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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist Does Not Have Twitter

From the Rangers Twitter account:

Thanks for asking. We confirmed earlier today that is a fake acct. RT @GasStationSushi: Hey @thenyrangers, does @henriklundqvist tweet?

I knew about that fake account for awhile now. I figured it wasn't Henrik since he had stated in a Cafe Magazine interview that he's not into computers. And then again in a Bauer Q & A when asked about both Facebook and Twitter he said they were "not for me" although he did say he does (or did?) have a Facebook account that he barely ever used.


  1. To know that Henrik isn't tech-savy is to visit his official website - the blog posts (dating back to over a season ago) look like they were written by a child imitating an adult. That someone had to get his official confirmation on this matter indicates a serious lack of journalistic investigation on their part.

  2. Henrik on Twitter? No way! Hahahaha

    He's not the type of person to be on Twitter. And NOT after the Voros incident.

    BTW - LOVE that picture.....Where did you find it? Are there anymore like that? I'd love to keep this one. love that smile!

  3. Is that a slight at me? I am aware of his blog and the fact that he never posts. That had nothing to do with him having Twitter or not. I am only reporting the confirmation from the Rangers Twitter account because many fans inquired, obviously enough for the Rangers to acknowledge it. For an Islanders fan, you sure pay a lot of attention to Henrik Lundqvist. Why do you even come to this blog?

  4. I found the picture at Henrik's NHLPA page. That was the only one like that though.

  5. I see, well too bad. Because he looks adorable there.......I might have to commit a crime and "steal" it,LOL

  6. I was wondering if someone can help me translate this Vid

    on that page there is an interview with Joel. I just wondered what he's saying there.

    I'd appriciate any help.

  7. It certainly wasn't a slight aimed at you.

    Isn't is a bit presumptuous on your part to start calling me an Isles fan?