his teammates don't defend him.

  4. I've been calling Lundqvist the human tackling dummy for the last 3 years. The players don't even try to stop, sometimes they jump into him and the refs don't do anything. Maybe some guys just want to cop a feel on Henrik.