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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Henrik's New Mask for 2010-2011


Taken from's Facebook page. What does everyone think about the new mask? Personally, I am a little disappointed because I wish Henrik would stop incorporating the Rangers old third jersey logo. I have always hated the liberty logo, although I do like Henrik's king crown with his number in the middle. It's cool to see he has his own logo now.

Hopefully, he will reveal another mask later on this season when the Rangers officially unveil their new third jerseys. Since this year is the Rangers 85th anniversary, the new third jerseys (which Sean Avery prematurely leaked on his blog last week) have a vintage, traditional look to them. Maybe Henrik will have a special mask to pair with the new jersey.

Here's DAVEART's take from his blog:

Lundqvist with a king's crown on his new Rangers mask

It's always a great pleasure to create the mask designs for the NHL star and king of Manhattan, Henrik Lundqvist. Together we have developed his designs through the years with strong contrasts and cool 3-D effects, and of course with lightning theme. His new design features his own cool king's crown logo on one side of the mask, while the Statue Of Liberty in Rangers alternate logo appears on the other.


  1. The Statue of Liberty isn't strictly a copy of the old 3rd jersey - it could very well be an homage to the last great Ranger goalie, Mike Richter. If I recall correctly, Richter had Lady Liberty on his mask well before the liberty jerseys existed and actually was the inspiration for that liberty logo.

  2. Yes, I am well aware of the fact that Mike Richter had the Statue of Liberty on his mask. His was different though. Henrik uses the same color scheme that the old third jerseys used which I personally never liked. It is a nice gesture to have it as a homage to Richter, but when I see it I can't help but be reminded of those ugly jerseys.

  3. lamezilla. this designer is a hack.

  4. I think Lady Liberty is a tribute to NY .... Just my opinion.

    Henrik grew up admiring other goaltenders.

    Obviously he had better masks. But you know what I'm more conserned with his health and performance.

  5. I always assumed it was a mix of both- a tribute to NY and a homage to Richter. It is true he has had better masks, last years was much better. I always thought it would be cool if the skyline can be represented in some way- like maybe the Empire State Building,(with a crown at the top for king of NY?) or even MSG. Those are just some of my ideas, but anyway you're right about the main concern being his health and performance. If he likes it and feels like he'll play his best in it, then so be it.

  6. that it may or may not be a tribute to NYC or richter is irrelevant. the mask is absolutely hideous - it looks like it was designed by fisher-price.